Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Journalling in the New Year

A brand New Year brings with it -
fresh new ideas and aspirations,
new hopes and dreams,
goals to achieve
new pages to turn in the journal of our lives
speaking of pages to turn
I want to share this most exquisite and treasured gift
of a fabric and lace journal

from a very dear and talented blogging friend
in Holland, named, Yvonne,

Yvonne, like me, is addicted to her sewing machine,
laces, fabrics, art paper etc.
and has magic in her fingers
I just wanted to share some of the 22 beautiful pages
in her journal here.

Pockets with pearls and
tiny tags of birds and nests

embroidered birds, fabric labels,
buttons, lace (new and vintage) sheer fabrics,
rose cotton fabrics, doilies, a bird's nest fashioned from fleece with
eggs of pearls, vintage hankerchiefs
and so very much more that
I think I will let the pages do the talking.

This "Bird" Journal is nothing short of breathtaking -
every single page!

What makes this even more precious to me is the fact that
nothing is physically easy for Yvonne
and these special projects
take many weeks to create
the very least I can say is

"Thank you so much Yvonne for the heartfelt hours
you have so lovingly given to creating this
masterpiece - I will really treasure it and keep it safe!"

I have a few more gifts to share but will leave for another
post when I will also share some of my new
artwork in progress.

Wishing for you all a most promising year full of
inspirational creativity to enjoy
share with everyone!

Thank you always for your gorgeous comments - they are
so appreciated.

Love and hugs,
Suzy xxx


  1. You very lucky lady you!
    It is absolutely one to treasure and one journal that will keep you coming back again and again.

    Love it!

    Sandie xx

  2. Dear Suzy,

    Yvonne made a breathtaking fabric journal for you! It is amazing to see what some can do with a bit of this and a tad of that. Simply beautiful!

    Best wishes for a wonderfully creative year,

  3. What a lovely piece of art! What a kind friend to gift you with something so fabulous!!

  4. What an incredible gift, absolutely beautiful Suzy!

  5. Suzy,
    Happy New Year! Yvonne makes such beautiful things I am not surprised at how amazing it is. You are lucky to own it. I look forward to another year of inspiration here.

  6. What a beautiful gift!Yitte also does fabulous work!
    happy New Year Suzy!!

  7. The time and labor of love put into this fabulous lacy bird journal is beyond amazing. This will become an heirloom for generations to enjoy. Blissful Creative 2012...

  8. Hello my dear Suzy, You have received such a wonderful gift from Yvonne. The journal is fantastic and she has put a lot of work and love into it. Every page is exciting and has lots to discover. You deserve it very much. Enjoy, sweet friend!
    Big hugs and warmest wishes,

  9. That is the most exquisite book, Suzy. What an absolute treasure. Congratulations to both you and the artist. Amazing and Fabulous. I love the pockets (always, a favorite of mine) and the hidden little keepsakes. Hugs from Alaska. karen

  10. Oh Suzy, what a beautiful gift! Hand crafted with love just for you. Such attention to detail. I'm sure you will admire and cherish it forever.
    Hugs Alveen

  11. The bird imagery is beautiful,a journal to reach for every time you need a lift. I'm really loving the idea of these textile journals that you and yvonne make, they're so rich and inspiring.

  12. Hi Suzy,
    Yvonnes book is so beautiful and wonderfully created with such love.
    I know the amount of work that it takes to create each page.
    You are truly honoured.
    Hugs, Angela.

  13. incredibly gorgeous Yvonne; I am off to follow her now.

    Best wishes for a wonderfully creative and healthy year my love...

  14. Gorgeous gift from an oh so talented lady. I know you will cherish this! xox Corrine

  15. Suzy the book you received from Yvonne is just gorgeous. You are so lucky to have received such a wonderful gift. I love the whole theme of the book..birds and the ones in the book are beautiful.
    Hugs Jackie

  16. It's so beautiful, and lovingly created. What a treasure!

  17. What an absolutely beautiful journal you have received!!! Yvonne is a very tallented artist.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  18. This is so beautiful and I now follow her blog too!

  19. Oh my goodnes dearest Suzy, what a special and fabolous gift, from dear Yvonne.
    It is on every page so breathtaking,and so very beautiful,-and you my sweet friend, so deserves this fantastic art journal, from Yvonne`s clever hands.
    By the way, GOODMORNING to you, I wish you a beautiful and sunny day, sweetie.
    Love you,Dorthe

  20. Being a lover of birds Suzy im so jealous of this journal....its simply amazing...what a lucky person to have a friend like that...i would treasure every page x

  21. Like the most beautiful flower will attract the busiest bee, you seem to attract the most talented admirers. Such a lovely expression of friendship.

  22. Oh my You two really are "Birds of a Feather". What a lovely journal and I know you can really appreciate all the work that went into her making this for you. What a generous gift.
    Both of you are so very talented, Enjoy your treasure!
    hugs Lynn

  23. This journal is absolutely incredible. I loved looking at every single page.

  24. Hi Suzy,
    I hope you had a lovely Christmas and New years celebration!
    Ah, always goregeous pieces and inspiration to visit here.
    Thank you for sharing!

    Wishing you heaps of creative time, health and happiness for 2012

    Maybe this year we'll meet in person.
    Creative hugs,

  25. It gave me so much pleasure to look at that wonderful journal,it is just beautiful.

  26. What a fantastic gift!
    I believe, that your joy was huge, dear Suzi!

  27. Oh Suzi,

    Again I am breathless..the beauty of this journal your friend has made is gorgeous.
    Each page is as wonderful as the next. A treasure far beyond words!

    Enjoy each day!!


  28. Dear Suzy
    This Journal is Breath Taking! All 22 Pages I am Sure. What a Lucky Friend you are to Receive such a Lovely Gift!
    Thank You for Your Visit and Sweet Congratulations.It has been a Amazing Week and I am so Very Grateful.
    Happy Friday!
    Ps I am so Glad you Put your Name in the Hat!

  29. This is such a beautiful creation and all the more so as it is done with much discomfort. Thank you for sharing it with us. I also visited her blog and saw much more beauty. TTFN Wanda

  30. Yittes journal is fantstic!
    I wish you a wonderful new Year Suzy!
    Hugs Alexandra

  31. What an absolutely fabulous journal, so obviously crafted with love and attention to detail. What a treasure x

  32. What a wonderful gift! Absolutely gorgeous! Yvonne did a great job!!
    You`re really a lucky lady, Suzy! :o)

  33. Dear Suzy
    Happy new year to you too! I have loved looking at the photo's of the journal Yvonne made for you. It was obviously made with much love and care. A treasure. You create with love and care too.
    Hope this year brings lots of amazing things your way.
    Dot xx
    P.S Am back back blogging again after a long break. You are most welcome to visit.

  34. OH MY GOSH, this is totally gorgeous!! I hope you're having a beautiful weekend--and I have to go meet Yvonne--she seems like such a special woman!!!

  35. Hi dear Suzy,
    what a wonderful gift! It is gorgeous and made with love.
    Enjoy your treasure.
    Have a lovely Sunday.

  36. Suzy- your journal gift is simply amazing-- I just can't imagine the time and talent that was used to create this beautiful gift. You are surly loved- and blessed. It's the perfect gift for you- your friend knows you well.

    I hope you are having a wonderful new year so far--

  37. It is a magnificent book, Yvonne has a lot of talent!
    Thank you for your good wishes, that 2012 is of the happiest and most creative for you, a blessing for all your family!

    Beautiful day dear Suzy

  38. Wow! It's gorgeous and so obvious how much love your friend put into this, Suzy.

    Blessings, Diane

  39. Oh Lordy, what a treasure. I think you know what i mean when i say, i can't believe my eyes. I wish, i had only a very little of this sewing talent in my fingers. It's really a breathtaking and stunning fabric journal.
    Oh..and Happy New Year to you (:o)

  40. hello suzie.
    you are so lucky to get this breathtaking fabric book.
    every page is a beauty with gorgeous lace and elements.
    i know yvonne aswell and i am also adicted to needlework.
    happy new year to all of you

  41. Just a "Feast for the eyes." Yvonne is really a talented artist.

  42. I am speechless! What an unbelievable treasure!

  43. Breathtaking, it blows my mind! Did you sew everything or use adhesive, if you don’t mind me asking?


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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