Friday, December 30, 2011

A Year Ending and A New Year Beginning

With this year ending
and Christmas now behind us -
for some very joyous and for others a little sad
I thought I might share a few gifts I was given from
blogging friends
including Liz

This most beautiful book of tags.

The amount of detail in each one of these
is incredible as are all of the images

she has used.
There is one for every season too.
Liz thank you so much for making these for me
you are just so kind, clever and thoughtful
you really are in my thoughts at the moment
dear friend!

And this most exquisite piece of artistry and creativity
from my very dear friend, Dorthe of

I just have to share some of the detail in this so
that you can really appreciate the artistic talent Dorthe has.

Oh those lovely big blue eyes
with that joyful smile
looking so gorgeous!!!
And look at the tiny fingers so cleverly shaped

as well as the beautiful shoes she is wearing

and the embellishments on her dress!

There is only one word I can think of to express this gorgeous
fairy doll
and that is "Stunning"!

Thank you so much my dear sweet friend
she is so happy to be living with me now in a much
warmer climate too.
You have been just so kind and generous to me - 
 I will really treasure her!
I am so very fortunate to have you in my life!
I have a few more special items to share with you next time
but for now I just wanted you to cast your eyes
over this beauty!

Can you believe that this is just one rose stem
Just look at all of the blooms -
her name is Sally Holmes
and I can only assume the size of this gorgeous rose
is due to the most abundant rain we have been
having this Spring and Summer here

Wishing everyone a most fulfilling New Year creating
what you love, sharing precious moments,
and remembering little acts of kindness to each
and everyone!

Love, Suzy xxx


  1. Such beautiful, beautiful treasure you have been gifted!!! So much tallent and love wrapped in each cherished creation.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  2. Dear Suzi,

    Such wonderful and beautiful gifts from the heart!!
    Dorthe is such an angel to us all. Her doll that she gave to you is just exceptionally beautiful!!

    I wish you a wonderful New Year filled with all the health, joy and happiness you
    could ever wish for.

    Love and Smiles,


  3. Such artistic treasures are worthy to be shared with all of your followers. I see a little of Suzy in the face of the art doll. Expressive eyes that see the world in such a colorful way.

  4. Wonderful gifts to treasure, Suzy. They are delightful, and I'm so glad you shared the talents of Liz and Dorthe.
    Wishing you every Blessing of the New Year.

  5. Your gifts are true treasures from lovely generous ladies. May you cherish them forever. Happy New Year...

  6. Everything I was going to say about your lovely gifts has already been said in the previous comments Suzi. Oh my, how lucky you are!
    and those roses!! you grew them yourself here in Australia? They are such a glory to see, and I'm sure they must have a very lovely perfume too!?
    All the best for the new year. :)

  7. What a sweet gift of embellished tags! Very stunning~ And the doll Dorthe made is so beautiful!
    I am glad that it is a new year. Too much happened last year...I hope this one slows down a bit. I want this to be a more relaxed and creative year...but sometimes we aren't in control of what happens, but we can make creativity happen when we have a few moments to spare. May you enjoy your warm weather for this season. It seems funny that your Holiday season is warm and ours is cold. Your rose on the one branch is amazing. It looks like an old-fashioned rose, a rare one...what bliss to have such beauty in your garden.
    I always enjoy coming to your blog to see what you are making or when you share other artists' work.
    May you have a blessed New Year!
    Teresa in California

  8. You have received such wonderful gifts, my dear Suzy! Liz's tags are so beautiful. What a sweet idea to send you one for each month.
    The fairy you have received from Dorthe is gorgeous. Dorthe always paints such expressive faces and the workmanship of her dolls, their outfits and every detail, is just outstanding. Enjoy all the fabulous gifts!
    The Sally Holmes rose is very pretty. I love the pink sprinkles.
    Have a great evening, sweet friend!
    Big hugs to you,

  9. Such beautiful gifts from Liz and Dorthe. The greatest thing for all of us is the special friends we make through blogging.
    Have a wonderful and creative 2012.
    Hugs, Angela.

  10. Oh how gorgeous, the tags are just beautiful
    Its nice to finally have some warm weather and that rose is stunning.
    I love all your work and i enjoy seeing what you do.
    Have a wonderful New Year

    cheers Karen xo

  11. Lovely gifts Suzy.Gorgeous flowers.The Winter was so kind to southern Oz this year again.
    Have a Happy New Year, and hope you have a more peaceful year next year.

  12. What beautiful gifts, the doll is gorgeous as are your lovely roses. Everything in our garden has gone crazy this year with the abundant rain, it feels and looks like the tropics. Have a wonderful, creative 2012

  13. What beautiful treasures Suzy! Dorthe has created a lovely doll for you - such detail. Wishing you a creative 2012.

  14. Wonderful gifts of Liz and Dorthe! Lucky you!

    Dear Suzi,
    I wish you the most wonderful creative, happy and healthy New Year! ♥●•٠·

  15. Wonderful, beautiful gifts. The tag book is great and Dorthe's doll is fabulous. Those shoes are so intricate. Gifts to cherish.
    Happy New Year.
    Hugs, Jackie

  16. Lovely Lovely gifts, there is such a lot of talent, these blogs fascinate me. Hope you Have a Very Happy Nea Year.

  17. Oh sweet Suzy,
    The tags from Liz are so beautiful,- so different, and all so wonderfully done- with the little gorgeous detaiels Liz so masters.
    And thanks for showing my fairy so beautiful off- I`m sure she is happy living with you,-and I`m so glad she fits in., with my dear ,lovely friend.
    Your rose is fabolous Suzy, love the pink sprinkles -I will try to see if I can buy her here for spring.
    Love to you and hugs- and a very HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and Jeff.

  18. Hi Suzy,
    I want to wish you all the very best health, happiness, fun filled, loving, creative year in 2012
    Thank you for your friendship!
    Creative hugs,

  19. Such wonderful and thoughtful gifts Suzy!! Happy 2012!! Love to you!!

  20. Tout est magnifique ! Très bon réveillon et que l'année 2012 te soit très douce ! Bisous

  21. You`ve received so wonderful gifts, dear Suzy! Such treasures! The tags are so beautifully made from Liz. And Dorthe`s fairy looks so gorgeous.
    Have a wonderful Happy New Year!
    Hugs, Viola

  22. Suzy- your gifts are incredible- gifts from the heart from 2 of the most incredible talented ladies. Liz's tag book is nothing short of amazing. The work she puts into her creations- the embellishments- her creations are indescribable. You can enjoy this beautiful treasure in every new season.

    No one does dolls like our beautiful Dorthe. This one is beyond beautiful. Her dress and shoes are exquisite. I can not imagine how she sets about to create her beautiful dolls. I know you treasure this amazing gift!

    You are very blessed to be so loved--

    Happy New Year dear Suzy--

  23. scrumpcious! Happy New Year!

  24. Everything you received is so much fun to see! Aren't internet friends the absolute best? They truly 'get' us and know exactly what we would love to receive. Happy 2012!

  25. Special gifts for one special lady! All these tags,.. wonderful! And you are right, the eyes on that lady are fantastic. I'm sure she will be very happy with you in Australia.

  26. Dear Suzy,

    It has been a pleasure meeting you this year and look forward to coming to see your beautiful handiwork often in the new year.

    May God bless your new year with love, joy and happiness!


  27. Happy New Year Suzi!
    Thank you so much for all the beauty you share with us.
    Your gifts here are all lovely. The truly stunning, just like you say!

  28. Best wishes for a super 2012! Hope the new year brings you loads of love, laughter and creativity.

    Hugs to you,

  29. WOW, this is all so magnificent from two special women whose talents are amazing!!!! Liz's tag book is totally gorgeous and Dorthe's doll is just perfection...You must be so excited!!!


  30. Dear Suzi!
    Happy New Year My Friend!
    Oh My are these Beautiful Gifts!
    Liz's Tags are Exceptional and Dorthe's Doll so Beautiful and Whimsical!
    Hope your Holiday were all that You Hoped for! And I wanted to tell you again Thank You for My Giveaway Gifts from you! They came over the Christmas Holidays. Thank You again!
    I did a Little Show and Tell Post about them!
    Happy Monday My Friend!


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