Wednesday, June 6, 2018

New Book - The Gift of Friendship

 There are few things in life as precious as
"The Gift of Friendship"
in my desire to create a book around this
I decided to work with some of my eco-dyed paper
and create a little book honouring this theme!

The front cover incorporates the use
of some felted organza with layers of cotton
and silk

 with pages of the natural dyeing from my
garden plant - Plectanthus, 
some dyed silk (gifted from my lovely friend Jo Kinross
in New Zealand) along with a dyed doiley piece using
infusion pigment and tea with a pearl button.


The embroidered fabric sits opposite
a stamped piece of text over a tea bag!

More collaged pages with quotes upon layers of vintage
dress fabrics, dyed mohair with little
pieces of very old embroidered
silk so fragile and it came apart in my hands!

More stamped tea bags and another stitched tea bag
dyed with olive green infusion pigments. 

"Pray - my cheek to your cheek"!

The leaf impressions are so soft and subtle
creating their own unorganized composition!

What could be more beautiful than creating with all of these
natural and, in many cases, neutral colours!

 So much so that I'm linking up to 
the linky party now which comes to us monthly
so don't miss this opportunity to share your
neutrals with all of us over at
Wen's blog this week!

Thank you all dear readers for the gift of your
friendship by coming to visit this blog
and saying hello and leaving a
comment when you feel
you can!
I'm so grateful to you all!

Suzy xox

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Journal "Listening for Wisdom"

This is my latest book entitled
"Listening to Wisdom"!
I have for many years - dare I say about 50
 been a follower of the most wonderful
Persion Poet, Rumi
and I have devoted many of his quotes
to a journal I have just completed.

 So many elements have been added to this book
including a rusted finding for closure with string,

  many images from daVinci's artworks,


vintage ledger papers, vintage music papers,


 collaged and patchworked fabrics,


dyed vintage linens and laces,


scrapbooking papers,


scripted fabrics, machine stitched quote by me,

 and a variety of plant stamped pages.

This journal has now been listed in my Etsy shop


If you wish to make your own book using my style of bookmaking
then visit Creative Workshops
to find all the details of how you can enrol
and follow along using your own particular theme and style.

Thanks all for visiting and I wish you many happy days
creating or just feeling happy and contented 
within yourselves!

Suzy xox  

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Lace for Creations - Simply Neutrals Tuesday No. 43

As many of you know I just love to create with
vintage/antique doilies and laces
over the years of collecting, I have quite
a stash and I'm thinking it is time
to be sharing these out
so whilst in the process of sorting I decided to take
a few photos for sharing of some 
neutral coloured beauty for
Simply Neutrals Tuesday today.

I have many different types of lace and doilies of various sizes
and have them sorted into baskets with their particular 


for different projects as well as 


 various linens, serviettes, curtains and crochet trimmings 


and tablecloths.

Just a couple of baskets of small doilies stacked

as well as medium sizes.


There are also some very old more torn and tattered
pieces which often end up in journals
and lace books, cards or collages.


 and there are some which I just love to admire
and I know they will never see the
approach of a pair of scissors LOL!

and some special pieces which I love to see on display
as inspiration!



 (A little book I created sits upon this one!)

Shelves with boxes of other pieces
the doilies which end up in books I create like these!


So for all intents and purposes
I have put together some sets of doilies like the ones below

which I feel are perfect for use in creations such as collages,
journals, bags, wall hangings, cards, scrapbooking etc. as they
are strong and less delicate and are therefore
able to stand handling for a very long time! 

These can be found in my Etsy shop!
Now if you have a love of all things beautiful in natural colours
then pop over to Wen's Blog to see some amazing
creations and images there!

Thank you Wen for hosting our Simply Neutrals for another week.
We appreciate so much the work that goes into making
this gathering happen!

Love and hugs to all of my blogging friends here -
new and old. I'm grateful to all of you who come and visit and leave such kind comments! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

XOX Suzy

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

A Birthday Card - Simply Neutrals Tuesday 42

Dear Friends thank you for popping into read my blog
again today and I would love to welcome my
new followers here also!

I'm sharing a special Birthday Card
which I made for a wonderful woman whom I met recently
and have the pleasure of sharing some morning teas with.

This is for Alice who will be celebrating her
95th Birthday at her new book launch of Short Stories
next week.


 Alice is a well loved and respected woman
of our local community

 and this is her third book to be published!


 (I love this beautiful linen fabric with printed trees
as it is so representative of the Australian
bush land where Alice grew up!)

 Such an amazing achievement at this ripe age of 95
and I have no doubt her family and friends
will be there to honour her
the occasion!

Come and join us over at Wen's blog to see what other articles
in neutrals you will see there this week!
Thanks Wen for hosting this party again this week for the
pleasure of so many viewers!

xox Suzy
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