Monday, March 14, 2011

"Pandora's Box" Journal is Finished!!!

Many of you know that I have been working on my
Fabric Altered Book
now over the past short while
through an on-line workshop
See all the details here:
and I can now share with you the result of this work.
The theme here is "Pandora's Box" where no one but the craeator
can know what lies within - a surprise to all!

The Journal comprises 3 signatures of 4 pages in each signature which ends in a total of
48 pages all up.  The signatures can contain any number of pages (roughly up to 6 pages)
but as I just love to work so much with fabrics I chose only 4.

I would have to say that most of the fabrics, braids, laces that I used
were recycled which is a very pleasing feeling to me!

The embroidered silk fabric on the right came from a very beautiful vintage silk camisole which I wore some 40 years ago -
boy that is really telling of my age!!!!

Some eco-dyed silk by me on the left used with some favourite linen embroidered recycled fabric and braid from my cushion collection from the 70's.  It is amazing how hard it is to part with those textured trims that you love so much! 

This next page on the right shows one of the most beautiful

leaves from an ornamental grapevine lining our verandah in front of our home.

And here a special heart card from a special friend (Jo) made with handmade paper.

A piece of a pink vintage cardigan with the most exquisite beading lies next to some
single and double feather stitching by yours truely!

And, of course, no journal would be complete without some of my crazy patchwork using vintage fabrics, silks, velvets, fancy stitching and a few beads
alongside some vintage sari braids and silk!

The whole journal measures approx. 9" x 5.5" x approx. 4" thick!
Front and back covers are from a recycled book using water colour paper for the pages.
There are many more pages but I could not fit them all in here!

The whole process has been just so inspiring to me and it has given me the opportunity to extend
myself into new mediums!

Thank you Nelly for sharing your skills
for your heartfelt encouragement!
xx Suzy


  1. I bet this a treasure to hold and feel!
    Thanks for sharing. I know what you mean about using special materials that you've been holding onto for so long!
    xoxo Kim

  2. This is such an eye-candy, Suzy! Absolutely gorgeous! I love your color mix and fabric choices. It must be wonderful to leaf through this fantastic book.
    Have a nice evening!
    Hugs to you,

  3. Oh Suzy!!What a piece of gorgeousness is this Fabric Book. You look like you have had enormous fun with this!!Love it!!Wonderful.

  4. Hi Suzy,
    this is pure gorgeousness!!! Swoon,love it.
    Thanks for sharing.Have a wonderful day.

  5. Suzy, your "fabric altered book" is absolutely wonderful. All these souvenirs and treasures for you, it is full of nostalgia. I like.

  6. i can't believe you have finished it already - it just seems such a short time ago when you had all the pieces in a big pile - well done! joxx

  7. In one word: Fantastic!! Such a treasure !

  8. SUZY , this :Pandora`s Box" of yours, are fabolous, dear.
    I could use houers to look at all your fantastic pages, full of beautifull art,made with all those old and special pieces-and the leave, is BEAUTIFULL-
    what a specktacular piese of art work, Suzy.
    Much love, Dorthe

  9. This is oh so beautiful! Do you keep it, sell it or horrors, give it away?

  10. Gorgeous! I am thinking of giving it a try.

  11. How lovely this is: thanks for the explanations of some of the elements you used. It is pleasing to be able to recycle some favorite pieces and include them in a special project like this.

  12. Suzy I enlarged all your photos - hope all do the same - Your Pandora's Box is gorgeous, all the pages are a joy to look at, they are so creatively made, love your work.

  13. What a beautiful mix of colors and textures! Very cool that you have incorporated actual clothing you used to wear....conjuring up old memories, I'm sure. Have a wonderful day.


  14. This is so beautiful!! Wish I could see it in person. Gorgeous!!

  15. This turned out beautifully Suzy! So nice to learn new techniques isn't it!?

  16. This book is so gorgeous it takes my breath away just looking at it. Each page is such a work of heart. Very wonderful as is your whole blog!
    Sweet Blessings, Katie

  17. I have ever been wondering about fabric books... and how you would use one! Now, I can see that memories should be included! Beautiful book!

  18. Hi Suzy,
    What a treasure your book is. 48 pages, that is amazing, I usually manage about 6. everything about it is really beautiful!
    Well done, Angela.

  19. Oh Suzi this is stupendous! Such beauty and gorgeous textures and layers! ALli can say is WOW!

  20. It is so, so very beautiful and.. you didn't part with any treasured just recycled them into another beauty! I love, love, love it! You are very inspiring to me. Hugs :)Connie

  21. What a great post Suzi. The explanation of all the favorite pieces, leaves, paper heart makes this journal full of memory. I like the image of darkness and opening into light and your stitching inside with some of the box shapes makes me think of this. Lovely work. xox corrine

  22. What a beautiful treasure you have created! One can tell that you put your heart into each and every page..... truly a fabulous piece of art.

  23. I am very impressed with the fact that you have held onto elements for the past 40 years. But it has really made a difference in the choices you had. I want to thank you for sharing all this information. I am still working on my Heritage Album and now have new ideas.

  24. Wow Suzy this is so stunning and amazing i just love Journal and wish i could do them as well as you...thanks for sharing your wonderful art x

  25. Awesome! My Friend! Simply Beautiful! Gorgeous! Spectacular! Unique! Breathtaking! Fresh, Vintage, So Suzy! I love it! You did it!!! I've never seen one so diverse and beautiful as this one. I can see your heart all through it. Bear Hugs!

  26. Wow, Suzy, definitely a work of art. Page after page of beauty!
    Hugs, Diane

  27. This is absolutely fabulous! I'd love to hold it and caress each page.

  28. Suzi, this is such a wonderful work of art. A real treasure and keepsake. The textures and colours and ideas are a wonderful tribute to your talents. Thank you for sharing this, it is amazing.

  29. Oh my gosh, Suzi, You won't believe what I've been working on tonight--an altered book!!! YOURS is beyond breathtaking!!! Everything you make is pure magic!!!

  30. Wow, this is an amazing piece, absolutely stunning.

  31. such an exquisite delight to behold! and to actually hold such incredible, luscious layers of fiber art has to be another dimension of embracing pieces of the past in fresh new form. once again, the fruits of your hands are wonderfully blessed!
    love & joy~

  32. Hi,
    This is so beautiful and you have worked so hard on this ... what a lovely journal !!!
    very best wishes,

  33. This is amazing. I really enjoyed reading about where all the materials,embellishments, lace, and all those goodies came from.

  34. In future when you do posts such as this you must remind us to continue to BREATHE throughout!!!! OH MY GRACIOUS GOODNESS but this is beyond amazing!!! Your beautiful touches and the recycled nature of the volume make this a spectacular treasure. I WILL be visiting this post often!!! Thank you for sharing such a treasurea nd perhaps you will feel up to sharing some of the remaining pages with us soon!! PRETTY PLEASE!!!!!! Big Happy Hugs!!

  35. This is such a precious book Suzy - if it were mine, I'd love the quiet moments spent sifting through the plump pages, ...what a treasure you've created.

  36. My goodness! This is amazing. A total work of art....and obviously a work of the heart as well!

  37. how absolutely wonderful! and to have recycled fabrics and some other meaningful pieces included makes it even more special!

  38. crazy! it just awesome!!! I am now following :D


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