Thursday, July 15, 2010

Vintage Sewing Treasures

Whilst I was looking for some embroidery thread for my new collage I remembered that I had purchased this old biscuit tin at a combined garage sale in our local hall some time ago. The thread I am using came from this tin and it was wrapped around this piece of newspaper print about a Stromberg Valve Radio Receiver. It, along with all the items, must be some 50-60 years old. How amazing is that!

Also in the tin is a collection of old buttons, thread on wooden reels, elastic, sewing needles, tape measures (fabric - not plastic!) , pearl threader for beads, some silk hosiery mending thread and 2 large pieces of chalk - boy what a find! It really does take us back to the days when really everything was made with quality to last and last.

Anyway it is lovely to think my thread in the collage has come from here!

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  1. Lucky you! This is treasure indeed.

  2. Love the tin of Treasures Suzy. The pic on the tin is so gorgeous. Isn't it lovely to handle sewing items that were probably really valued by the woman who used to own them.So much history wrapped up in those little packages.Yes fabric tape measures, wooden thread reels...

  3. Hi Suzi. Isn't it exciting when we find these marvelous treasures!

  4. Yes it is amazing when you stop to think of the history of the woman using these precious little items! You rarely come across these items today. Just think - we may probably leave a few items or two ourselves with our own history.

  5. Ooooh! Treasures! That is so neat to find use for the vintage thread. Love your findings and your work is really awesome.Thanks for sharing.

  6. What an incredible find. Who would imagine that you could make such a discovery.


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