Monday, July 1, 2019

"Reflections" - a little Plaster and Teabag book

As a tribute to one of my favorite artists
I created this little booklet using
plaster covers, water color paper and tea bags!

 I printed the art images onto the teabags
and was quite pleased how they turned out!


Even where I felt it was unsuccessful I still loved
the effect (below)!

 Serviettes, ephemera and washi tape

 along with stitching, some charcoal and lace
is what I used.


 To finish up I created a simple binding with string
and added some beading, a vintage button and a rusty tag!

It's always exciting when you take a leap of faith
and the rewards reveal themselves to you!
Enjoy and thanks for your kind
visits to my blog!

I still feel that blogging is the platform of choice
for showcasing and sharing what we create
so lets try to continue to support 
each other here!

So many thanks to you all!
Love Suzy xxx


  1. Dear friend, a treat so beautiful for the eyes , stunning pages, and compositions on every turn . And yes it would be sad if we had to stop blogging, -only sometimes I miss people commenting,- even some I visit every week , stay away, and then it gets boresome , but I will give it another try , and hope there will be a little more enthusiastic blogging and visiting , so many seems to love Instagram much more , these days . Sending biggest hugs and much love to my dear friend. xoxoxoxo

  2. What a precious and wonderful little journal! And, I agree about blogging.

  3. Suzi.I just love seeing all the new things you come up are truly a creative soul! But I confess I miss those times when you used to use colour in such a wonderful inspired me so much!

    1. Thank you Mary for your comment! I guess it is a phase of creating this way for the time being but, like everything, change will certainly come! LOL!
      Take care,

  4. What a stunning journal Suzy!! How ever did you print on teabags? You amaze me every time with your wonderful experiments! Your art is so unique and full of interest;it has me viewing through my laptop and wishing i could see these treasures in person(although I might end up drooling over them-LOL)
    I miss blogging, but have yet had time to design a new blog. Mine disappeared awhile back and I have yet to find it! "( But yes, I agree with you about blogging. If it were not for blogs, how would I ever have discovered you and my other far away artist friends?
    hugs and love to you Suzy xoxo

  5. Printing on teabags?? I can just imagine my printer would be throwing all sorts of hissy fits over that. Your results are spectacular and you've created another little gem.

  6. Your journal is a beautiful and unique creation. I love the results you achieved with the tea bags.
    Please do keep blogging! It's becoming more and more difficult to find creative blogs to read, and I've always enjoyed your posts.

  7. Such a beautiful and calming journal you have created this time. I do really enjoy your blog and am already looking forward to your next one. Hugs from Helen and have a lovely weekend.

  8. Beautiful what more can I say :)


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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