Monday, January 23, 2012

Fabric Lace book - Round robin

I am currently creating pages for a Round Robin
Vintage Fabric Lacebook collaborative 
with 5 other women all within the U.S.
and myself, here in Australia.

The Themes include:
A Stitch in Time
A Young Woman in Paris
Victorian Couples
Mary Madonna
The Jazz Era of the 1920s
Vintage Gypsy

The requirements for this Lacebook include:
Front and Back covers
Inside covers and Two extra pages
which will be passed around on a rotation basis to each person.

My pages have already now left for Palm Springs and as my theme is
"Vintage Gypsy"
I thought I might share my contribution:

Front page

Inside Cover Front Page

Image here is covered with organza.

Back Cover

Inside Back Cover

And my two Separate Pages within the book

The Round Robin Fabric Lacebooks will be with each person for one month
so I am hoping that
I shall receive my "Vintage Gypsies" back here in about
6 months time
when I will assemble all the pages and covers etc.
for you to peruse!

It is so lovely to see so many new comers to my blog
and I thank you so much for all your kind words
and thoughts
and I wish you 
much inspiration to share with others!
xxx Suzy


  1. It's all great! The part that grabbed me was the way you used the bit of lace to frame the picture. So cool!

  2. Your front and back covers are gorgeous and will be a wonderful inspiration for your round robin partners. Your fabric stash is really amazing and you always have such a great eye for matching colors. Have a lot of fun working on the other books. I especially love that Paris theme - who would have guessed ;-).
    Have a wonderful week, my dear Suzy!
    Big hugs and warmest wishes,

  3. Swaps are so inspiring. You have captured your theme well and as always, your lace, fabric choices etc - beautiful.

  4. Suzi, these are so stunningly beautiful!
    Bless you for sharing your amazing talents with such 'eye candy'!


    Sandie xx

  5. Woweee!Anyone in their right mind would love your work.Your pages are perfect.What an exciting project.Someday I would love to be in a round robin,only if I wasn't in charge of organizing it though.

  6. Absolutely gorgeous Suzy! Hope you have a great week.


  7. Ooh la la that's some fancy gypsy pages Suzy. This should be amazing to watch. xox Corrine

  8. Just beautiful, Suzy. I love the soft touches of colour. The gypsies you've chosen are wonderful. I'm looking forward to seeing this when all the pages have been completed.

  9. Suzy, I cannot wait to see this in person. The colors and your beautiful techniques are so inspiring.

  10. This is a wonderful idea. To have so many artists working together, has to magnify your individual talents. I am very anxious to see the results.

  11. Absolutely Beautiful!!! You have really out done yourself with these pages/covers. Lovely!!!
    Have a great day,
    Always, Queenie

  12. You're so busy, Suzy! One work of art is more beautiful than the next. I'm thrilled!

  13. This will be an inspirational project to be involved in. Love your contribution-inspirational!!

  14. WOW, that is all I can think to say about your pages for the vintage fabric lace book. My mouth fell open when I saw it. Just beautiful. Your work is so inspiring, love it!!!
    Hugs Jackie

  15. Dear Suzy,

    Your work is so beautiful, breath taking actually. I love coming by to see your creations, each time something new, even in a piece already seen.

    You bring joy through your work, Suzy! Thank you for your blessings of beauty!


  16. I just want to jump in my computer and touch them (:o)Looking how you layer all these stunning fabric and laces...I love all of them...

  17. Beautiful pages Suzi...can't wait to see it all turned into a book. Got me wondering how you are going to bind them all together??
    Kind Regards

  18. Your pages are absolutely stunning! I cannot wait to see the finished book. I just love how you collage your pages.

  19. Hi Suzy, it's always such a feast for the eyes to visit your blog. I love your vintage gypsy pages, they're truly exquisite, you've really captured the them perfectly. Such delicious combinations of laces, images & fabrics. How lovely for you to be part of this Round Robin. Keep us posted! Hugs Robyn

  20. Hi dear Suzy,
    as always absolutely gorgeous!! Love all the layers of lace and the images are beautiful.Have fun with the Round Robin.
    Hope your week is wonderful.

  21. Your art melts my day I will own something of yours...its a promise I have made to myself...

  22. oh my goodness! Suzy this is amazing! I could sit and look at the details for hours! So many gorgeous embellishments and a whole lot of love went into your pieces! Thanks for the inspiration!

  23. unbelievable!! i mean, when i think you have outdone yourself suzy, you do something more outstanding...if that even possible...everything your hands touch turns to be the most stunning works of art!! this book completed will be a feast for the eyes and soul! though i t looks like the most beautiful book as is!!!
    you're gifted, so loving!!
    warm love back at ya!!

  24. Uhhhh, I'm running out of superlatives here! At the risk of sounding redundant, I will just say: gorgeous work.
    best, nadia

  25. Dear Suzy,

    Your pages are gorbloggeous. The colors, fabric and lace match so perfect. It must be a feast to be one of the receivers of this pages. Hope your have a lot of fun with this round robin.

    Thank you for the lovely pictures of my journal on your blog. I had the possibilities to read my mail and to see blogs but could not give any answer or comments during my vacation.

    Have a nive week

  26. Dearest Suzy, your work is stunning , so wonderfully to explore, and with all your beautiful laces ,fabrics,and your fantastic ribbon flowers. Love all the layers and all the different materials --
    ----------Mathilde talks to me all the time, so I ` :)))
    Love you- xx-and hugs,Dorthe

  27. Lucky are the people in the round robin with you because they will get to see your work up close and personal!

  28. How wonderful works, Suzy! They are stunning!! Congratulations, dear friend :-)
    Big hugs from Free Vintage Images :-)

  29. OMG Suzy
    as usual I am blown away by your creations...all so beautiful and full of colour and texture...I love all you have done and are doing. I'm sure the end book will be FAB!!!

  30. Ohhhh so wonderful Suzy every Fabric Collage is a dream.
    Hugs Alexandra

  31. SO glad you came by to visit my blog, now I've found your very beautiful one. SO mnay pretty things to look at. I'm a new follower and will be back again soon.
    Have a good day,

  32. Love your work, an inspiration to me for sure. Been so busy selling on Ebay, I'm glad I found your blog, Your work is everything I love to do. blessings, Carol Mae

  33. I have never seen such gorgeousness Suzi! You inspire me so...I may have to pull my sewing machine out this weekend!
    Hugs to you, you are brilliant and so wonderful to share!

  34. WOW Suzy, I'm just blown away! Your swap partners will be so thrilled to be a part of this round robin, The front and back covers are glorious!!! I have a question. Do you hand dye your appliques, like the one you used on the front page? If so do you use a reg. fabric dye? Its stunning!!!
    Hugs Lynn

  35. OH MY GOSH, Suzy!!! These are so breathtaking that they are like being in pure heaven--WOW!!!

  36. Oh my dear Suzy - Can I just say UNBELIEVABLE!! How do you do this - how do you make these amazing creations - each one more magnificent than the first?

    Every bit of lace - every embellishment - it is as though it were meant to be a beautiful part of this creation. This is not luck my friend - this is deeply rooted talent and inspiration.

    Wow - just wow!


  37. Suzy-Thank you for sharing my give away with all of your faithful readers. You are so gracious - always-

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  38. OH-MY-GOSH!!!!! These are absolutely amazing Suzy! I can't believe how you put all these rich elements together for the perfect Vintage Gypsy pages. I will be going over these photos a few times to be able to see every beautiful detail!!!

    Did I miss some e-mails from you Suzy? I hope not. If I don't recognize the sender I usually don't open them, so I hope I haven't missed yours.
    sending many hugs...

  39. Wow Suzy Your pages and covers are amazing, What a gift you have, just stunning and I love each and every piece. It makes me want to just create books and I would happy to capture just a bit of the magic you have shown. Truly a work of Art. Hugs Marilou

  40. I have never seen anything as beautiful as this...

  41. this is beautiful and unique work.
    every page must be hours from work, and so many different elements and layers.
    i like the idea from the covered image with organza.
    i will try this too.
    have a nice week

  42. Wow...those are incredible pieces of art. You are very talented and obviously put a lot of work into getting all those details just right. Nice to meet a fellow goat enthusiast on here, especially one with angoras similar to our little pygoras. We are excited about the knitting and are anxious to learn to spin as well. We have a local group called the River Cities Fiber Clan that is going to help us get started on that adventure. Thank you for the warm welcome to the blogging world. We will be following and look forward to see the results of your round robin adventure. Being a blogger just seems to keep getting better and better.

    ~Bobby & Eric~

  43. Simply amazing and beautiful as always - I never tire of looking at your works of art - they always make me smile.

  44. Suzy,
    Oh that is beautiful! Every favorite it the last picture. I love how you outlined her cape with the stitching. I am doing a round robin too & it's such fun. I cannot wait to see my completed book. I look forward to seeing more of your swap & the others pages.
    When printing on organza, do just make your own sheet by cutting yardage & running it thru the printer like muslin, or do you buy the ready made sheets? I bought some from Interweave & like the product, just very expensive

  45. Suzy
    There are certain artists whose work I come across and they inspire me in so many ways, one of which is to make the promise to myself to get better and better at what I am trying to achieve. I am mainly a paper artist but most certainly drawn to fabric and aspire to working with it more often but still slightly intimidated by it.
    In awe of the beauty you continually create.

  46. Absolutely gorgeous artwork, Suzy!!! I`m in love!! As always!! ;o)
    Have a wonderful and creative week, my dear! Big hugs, Viola

  47. What a great colour combination, purple and green for the front cover, one of my favourites. What a super book, it'll be so interesting to see how the other artists interpret your theme x


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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