Monday, July 19, 2010

Petit Point Purse

I am sure that this gorgeous little petit point purse would appeal to anyone who loves threadwork and roses! I could not pass up this opportunity to purchase this little vintage treasure when I came upon it in a vintage shop in our local village. The shop is called "Bower Bird" and how appropriate for collectors of bygone treasures like this. It has a gold frame but without the chain so now I shall have to keep my eyes out for one to suit.

The threadwork is beautifully done, the colours are vibrant and it is in excellent condition. The photo is quite true to colour!
I have great admiration for the person who put the untold hours into such a beautiful piece of embroidery.
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  1. Isn't it beautiful, a real treasure.

  2. It's gorgeous- and in your colours too!!!Gee, I think I'd like that shop!!!!

  3. Yes it is really gorgeous and yes Judy - you would love the little shop!

  4. Whoever made this was a true artist. Just like you.


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