Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Lace for Creations - Simply Neutrals Tuesday No. 43

As many of you know I just love to create with
vintage/antique doilies and laces
over the years of collecting, I have quite
a stash and I'm thinking it is time
to be sharing these out
so whilst in the process of sorting I decided to take
a few photos for sharing of some 
neutral coloured beauty for
Simply Neutrals Tuesday today.

I have many different types of lace and doilies of various sizes
and have them sorted into baskets with their particular 


for different projects as well as 


 various linens, serviettes, curtains and crochet trimmings 


and tablecloths.

Just a couple of baskets of small doilies stacked

as well as medium sizes.


There are also some very old more torn and tattered
pieces which often end up in journals
and lace books, cards or collages.


 and there are some which I just love to admire
and I know they will never see the
approach of a pair of scissors LOL!

and some special pieces which I love to see on display
as inspiration!



 (A little book I created sits upon this one!)

Shelves with boxes of other pieces
the doilies which end up in books I create like these!


So for all intents and purposes
I have put together some sets of doilies like the ones below

which I feel are perfect for use in creations such as collages,
journals, bags, wall hangings, cards, scrapbooking etc. as they
are strong and less delicate and are therefore
able to stand handling for a very long time! 

These can be found in my Etsy shop!
Now if you have a love of all things beautiful in natural colours
then pop over to Wen's Blog to see some amazing
creations and images there!

Thank you Wen for hosting our Simply Neutrals for another week.
We appreciate so much the work that goes into making
this gathering happen!

Love and hugs to all of my blogging friends here -
new and old. I'm grateful to all of you who come and visit and leave such kind comments! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

XOX Suzy


  1. Hello dear Suzy
    You've a wonderful collection of laces and doilies! I've some too, but not so many! And I allways hesitate to cut them!!!! LOL
    I keep the most beautiful pieces for décoration in my home, when they're in good state, and try to carry of them when I wash them by hand, because they're so delicate. I love them so much!
    Hugs and kisses

  2. You have a stunning collection dear Suzy! Adorable!!!
    Hugs, Susi

  3. Hi Suzy~
    What a wonderful tour! through your beautiful vintage linens~
    Loving your collection of gorgeous laces, doilies and textiles.
    I enjoyed browsing thru this post Suzy : ) <3 hugs, karen o

  4. Dearest friend, you have a most stunning collection, Suzy- oh my the wedding laces , looks so very beautiful, - but it all does, and you have enough to create your amazing books, for many years to come, dear heart. I so need to make a clean out , in my stashes, too, but know, that much of it , I will not part with :-)
    This visit was the most lovely Simply Neutrals -
    Thank you for your pm, you will hear from me.
    Biggest hugs, and kisses- your Dorthe xoxoxo

  5. I was just sorting thru my stash as well this past weekend. So much fun but alot of work. Yours are beautiful. Di

  6. what beautiful, beautiful laces and doilies! Your photos of them are fabulous too. I have always loved these special things as they remind me of the grandmothers and great grandmother I so loved.

  7. Suzy, I do hope that sorting through your laces doesn't mean you are slowing down in your creative endeavours? Your laces are gorgeous, such delicious eye candy. As you know, I too love laces, doilies, linens - the older the better, even the worn out ones. They make my heart flutter with joy, thinking about who made them, and their beauty. I love draping them around my craft room to look at, too. Such bygone artistry! My Mum made a small piece of bobbin lace, which took ages to make, but not many still take the time or have the expertise to make the handmade laces any more. What an enjoyable post you have here. Big hugs,
    Jesse XX

  8. These are wonderful treasures!
    Great photograph.
    One can be proud of such a large selection of vintage lace and doilies.
    a nice contribution also for "Simply Neutrals"
    Greetings from Germany


  10. Such beautiful laces and doilies! I would hate to cut into any of them.
    Sandy xx

  11. My, my, my what a lovely collection, thanks for sharing these with us :)

  12. Hello sweetie, no idea if my comment came through. The computer didn't work properly right when I hit sent! Anyway, you have a gorgeous collection of laces here, so beautiful! Lace heaven indeed :) Wishing you a peaceful week, big hugs xx

  13. Oh Suzie,
    these are all beautiful! I have piles that look remarkably similar!!! I love collecting these!!! Your collection is amazing!!!

  14. You have an enviable stash of lacy goodness! I agree that some pieces are just too special to cut into for creating with. For a very long time I couldn't bring myself to cut into anything like that, even if it already was well worn, but once I did it's now a lot easier.

  15. Hello dear Susy!
    what a gorgeous post! These treasures are spectacular to view,while it seems you have many it still must be hard to choose which to part with!

    Thank you sweet,sweet friend for your lovely words over o my blog. I have not yet been back on FB but will send you an email so you may share with me what you were going to on FB.

    Love & hugs,Jackie xx


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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