Friday, January 24, 2020

Devestation and Destruction by Bush Fires in Australia

Somethings at some stage you just have to surrender as we did when moving from this beautiful home and property we built together in Kiah on the South East Coast of Australia
 more than 15 years ago on a magnificent pristine river with a 2kilometre long wetland!

But the memories are strong and the keepsake photos more precious as a reminder that nothing is permanent when all is erased by fire to ash! Our thoughts are with the current owners who now find themselves homeless
So sad to see so much loss and devestation of precious lives, wild life and farm animals from these 
catastrophic fires
on the south east coast of Australia
not to mention
the impact of the bushfires on Kangaroo Island off
the coast of South Australia!
Billions of wild life has been erased by this
at this stage
the fires seem to be unstoppable with this
incredible climate disruption!!! 


Please pray for Australia and for heavy rain to put these fires to rest!!!

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Suzy xxx


  1. Hello dear Suzy
    Now when we think "Australia", we think fires and destructions and desolation!
    I'm glad you're safe and your home too, but so sad for all the people who lost their life, their home, and so much animals!!!! I think to these farmers who had to kill their own animals because they couldn't save them from fires, I can't imagine what they felt! I think to all these firemen fighting day and nignt against these fires, their courage. yesterday, I eared one waterplane crashed with 3 men! Horrible!
    And I think to all of you, living this, and all the consequences for your lives in the future and the traumatism it is!
    Hugs, prays and kisses

  2. So sad to know that your old home is gone and that the people who bought it have lost everything.Is your Millingandi home still standing?
    This new home is on a watland. That must be a bit reassuring.
    So many sad stories.It is almost overwhelming just to hear the news let alone deal with losing everything. The rains up north of you have been extraordinary. What craziness! Our KI fires are still smouldering due to tree roots still on fire, but mostly out now. I heard about Teachers at one school raising money to give parents a back pack for their school aged children with school uniforms,books,pens clothing (underwear etc), so they can feel a bit "normal" when going abck to school next week. Heart-breaking.

  3. Hello Suzy, it's so sad to hear the news. I remember how much you and all of my friends on line helped and supported us when we were in such enormous disasters here in Japan in 2011. I've heard about the bush fire in Australia. ButI feel very strange the news hasn't been broadcasted widely here in Japan. We are given very little information. Is there anything I can do? Anyway I would like to write something about the fire and link to your pages in my blog, if you don't mind. I really hope the fire will stop as soon as possible. Hideko from Japan

  4. Oh I have been and donating too. First to the Red Cross and then to help the animals.

  5. Dearest Suzy, I just feel so very sad, seeing these photos of that beautiful place and houses, once yours and Jeffs , and even built by your own hands.Knowing it has all been rampaged by the fire , is so very discouraging, even as you say, : nothing lasts forever. Poor owners now lost everything .
    It was a little Paradise dearest , I simply could fall so much in love with the cabin , so sweet and idyllic, and the real house , an amazing building . The land around of a very special beauty , too.
    Yes dear I pray for Australia , and the water to fall heavily , to put out the dreadful fires, very soon. And I`m thinking of you all through my days, sending you white light and hopes for you to also handle , for so long time , having to be brave, both of you. I hope you and your doggies will have a peaceful weekend, and no fires come close to your home and area.Loving hugs and thoughts from me . Dorthe xoxoxo

  6. Suzy, I am so sad to see this post. So sad at all the devastation left behind after these still-ongoing fires. How awful for the new owners to lose their beautiful new piece of paradise so soon after moving. And how heart-breaking for you to know your special place is gone.

    We just had another 2 days of blackout in Malua Bay without communications. The wind and heat on Thurs 23 Jan were dreadful, and we had another fire blow up in forest at the top of our hill, while in the nearby suburb of Catalina, right near an aged care facility, another fire which was smouldering along flared up. With fire trucks already deployed around the area, it was some time before they were able to respond, and residents were getting worried as they waited for help, the fire being inaccessible to any hoses or buckets. The air was filled with dust and smoke, and rained leaves from the sky way above the trees. We could see how burning embers travel kilometres ahead of firefronts to start spotfires, and anxiously checked for any that were burning. I had gone out driving to see if any fires were heading our way, and to get ice for our melting fridge stuffs. It feels as if this Summer will never end, and I am already fearing next Summer will come too soon.

    I hope there is a reprieve for us all soon. Sending hugs to you both, Jesse XXX

  7. Prayers are coming your way for sure. So sad to know that your previous beautiful home is gone and that the people are homeless....hard to imagine. Take care of yourself!

  8. How heartbreaking to lose something which you and your husband built together. It looks like a beautiful place to live and so sad that it is now gone. Hopefully the new owners of this property will rebuild and mother nature will do her magic and restore the landscape. Well I hope you have seen the worst of the fires this summer and can take a break from being on fire watch. Take care, Helen <>



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