Monday, August 27, 2018

A sweet vintage mini concertina book

Welcome friends to my blog today!
Well you all know how much a fan I am of making books.
 This one was inspired by the wonderful Caterina Giglio.
 She has an excellent You Tube video on how to create
 one of these mini concertinas!

Go check out her video here:…/mini-fabric-concertin…


This little book requires simple sewing skills

and you can choose any theme, words, buttons, ribbons, laces, cards and findings that you so desire!



The beautiful metal heart and the holy card came
from Rhonda of A Little Bit French Shop - Thank you so much
Rhonda for these! 

She really has a beautiful collection of kits at the moment 
which would be ideal for creating one of these
little concertina books! 

I used a lovely vintage cut lace linen tray cloth
for mine which I dyed with Parisian Essence
to achieve this color but you may
also use tea, coffee or natural dyes
for your little project! 

My poem here I printed and backed with
a tea bag giving more depth of color!

Whatever theme you choose it needs to be
what is meaningful for you
it can be just a little fun piece 

where you can use up your precious little
pieces of scrap laces and doilies!
I know it will be one I will make over again for sure!
Thanks Cat for all of your wonderful inspiration!!! 

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Many thanks to all of my new followers and to anyone
else who loves and appreciates the items
I create! Enjoy!!!

Love and hugs,
Suzy xxx


  1. Hello dear Suzy
    One more beautiful creation! I love this prayer I take it for me!
    Hugs and kisses

    1. Thank you dear Joelle! It is indeed a beautiful prayer!
      Hugs and kisses to you in France!

  2. Thanks Suzy, this was a helpful You Tube video by Caterina. She has lots of other tips too.Thanks

    1. PS I forgot to say your book looks very sweet. I am about to make some.I didn't get much sleep yesterday!!

    2. Thank you Judy! Yes Caterina's videos are fantastic!

  3. Hi Suzy,
    What a beautiful prayer, one I haven't seen before, so it's fresh! I love what you have created here, with your aged textures and the special metal ornaments. What a cold snap it is tonight! Feels like wind off snow!
    Have a bright and happy week, sending love,
    Jesse XX

  4. Dear Suzy,
    I feel truly 'taken back in time' looking at your beautiful book!
    Enjoying every page, every fold, every stitch~ Authentic vintage
    with all of your snippets of texture, laces, ribbons and metals~
    Beautiful art <3 Thanks for sharing. Hugs to you, karen o

  5. Suzy, this little book is simply exquisite! I adore the way you tea dye your fabrics and laces- they always are so beautiful and time worn looking!
    I love your artistry and happy to see you posting again!
    hugs,Jackie xx

  6. I so love what you did dear friend- the tones used through the book, the beautiful old pieces you have used, and your eye for always creating the most stunning little ( and big) creations - the dye used I don`t know , but it truly gives the most wonderful tone to the old pieces and laces.
    Hugs from me, and hugs from me - Love Dorthe

  7. Lovely finished book! I've always found Cat to be very inspiring. Nice to see all my favourite blogs still going so strong in this age of social media.

  8. I love that wonderful poem, but not half as much as I love your wee book and all the little details that you've included. Wonderful, as always!!!

  9. I love your beautiful little book! I have sooo much vintage lace, buttons, fabric scraps etc that will be perfect for this little book. It might not be too late to make a few Christmas gifts. I really enjoy Caterina Giglio's work, and I'll check out her video.

  10. This is simply AMAZING ! I love your finished book and I love every little detail in it! You made this in such a unique style and way! GORGEOUS!
    Happy September!

    Hugs, Susi

  11. Sweetie, your book is so so gorgeous and inspiring... I love the deep warm colours you used and the stark contrast of the stitching, beautiful! Thank you for sharing the link with us, I will definitely have a look at it! Big hugs and love, xx


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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