Friday, January 24, 2020

Devestation and Destruction by Bush Fires in Australia

Somethings at some stage you just have to surrender as we did when moving from this beautiful home and property we built together in Kiah on the South East Coast of Australia
 more than 15 years ago on a magnificent pristine river with a 2kilometre long wetland!

But the memories are strong and the keepsake photos more precious as a reminder that nothing is permanent when all is erased by fire to ash! Our thoughts are with the current owners who now find themselves homeless
So sad to see so much loss and devestation of precious lives, wild life and farm animals from these 
catastrophic fires
on the south east coast of Australia
not to mention
the impact of the bushfires on Kangaroo Island off
the coast of South Australia!
Billions of wild life has been erased by this
at this stage
the fires seem to be unstoppable with this
incredible climate disruption!!! 


Please pray for Australia and for heavy rain to put these fires to rest!!!

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