Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"For every love there is a Heart somewhere to receive it!"

With this little quote in mind
I decided to  make these
art hearts
someone out there 
to receive them

They say that
"Love is in the air"

Valentine's Day

but, to me, love is always in the air.

These hearts which measure approx. 9"x6"
are now in my Etsy shop

So if you love hearts (any at all!)

and vintage lace, vintage webbing, twine,

vintage buttons, brooches,

seam binding, tulle

and pre-raphaelite images
then you just might like these!

Thank you to all of my new followers and old ones too
for appreciating my artwork
and for the very kind comments you have taken the time
to leave.

"Cherish" is to hold close to heart.
and I cherish you all!

Have a wonderful week!
xxx Suzy


  1. this heart is an awesome piece of fabric art and i like all the beautiful layers and colors

  2. These are exquisite! Love all the little details!

  3. When you think about "Together Forever," the heart becomes a symbol of a long commitment to each other. Being married for 52 years, I know something about that. I love your hearts.

  4. Romance is most definitely in the air with these confections, Suzy.

  5. I love Heart Art! Very nice mix of images, words and fabrics.

  6. Oh my, Suzy!

    These are so pretty! What heart wouldn't fall in love with these treasures?!


  7. This is PURE gorgeousness!!! WOW, WOW, WOW!!!

  8. The hearts are beautiful, my dear Suzy! I love the layers of lace, fabrics and ribbons.
    Have a wonderful week, sweet friend!
    xxoo and warmest wishes,

  9. Wow! These hearts are wonderful! I love them very much!

  10. These are lovely, as usual you are so clever with the way you put them togethr.

  11. Dearest Suzy, they are amazing- they are beautiful, they are stunning-they are so you,:beautiful heart!
    I love the fantastic red colour with your black, and the simple with the sophisticated embroidery, -you are a gorgeous artist.
    Love and hugs, Dorthe

  12. Beautiful and very inspiring!

  13. Suzy they are so beautiful and so are you! I cherish you and your blog and have spent many happy mornings looking at the wonderful things that yo have created with your hands and heart! I hope that love always surrounds you and your days are carefree and precious!
    Tina xo

  14. Hi Suzy,
    We are definitely on the same wave length. Your hearts are divine, I love them.
    The journal thing... it's an addiction I'm sure. I have so many ideas... don't know which to start on next.
    Smiles across the miles...

  15. Suzy your hearts are fabulous. Love all the fabrics, laces and ribbons. Very unique.
    Hugs Jackie

  16. These are absolutely gorgeous,dear Suzy and so you:)Love them.
    Have a wonderful week.
    Sending hugs,

  17. Suzy, I am a new follower. OMG...your work is beautiful.

  18. you little tease, you know I LOVE all of those things LOL...these are so beautiful...and I cherish coming to visit you...love, G.

  19. Nice, nice, nice, lovely Suzy. xox Corrine

  20. Oooooh, so sweet! They're gorgeous, indeed!

  21. Your creations are unique and magnificent, dear Suzy! So beautiful! BRAVO!!!!!

  22. Oh Suzy, these are exquisite, so beautiful and you can tell they are made with love. Thanks for melting my heart today. So sorry i dont get around the blogs as much as i would like but i know i am in for a real treat when i visit yours
    hugs June x

  23. this is just stunning Suzy! Every bit. I have seen your gorgeous work all over Pinterest! :) Following you now. Thank you for the sweet comments on my blog.

  24. I have decided (in all my wisdom) that there needs to be a new dictionary created to include more adjectives to adequately describe your work. How many times can we use the same words? Until we get 'picture-vision' for comments how else can we describe how our jaws fall open when we see your work?

  25. These hearts are awesome, Suzi! The images, words and fabrics are simply wonderful! Love them all!

    I wish you the best of days and a great upcoming weekend.

    Gaby xo

  26. I so love hearts Shell and what im doing at the moment i hope shall be turned into a heart....these are amazing as usual xx

  27. Suzy, a beautiful heart on various topics and feelings spoken!
    wekendu wonderful,
    warm regards:)))

  28. Suzy Suzy.... you can tell you always put your heart into everything you do - such beauty!!!

  29. Beautiful hearts, Suzy. They are wonderful reminders for us to express our love for each other, hold our loved ones close, and to cherish wonderful memories.......

  30. Exquisite dear Suzy!

    We all seem to be drawn to hearts - they form such feelings and emotions.

    Yours are created with love and they speak to me from, your heart.

    I cherish the inspiration you give me with everything you create!


  31. Suzy, a bit of a departure from your usual layered book motif and oh-so-lovely a shape and thought.

    Blessings, my friend!

    XO Diane

  32. I love hearts all year round and I agree that love should and must be in the air always!! Hearts to you dear girl!! Love your special pieces!!!

  33. Suzy- I'm betting your lovely crafted hearts won't last long in your ETSY shop--- they are so beautifully made- so much detail- they are so YOU!

    I hope you are having an exceptional summer- I'm just a bit jealous- I'm not exactly a winter loving girl- lol!

    Sending love-

  34. Love them Suzy! They are beautiful with all the different layers and textures - perfectly shabby in an elegant way!

  35. So perfectly Shabby Chic and such a sweet way to celebrate Valentines day!
    I "heart" your hearts!
    Hugs Lynn

  36. Suzy...you are the best! Simply beautiful my friend!


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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