Monday, March 28, 2011

Two New Cards

From the vintage fabrics and other materials
which you saw on my table
in my last post
I have made two new cards -

This one
Some of these fabrics from Rajasthan are truely gorgeous -
the piece in the foreground is a burnt orange crepe - so fine -
which has been embroidered


This one

which is a Wedding Card for a girlfriend (Ros) whose daughter (Candice)
 is getting married very shortly to a lovely fellow from India.
They will have one marriage here in Australia in Melb
the other will be a 3 day celebration in Lucknow, India.
So I have chosen some Vintage Indian braid and gold fabrics underlying
some Vintage lace and topped with a Klimpt image which I have printed onto canvas.

I have also made some more pages from these fabrics which I have decided to put
into a small journal
so hopefully that may be following soon!!!

I would like also apologise for the poor quality of the photos in the previous post
when I had to use an old computer whilst my laptop was with the fix-it man, Glen
whom I am eternally grateful for.
more apologies for the little white squares which occurred when Blogger
failed to accept my attempts in posting these photos.

Hope you all have a wonderful week with lots of fun


  1. you must have the most gorgeous stash of fabrics lying around! As always, beautiful!

  2. Absolutely beautiful, these cards & the ones on your last post. The brooch holder was a great idea, hope she liked it!

  3. They look yummy Suzy....what a lucky couple to receive one on there wedding day....cant wait to see your new Journal once you make a start on it x

  4. Your cards are truely lucious!!! Your card for your friends daughter is a wedding keepsake all on it's own!! What a treasure!!!

  5. The cards are beautiful. You do exquisite work!

  6. Suzy, as always....lovely! Your colors cheer me!
    Hugs, Diane

  7. Fabulous Suzy. You colours are beautiful. i shall look forward to seeing the journal.

  8. Just beautiful work! Lucky people to receive such cards.

  9. Lovely, beautiful wedding card, that would be something to receive. xox Corrine

  10. Oh Suzy you simply create magic!!!!

    Blogger drives me crazy some days!


  11. Your postcards are delightful. I bet they feel as good as they look. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Always so inspired Suzy! I like very much the choice of your fabrics for the opportunity, their origins, the color, it is a beautiful escape!

    Creative a day

  13. Hi sweet Suzy,
    Just wanted to read what everyone wrote you, and can see, my comment from yesterday is missing! I don`t know what happened....
    Well I just write another , :)
    Can`t tell you too many times, that your work is fantastic, and all those gorgeus colors and materials, is brought to beautifull art pieces by your hands.
    I love both cards,- the one with the yellow tassel is so beautifull,-and the gift for your friend a so very lovely,and well thought- love the Klimt image.
    Have a beautifull day, dearest Suzy-
    Many hugs,-and much love to you, friend.

  14. Sumptious, scrumptious, rich jewel colours... fabulous cards. The wedding card is quite amazing.

  15. Congratulations you have won a stylish blogger award from shirley. For details go to

  16. I needed some inspiration today. I can always count on your blog to push me up from the doldrums of tedious jobs that stiffle my Muse. I think I will see your work in Heaven. I am sure that the Angels collect them.

  17. Hello Suzy,
    your cards are just beautiful!! Love everything about them.TFS.Have a wonderful day.

  18. Suzy, as always your work is fantastic these cards are just beautiful with all their great colors.

  19. Suze - I am enjoying some more time here on your beautiful blog - your creations make my heart stop. These cards are absolutely stunning. I am amazed that you can do this with bits of fabric - truly, gorgeous!

    Thank you for sharing my nest give away on your fabulous blog. Your photos are so beautiful - I am honored to have a little spot here - thanks so very much.


  20. I just love your blog! SO many beautiful things to look at and imagine the feel of them. I can't believe I wasn't already signed up for your giveaway, I thought I was. Thank you for the reminder! Hugs, Connie


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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