Wednesday, May 13, 2015

More Elegant Lace Kits

Hello everyone!
Just a quick post today to tell you that I have been creating
some more Romantic Lace Kits
full of lots of lovely
vintage laces, vintage buttons, sweet and striking
vintage images on black card which sit
inside pockets created
from lovely upcycled lace blouses
like these.
The black machine decorative stitching
lends itself so beautifully
when I sew on top of these hand made paper pockets.
I've added some black guipure lace and black flowers
to complement the images which have been
backed with black card stock.

 All kits contain similar embellishments


 but the mop and vintage buttons and bling


will be slightly different!

If you can see yourself turning these materials
into a project you would like to own

 you can find them in my Etsy Shop.
Preparing these kits and similar projects certainly 
keeps me busy and if only I had more
hours in the day I would be
able to visit all of
my loved blogs,
for now just know you remain in my thoughts!
Hope your week is bringing you lots of fulfilment
in whatever it is that you have planned.
Love and hugs,
Suzy xox

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Fabric and Lace Book Workshop

 There was so much excitement, concentration, chatter
and intense activity in my home recently
when I conducted a workshop in
creating a fabric and lace book
after being approached
by three enthusiastic women all coming from a quilting



 There were Vivienne and Virginia
who travelled the furthest - about a 10 hour trip

 and then there was Jesse from
 Lace Age Girl blog
(please go and visit her beautiful blog and wonderful
photography there. Jesse has been creating with
fabrics, laces and papers now for some time)!

 They brought oodles and oodles of fabrics and laces
to work on their projects - this being their first
attempt at creating a "book" 
using them

 they all took to their new creations
like to ducks to water


 I had to prize them away from
creating their pages

 for some nourishing tea, coffee and almond cake


 but by the time the evening meal was to be served
I think they were ready to take a real break
after which we continued on well into
the evening just to reach the
stage when they felt they had grasped their direction.

 They all achieved fantastic results

with their own chosen themes, images and materials
 creating pages within their covers including pockets.


 Here they are after a well earned sleep
the following morning
posing with their achievements

as well as one very satisfied and proud teacher
 sharing in their success!!!
Well done girls - I can't wait to see their finished books.

All's well that ends well and as
everybody knows the more we put in 
the more we receive!

Wishing you all a wonderful Mother's Day
wherever you are!

xox Suzy

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Romantic Vintage Lace Kits for your Inspiration!

I thought these decoratively stitched packets
which I fashioned from some very soft
handmade paper 
might be useful for holding a number of vintage laces, lace embellishments, buttons and bling which could be
incorporated into any number of projects
- your call -
I'm only providing the inspiration this time!

 I have stitched a pocket on the outside to hold
the images which are card board backed
and ready for your use.


 I thought also the stitched handmade paper envelopes/packets
could also be used. Or they could even hold tags, cards,
notes, laces, fabric samples, etc.


 Wrapped inside some bridal netted lace are these

I have created three of these Romantic Lace kits
with three different images 

 with similar lace motifs and vintage laces but


 the mop buttons and bling are different in each.

These new creations can be viewed in my Etsy shop
with more details of what the packets contain.


(These 3 kits have now sold!!!)

Many thanks for coming to visit - it is so nice to hear from you!
I did run a Lace book Workshop from home recently and
I will show a few images from that great time
we shared together soon!

xox Suzy

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Art Cards and Some Lace Romance

I can't tell you all how wonderful it feels to have
my computer and the internet
back operating
How else can we create images so necessary for our artwork.

 I am currently working on these 
new Romantic Lace Kits
using some of my beautiful soft handmade paper to hold
a number of different laces, net lace, lace motifs
and buttons
which can be incorporated into any number of projects
these will be appearing in my Etsy shop soon.

However, what I do have completed and are in my shop now are
these Fabric Art Cards/ frameable art pieces
using images from one of my favourite pre-raphealite artist,
Edward Burne-Jones


 some fabrics in the softest shades of blues and greys
with turquoise accents.



 As you can see I have added some stamped flourishes
around both images in similar shades.

This second one shows deeper blue green lace fabric
over deep blue printed chiffon. 

 They could also be sold as a pair as they look so
(And this is the way they were sold!)
I will be creating more cards very soon! 

I'm also preparing for a Workshop which I will be running
at home this week on Thursday and Friday
teaching the creation of a lace book
with images.
I'm hoping to share some images of that coming up in my next post.

Take care everyone and may your days be filled with
much love and laughter!

xox Suzy

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