Saturday, May 14, 2011

Vintage Lace Needlebooks

OK so we have all been given a bit of grief
with Blogger in the last 24 hours
but hey life goes on
and no one has 
lets hope  we can now post articles and photos again!!!

I have been busy making a number of small needlebooks

for a shop in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

I have used some images from some vintage postcards in my collection
as well as vintage printed cotton, damask
and scrim

Remnants of an old embroidered tablecloth.

and the centre of this one below came as a gift from Pat Winter
one of our very best crazy quilters and who
publishes the most beautiful magazine called
Crazy Quilt Gatherings.
Check out Pats blog for details about the magazine at

Showing you here both front and back pages.

And finally here
Some gold organza, green velvet, printed cotton,
a silk suffolk puff, tied together with
a piece of torn gold sari ribbon.

I was also toying with the idea of putting some of these in my Etsy Shop!!!

Hope your weekend is going well, especially now that
Blogger is back.

A very big "thank you" to all my new blogging friends
too - I do hope that you find something inspiring
here to try.
Love and good wishes, Suzy.


  1. OMG...they are SO pretty! A "shame" to use them as needlebooks lol. I'd use them as....oh maybe photoalbum?? Love them none the less ♥

    Hugs from Marian

  2. Oh...they are lovely, perhaps blogger should be down more often (also having problems)

  3. What lovely work.

  4. Very very beautiful needlebooks Suzy, love all the vintage lace and the lovely images on them.

  5. Uau! Que sorte a desta loja de poder ter produtos seus e poder olhar de pertinho cada detalhe maravilhoso!!

  6. These are simply stunning Suz! I just keep going back to see all the details you have added, beautiful work. Have a wonderful weekend.


  7. Great idea Suzy. As always, love the textures you've created with your beautiful collection of fabrics.

  8. These are beautiful. I was going to ask if you would have them in your etsy shop!

  9. Your needlebooks are true works of art. They're all so beautiful, Suzy. I don't think I could choose a favorite!


  10. So very beautiful Suzy. I love them. I have sold a couple of my books on Etsy lately so it's definitely worth a try. Good luck!
    Hugs, Angela.

  11. your work is so exquisite.....just beautiful.....

  12. Gorgeous ladies in their lacy homes. Pics of roses for you later. xox Corrine

  13. They are stunning!!! I certainly hope I do see them in your etsy shop!

  14. Oh Suzy - these are to die for!! I love the way you have used so many vintage textures - the lace - the postcards - it is all so perfect when combined as you have done - these are truly works of art! They will be so popular in the store where you are selling them! I wish you every succcess - they are just stunning!


  15. Beautiful! I enjoyed our swap and see you have beat me to using my newly acquired goodies. You should put some in etsy for sure.

  16. Oh dearest Suzy ,your needlebooks are so beautifull-and so you -FANTASTIC- I love the sweet girls in white in some on them-"living" so beautiful in all the layers of gorgeus fabric`s and colors,they will be away, from the shop, like a wink, and they would surely do the same if you puts some in your Etsy shop.
    (I`m home again- (this evening) and will write you soon, sweet friend.)
    Big hugs- and warm love, ooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDorthe

  17. Oh Suzy you never cease to amaze me.These books are exquisite never seen anything like them. Beautiful!!!Maisie

  18. well Suzy, from all of the above comments I think you have your answer - more for the Etsy shop! Where abouts in Melbourne are they for sale? joxx

  19. Just delightful needlebooks, Suzy. How perfect for keeping one's special needles safe, and at hand. They'll grow wings if you put them in your shop!

  20. Hi Suzy,

    These books are heavenly. I adore the stitching around the vintage photographs.

    Just beautiful. Well done, indeed.



  21. I guess we all lost some things during the blogger failure. But it looks like you made a quick recovery with all your lovely needlebooks. Who would think that needles could live in such a stylish home.

  22. Think I must have missed the Blogger "melt-down", while we were away.
    Catching up with blog pals..these will fly away soon Suzy..gorgeous as always!

  23. Super pretty! I love them! Patsy from

  24. I have never seen anything like these. Way over the top. So amazingly beautiful. I wish you well with this. I am sure they will just fly out the windows.
    We do depend on Blogger so much!

  25. oh wow!! so amazingly feminine, gorgeous and rich in texture. i really think that you SHOULD try some of these in your etsy. i have a feeling that they will do very well indeed!

  26. Wonderful inpiring and LUCIOUS work, Susi!!! If you do get soem in your shop they will not sit there for long!!!!!!!
    Totally delectable!!!!

  27. Hi Suzy,
    Ohh, these are gorgeous!
    Love seeing the fronts and backs and how you've put them all together. Sooo artistic!
    I wonder if they'll go in a store near me?
    Happy creating,

  28. Ohhhhh dear Suzy I am in love in front of these new pages!!!! Colors get tangled with strength and sweetness, which beautiful assembly! Bravo!!!!

    Hugs and happy quilting to you

  29. Dear Suzy, They are all so gorgeous and sumptuous! I'm sure the needle books will sell like hot cakes. If I were a needle I would be very happy to be stored in one of those :-).
    Have a wonderful evening, sweet friend!
    Big hugs to you,

  30. Beautiful work! Fiber arts is my first love as well. I used to have a small herd of angoras, but could get up to 30+ at kidding time. I can tell I am going to enjoy following your blog.


  31. So amazing Suzy...i must learn to layer love to see inside one of your books or journals x

  32. Just found your blog via Elizabeth Creates and I'm so glad I clicked on the link as your work is amazing. What wonderful needlecases, they are works of art, I love the layers, the scraps, the textures and images work perfectly together. And your roses are heavenly, looks like your garden is a bit bigger than mine :) Think I'll be popping over again soon, have a good day, love Sharon x

  33. These are delectable, you inspire me to use more lace! I'm off to look at your Etsy shop!

  34. what glorious remnants of old, and such a magnificent adorning for humble needles, which without, how could you do such wonders to behold?!!
    love your beautiful heart~

  35. You should list them on Etsy! These are utterly gorgeous! I seriously need a bib right now because I'm drooling so much! Pretty, romantic, nostalgic, lacy, vintagy.....and don't forget YUMMY!

    Great job!

    Ciao Bella!


  36. Your needlebooks are divine! I adore all the wonderful vintage laces you used and the images are really beautiful!
    I love all of your creations my sweet friend:)
    Hugs, Gaby

  37. Suzy these are so beautiful! I can't even believe the detail in every one. Your work is just so lovely. The way you layer and put things together is stunning.
    hugs from here...

  38. OOOO! Suzy, these are so beautiful!!!

    XOXO Diane

  39. Your vintage lace needlebooks are just dreamy. These are making me swoon. Beautiful dear...

  40. Suzi,
    I just can't move away from this post I enlarge each photo on my iPad trying to make out every single detail. I can't tell if the images are transferred or a transparency. So amazing, truly! Loved the journal pages from your earlier post too. Homemade paper from crayons & wax? I just want to touch your work & watch you do it. Beautiful. Lisa

  41. I want to make books like these when I grow up. Yours are just stupendous. Well done! Happy customers in Melbourne.

  42. Oh my goodness Suzy Q!! I want one...please, pretty pleaazzzz with sugar on top...I have been away for too busy with end of the school year work. I miss talking to you though...These are absolutely stunning and Oh my goodness!!! Love You!! Bear Hugs...Lovey

  43. Oh yeah...YOU ARE MY FABRIC SHE-RO!!!!

  44. These lacy creations are so so beautiful, sweet, and dainty! Blessings and love to you! Katie

  45. WOW, Suzie--I am speechless!! You are amazing, my friend and I think inspired by angels.

  46. These are absolutely divine needlebooks, Suzie! Wow, I'm positively blown away by the colour combinations - so beautiful and the final result is sublime. I feel inspired enough to try one myself. Would you be up for a swap sometime in the future? Let me know if you're keen :-)

  47. Hi Suzy,
    how could I miss this post? I'm blown away - WOW! Absolutely gorgeous, my friend.
    Wishing you a wonderful week.
    Hugs to you,dear friend,

  48. I appreciate your wordsin the Cindy´s blog!!!! you so sweet at all!!!!and I am delighted with your blog ... everything here is very beautiful!You are so talented!!!!!
    Again thank you.I wish you a great week!!!
    Already turned his follower!
    Kisses and huges from Brazil


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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