Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Tribute to A Precious Woman - My Mother

It was MY MOTHER who:

- baked the most beautiful heart shaped sponges topped with pink icing
decorated with a freshly picked red rose,

- allowed me the pleasure of sitting up on the kitchen bench to watch and
stir and lick the spoon,

- knitted and sewed on the tredle sewing machine when she could fit it in,

- sewed the best hessian sleeping bag lined in red check cotton for me to
nap in the afternoon at kindergarten,

- pushed me in the pusher on my first day of school (how embarassing!)

- played tennis, made clay pots and who loved to square dance!

- would sacrifice her face cream so that we could have Easter eggs one year,

- made my first pretty dress for the teenage club,

- queed to buy 5 tickets for my friends to see the "Beatles" perform live
(and who came to the concert with us and loved it as much as we),

- never owned a car but walked long distances to shop,

- loved and played Bob Dylan on vinyl many times in my late teens,

- taught me how to LOVE, to SHARE, to SHOW COMPASSION, and

But tragically and sadly this faded all too suddenly after 18 quick years -
far too soon to be free of her abiding love for me!!!!

I will treasure her love always and always!!!! 

Happy Mothers Day to all my blogging friends!
xxx Suzy



  1. Oh Suzi What a wonderful tribute to a very beautiful Lady....your Mother.
    She would be so very proud of you today...Actually she "is" very proud of you!!!
    You have her sweet smile I see.

    Enjoy Mothers Day!!

    Blessings and Smiles,


  2. what a beautiful tribute to your beautiful mama! i can see how you just soaked it all up and grew to be the most amazing woman that you are, and you embody a true mother-heart that shelters all who come into your realm, and beyond. i honor you~ dearest suzyqu!
    xoxo abigail

  3. What a beautiful tribute to your mother.

  4. what a beautiful tribute Suzy - much love to you ooxx

  5. Sweetest friend, how sad you lost your mom ,so young,but so lovely with all your beautiful memmories.
    And You my Suzy, grew up collecting all this, to become the most warm and dear lady, I`m so happy to know.
    Love you, dear-

  6. Your mother must have been a very special lady, dear Suzy! It's wonderful that you have such lovely memories about her. How sad that you lost her so early.
    Warm wishes and hugs,

  7. A lovely post, Suzy.What beautiful memories you have shared. Blessings.

  8. What a lovely tribute Suzy! So hard to lose a parent this young. I had a chuckle with some of your memories....

  9. What a wonderful tribute to your dear Mother. She sounds like a fabulous lady. And she would be so proud of you.
    Happy Mother's Day to you.

  10. You look very much like her. From the date you put as her birth date, I would guess that she had you later in life. This tells me that she was a mature and loving mother, who nurtured your creativity. She did a good job with the time she had.

  11. The tribute to your dear Mother is so beautiful.
    What wonderful memories you have..
    Thanks so much for sharing.

  12. suzy very moving message. Maybe you are you mom too, so happy Mother's Day.

  13. You were blessed beyond measure my dear ~ what a treasure your mom was to you! Blessings ~*

  14. Oh what a beautiful tribute. My heart to yours my friend. You are a true beauty. Your mom imparted so much in you early on. 18 years of her love...not nearly enough in our time, but she poured so much in you that it over flows in all you do. One will look upon her face again and it will be as if time never lapsed between you two. LOVE<3 LOVE<3 LOVE to You My Suzy Q!

  15. What sweet, tender memories Suzy.
    You must be just like her from what I know of you.
    Hope you had a lovely day.

  16. Hi Suzy,
    what a wonderful tribute to your beautiful mom!
    Happy Mother's Day to you,dear Suz.


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