Thursday, February 14, 2019

Textures and Plant Dyed Art in my studio - SNT No. 53

Dear Readers
I think you all know about my passion for
creating with vintage textures, textiles, fabrics and laces
well just a quick post
to show you a few I have on my work table
at the moment!

I've started the new year naturally
with creating journals and this is a glimpse of the
next one I have on my desk!


These two images are from the new book which is
a WIP so I won't spoil your viewing 

 and these are a few items I have used to date!

Also on my table are these glorious silks and doilies which
have been plant dyed!

 as well as some papers which I dyed at the same time!


 Look at the beautiful soft colours
impressions from the plants!

 The little artworks below are some which
I created from these
have now been sold!


 That beautiful rose image was created by saving
the actual rose from the dye bath which
had been flattened in the plant press.
The wet result was still so beautiful that I decided
to photograph it and print it out onto handmade paper
so this then became the focal point of the
It was a rare opportunity which I took advantage of!

 Linking this post today to Simply Neutrals Tuesday

Thanks so much for coming to view my artworks here
and much welcome to my new followers! 

Wishing you all a Wonderful Valentines Day
dear friends!
Suzy xox


  1. Oh Suzy, such lovely stuff. Here I have just been shopping, I found it so tiring as I am obviously not over this wretched shingles. You lovely 'stuff' was such a joy to look at.

  2. Suzy, your eco dyed paper and fabrics are beautiful. The rose from the dye bath is quite unique, and the artworks you made from it are a fitting tribute to its beauty. I am always astounded by your productivity and its quality. Hope you are enjoying the more gentler weather. Sending love,
    Jesse XXX

  3. Hello dear Suzy
    Allways beautiful works!

  4. What a wonderful share Suzy, I love those muted colours created from your plant dyes. I'm particularly taken by the aubergine, I recently used some black carrots to dye some natural calico it left the the most amazing colour!!
    Your created artworks are so beautiful a delight to our eyes, I eagerly await to see what you create with those extra's.
    Warmest of wishes Tracey xx

  5. Hi, what brand are the beautiful pastel chalks? Would love to order a set.

  6. Wonderful inspirational post Suzy! Thank you so much for sharing~
    I love the story of how the rose found it's way to the focal point of your gorgeous work! Salvaged indeed! ; ) The laces and such are an amazing array of vintage charm and authenticity. Only achievable by you dear friend! Your style i mean, of course~ It is unique and stunning with each layer and texture applied. Hugs, karen o

  7. Your plant dyed prints are fantastic, dear Suzy! You achieved such beautiful colors and patterns and the finished pieces are gorgeous.
    xoxo Julia

  8. Absolutely exquisite Suzy!!
    And your creative genius is surely at work,I just LOVE what you created with that rose! Brilliant ,my friend!
    much love,Jackie

  9. Lovely - as always! And to see beauty in the rose was an amazing thing. The colours are so perfect together too. I love what you do (but you already know that!!).

  10. Oh my goodness Suzy dearest! Your cards are stunning!!! I love what you did with the rose, so clever of you to take a photo of it! It looks like a painting and really is a stunning focal point. The papers and fabrics you dyed are so gorgeous as well. Everything is so beautiful together, really complementing each other. Gorgeous! Sending you big hugs and love, xx

  11. I need to make time to try new things like you. How gorgeous your colors are.
    Love Love Love Suzy.

  12. Suzy, what your creative mind accomplishes through the work of your lovely hands can take my breath away. The incredible, touchable colors you achieve and the way you manipulate fabric ever artfully is like no other. Your compositions need no explanation, they speak or sing at the moment you give them life.

  13. Your work is "candy for the eyes", and inspirational.


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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