Saturday, June 17, 2017

"Nature's Wings" Completed!

It's always very satisfying to complete another
project and especially so when 
someone puts up their hand to purchase it!



A rusted washer gets added to the closure
tied with sari and velvet ribbons!



Pages filled with scraps of fabric and paper 
stamped with the inclusion of
bird adages!


torn paper, embroidered net


hand stitched layered scrim, lace and paper


insects and buterflies around flora and fauna


 all culminating
in this stack of pages!


Thank you dear readers for visiting and commenting
so kindly as you do - I hope these pages
inspire you too!
Happy weekend to everyone wherever you are!

xox Suzy 

Friday, June 2, 2017

"Nature's Wings"

I'm still enjoying the process
of creating small books
using many different fabrics, textures, images
and precious words to accompany my latest
creation called "Nature's Wings"! 


 This is the proposed cover with additions still to be 
some inspirational words which
 our winged friends
represent to us! 

I have used several layers of soft felts, laces
and papers gessoed, painted and glued

with defining hand stitches. 

This process appeals to me so much
as it allows the words to form in my mind as I stitch!


The stacked pages ready to be bound together to 
represent another interpretation of
what these little winged beings flying around us
mean to each one of us!

Anyone wishing to learn my book making
techniques may enrol into my on-line workshop at: 



This is a very extensive and detailed class to follow
with no end date - so you can enjoy it all
at your own leisure! 

Enjoy my friends!

xox Suzy

Friday, April 14, 2017

Easter Blessings

This Easter assemblage
shows I am still a country girl at heart

 with birds nests, eggs, jugs and stoneware bottles
even though living as a "townie" now
these values still remain!


and there is always a favourite creation or two




Wishing you all a very happy, safe and enjoyable
time over Easter! 

xox Suzy

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Mini Journals

Welcome my friends!
Many of you know that I love to create books
and journals 

 much like these above 
more recently I have been creating what I like to call
"Mini Journals" often with a particular theme! 
This particular one is centred around
some beautiful French images
of Madonna and French Saints


 As I often do I have delved into my stash to find
just the right type of felt, vintage laces - antique also

combined with some old silks
and hand stitching.

 The cover displays some printed text overlayed
with a cabachon holding an image
of a French saint


Adopting meaningful verses
to uplift our senses!

 This one has gone to live with another fabric textile artist
but I do have one for sale entitled
"A Mother's Love"


which I will shortly list in my Etsy shop!
or contact me at
if interested.
Having the best intentions of trying to be around more
and thank you all for visiting!
xox Suzy
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