Saturday, July 23, 2011

New Blog Header

I have been thinking lately that it is time
to change my blog header
give it a fresh new look
apart from a few more ideas

and so I came up with this fabric collage.

The image is one of Dante Gabriel Rossetti's -
"My Lady Greensleeves".

The collage has been built upon a foundation piece of vintage
upholstery fabric salvaged from some old rocking chairs
which fell apart gracefully at home
how lucky was I to be able to recycle this gorgeous piece
(also here is some of the hessian webbing containing the springs
of the chair).

The piece measures approx 12" x 20" and is hanging from a fashioned piece of
copper through eyelets.
I am considering selling this hanging so if anyone is interested in
the purchase of this
please email me at

I thought I might also share this Birthday Card which I have just finished

for a very dear friend of mine.  Our friendship spans 44 years.

The fabric I used here I have owned for at least 15 years or more and is really showing signs of being tattered and torn but the rose is oh so
gorgeous and I know my friend, Sue, will treasure it.

This card along with the gift which I am still working on
will accompany myself and Jeff
when we will be travelling
interstate for a week on Monday to Adelaide to visit my dear Dad who is not as well as
you and I at 91 years.

This little journal mentioned in my last post
has now been sold!
I hope that the weekend and the coming week will be filled
with lots of happiness and creative hours.

Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments regarding the passing
of ma Cherie.  We are feeling more positive about life without her
Love, Suzy xxx


  1. Suzy Q, your new banner is breathtaking! Your art piece is just stunning! You are without a doubt my fabric She-ro for Life!! Wow! Your blog is so full of life. All your art...the colors, the love, the's like an Eye Candy Experience every time I visit! I am such an admirer and really like your number 1 fan! I know you will hear others tell you that too, but know...It's really me!!!! Love you...xoxo

  2. You have shown such beautiful pieces. I love them both and especially the charming card for your friend.

  3. Your art makes me is just so stunningly beautiful and breathtaking...I don't have words to express the emotions your creations brings up in me...Thank you...

  4. your new banner truly sums up your art. not only that, it's BEAUTIFUL!! your work is so unique ... i think if i just see the image of your banner somewhere else without your name on it ... i would know immediately that it is you :)

  5. What a fantastic collage that you created for your new header, There is always something new and exciting coming from your studio. xox Corrine

  6. Your card is beautiful, and sure to be treasured, Suzy. I love the new header!

  7. Hi dear Suzy,
    I love your new header!! Your new fabric collage is just stunning, a real treasure and so is the Birthday Card for your dear friend.Have a safe trip and enjoy the visit with your dad.
    Many hugs,

  8. Suzy, you are the ultimate deceiver. You transport us to places we have never been. It's magic.

  9. oh suzy...what incredible beauty just permeates through divine is the work of your hands! love love your rosetti piece!! the lush fabrics dance as a skirt below the lady greensleeves face, and your banner is breathtaking! and what a lovely creation you've gifted your friend are such a giver!! may the light follow you brightly to your father's home and revive him with deeper breaths of love and peace.
    warmest hugs!

  10. Love the new header - change is always good! Beautiful wallhanging and another lovely birthday card. Enjoy the time you spend with your Dad - hugs!

  11. Love the new header and the beautiful collage!

  12. Sweetie,Suzy, -
    your new header, just sums up, all I love about your beautiful art, : sumptuous fabric`s -your use of images from old master painters-all the fantastic colors- old time feeling -and romance.
    And you are a master connecting it all.
    Your new collage is a beautiful example of that, dearest.--And have to say I envy the new owner of the journal, Suzy :)
    Also love your most gorgeus and sweet card for your -long time friend- she will be so happy- and for the fantastic gift,also, dear friend.
    I wish you the very best journey to your dad- and friends- and sends you love and hugs.
    OOO & XXX

  13. Love your new collage Suzi - it´s awesome with all the layers and details and the card is so pretty too.
    Wishing you a lovely day.
    xo Tina

  14. The new header is so lovely and encapsulates all that is so special about your work. Beautiful collage!
    Hugs, Angela.

  15. Your header is lovely dear Suzi and of course you know how much I love all your creations so as usual you take my breath away with your talent. I was so sorry to hear about your loss of your sweet baby. I have been there and I know the feelings you are experiencing. It is one of those devastating moments in our lives, no matter how much we might think we are prepared, we never are. My heart goes out to you. I'm sorry I didn't find out about it earlier as my head has been buried in the AG event.

  16. Hi Suzy,
    Oh my goodness, soo much gorgeous eye candy to see here everytime I visit!

    How lucky you're friend is to have a great mate like you and so talented.

    You're new blog header is very sweet, feminine and suits your personality to a T!

    Wishing you Safe & Happy travels,
    Creative hugs,

  17. Hello sweet Suzy, I love your new header very much! It's wonderful to be welcomed by two of your stunning creations and the lovely vignette in your studio. The birthday card for Sue is very beautiful too and I was sure the fantastic journal wouldn't take long to be sold.
    Have a safe trip, sweetie and enjoy the time with your family and your dear friends!
    BIG HUGS and warm wishes :-),

  18. Hi Suzy,
    LOVE the new header as well as each and every piece you share. That journal was spectacular! Hope to see more of those in your etsy...

  19. Here's me can't improve on a good thing...
    Love all of it!

    Sandie xx

  20. Hello suzy,
    Your new heather is breath taking. Love the warm colors. The new collage is gorgeous and so is the card fo your friend.
    Hugs Yvonne

  21. Aloha Suzi,
    I love your new header, it's gorgeous! Love your new collage, it's befitting your new header. TFS

  22. I simply cannot describe how your art makes me feel. It is past all the beautiful, wonderful words that I can think of.

  23. Your header is amazing! The fabric collage and card you created are simply breathtaking. Your work is always such an inspiration. Have a wonderful day and week.


  24. Love your new banner and what a gorgeous piece you have made. You are so talented.

  25. So sad to hear about loosing your Cherie, I've only just heard. When we lost our first dog we were bereft but loved our new dog, in his memory at first then of course, for himslf.

    Your new header piece is just wonderful. I sold 2 of my first 'lacy' pieces in the last couple of months & that & your beautiful piece inspires me to make more ;)

  26. Every single picture you post has me mesmerized. Your pieces are breathtaking.

    I just saw your post about Cherie and I'm sending you and your family good vibes. The hurt never really goes away but it does get better!

    I don't recall seeing anything on your blog about how you bind your pages - any chance you could do a quick tutorial on your method?

  27. Love your new header, Suzy! Your collage is really breathtaking.Wonderful work! As usual! :-)
    Hugs, Viola

  28. Wow your fabric collage is stunning!

  29. Suzy,
    What an inspirational post! I love the fabric hanging collage. The colors are beautiful! I'm sure it will sell immediatly. I am really interested in the cards. I just mailed a gift & needed a card with it. It's funny I can make pretty collages & art quilts but when it comes to cards I'm lost. Yours are as precious as the gift itself. I love visiting here, so much beauty! Lisa

  30. Your work is luscious....just wonderful.
    No wonder your journal sold - I would love it!!

  31. Your new collage is gorgeous. What an inspiration to see such beautiful fiber art. You're really taking the art to an entirely new level.

  32. Suzy, Your new header is fabulous. The colors and it. I am sure your friend will love the card. I love the tattered rose. Have a great trip.
    Hugs, Jackie

  33. Wow! What gorgeous work! I'm so happy you linked into artsee bloggers!


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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