Thursday, July 29, 2010

More Pics of Dreaming of Dragonflies

Raining here today - the light is quite dull so am hoping these photos are not too washed out!
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  1. Oh my GOODNESS Suzy!!What a fab "eye popping" piece. What FUN!! You look as if you "dived" into this one and had so much fun!!Do you get dragon flies in your creek. Are you hoping Winter is over soon. God! One more month to go.It HAS been chilly hasn't it.
    Fabric collage/ Crazy patch is endless. So absorbing!!I LOVE texture.I am sure I would want to run my hands over this work it looks so inviting. But of course I wouldn't( I'd remember me manners!!)he,he!!

  2. Hi, This is beautiful work! ... I love the depth and contrast ... you have used so many techniques! The colours are beautiful and rich, the stitching is really nice ... I love the crazy quilt aspect. You have put so much work into this ... it is lovely.
    Thank you for stopping by ... I love to hear from you ... likely I will mount both pieces, maybe separately or maybe together not sure. I have started a second series of lilies ... we shall see how they turn out.
    Very, very best wishes,

  3. This piece is magnificent Suzy! The colours and textures are so rich. I can "feel" this piece...

  4. Wow!!! I love all, textures, colors. It's very beautiful.

  5. Your colour palette is so deliciously rich. Wonderful work.

  6. These are stunning and so full of beautiful those dragonflies.

  7. Your work , colors, are over the top gorgeous!!!

  8. Lovely, delicious colours and textures.

  9. Want to say to everyone who has commented on my piece here just a very huge "THANKYOU" for your really kind comments. It is so great to be able to share our work through blogging!
    Will post more with details of some materials.

  10. Hi Joan - Thanks for following and appreciating my work. Your blog is lovely and so is your photography. My husband is from N.Z. - it is a gorgeous place to live!

  11. Hi Suzi,
    It's always a pleasure to come back to your wild and wonderful designs. I was so happy to read your words on my blog today. I feel like I'm going through so much a storm of transformation. Your bright and lively innovations resonate so much with these feelings.

    Peace and love to you my blogger friend,

  12. Hi Suzi Nice to meet you Gosh your work is amazing I love the vibrant colors and so much detail. Looking forward to visiting Sincerely,Jonny


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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