Saturday, July 7, 2012

Heart Strings Progress and Mini Shabby Collages

This is the next stage for my Heart Strings Journey -

I am at the point of  putting together
the actual strings made of silk sari ribbons

with the decorated chains

using all number of gorgeous "doo-dads"
Don't you just love that name?

To me it implies all number of some of your
favourite vintage jewellery finds, different dangles,
costume jewellery,
precious pearls

along with a few religious icons,
some gorgeous purchases from Brass Bouquet
including a brass heart and a lovely large
brass connector

seen above
a few items made by myself even
including this little wired nestie with a pearl insert

I really am a nature girl at heart and just had to include
one of our hen's feathers
to enhance the "earthiness" of this new piece.
I am so far very happy with the way it is looking.

As soon as my thimbles arrive I shall be
drawing the strings and chains through this to connect
the neckpiece.

Diane Cook of Rosa and Josie's Blog is the
wonderful tutor for this on-line workshop so
go and visit Diane here.
Also the beautiful sari silk ribbons I purchased from

I cannot believe just how slow I am at this but I know eventually
if I persist the hand tools will become more and more part
of my creative hands.

While I have been waiting for more goodies to arrive for my 
Heart Strings I have been very much back in my
comfort zone creating some of these

Shabby Chic Mini Vintage Hangings

The majority of materials and fabrics used in
these pieces

have been recycled - lots of lovely soft white vintage 
cottons, laces and scrim

along with some new lace fabrics, natural dyed
raw silk

and even a bit of jewellery.

This is another one using a tombstone angel -
now this image is one from Patty of
Magpie's Nest Blog
Patty has one of the most beautiful collection of
tombstone angels I have seen - go and visit 
her blog - her journalling is wonderful!

more dyed lace with a little doo dad over more lace

And this one which is different again!

More recycled fabrics used here and this one

includes some very beautiful embroidered silk

and guipure lace.

All images are on handmade paper.
Now I am going to sell these little hangings and 
they will be available in my Etsy shop
very soon!

Just want to remind everyone that next Saturday -
14th July is the day for
"Where Bloggers Create Party" with Karen Valentine as hostess

so if you want to come and have a little peek inside my studio
and see what goes into creating projects like these
then come and join me here!

Hope you have all had some wonderful time inside creating
as I have had here!

Love and hugs, Suzy xxx


  1. Oh the heart string progress is coming along fabulously. Thanks for posting all those goregous, lush pics.

  2. Oh Suzy! I just love your wonderful creativity! I love everything you've done and love, love, love the gravestone Angel! Never thought of using these for art, but it is wonderful and I've been visiting cemeteries with a friend lately collecting information for another project!

    You are indeed comfortable with this medium as you already look as though a pro has designed and done this work - oh yes, that's right - you already were one before you began to learn!

    Beautiful, beautiful, Suzy!


  3. Dear sweet Suzy, your artwork always, always inspires me so!!!!! I love each and every piece so much...and I can't wait to see your beautiful studio! Thank you for sharing so many wonderful creations...hugs and love, Dawn

  4. Hi Suzy
    Love your Heart Strings! And of course all your other wonderful creations. It is obvious that you put a lot of your heart and soul into all that you do.
    Hugs Alveen

  5. Everything looks so yummy and gorgeous, my dear Suzy! I love the brass and the earth tones you've used for the strings. The little nest is so sweet and the feather fits so very well into the collection of lovely jewelry pieces. The fabric hangers are very awesome as well.
    Happy weekend, sweetie :-)!

  6. Beautiful Heartstrings Suzy, such lovely ''doo dads'' on the chains.
    You little collages are a delight...
    Looking forward to karens party too.
    Hugs, Angela.x

  7. i am always in awe and wonder when i visit you and see all your gorgeous creations!

  8. Que peut-on sire ? c'est beau, délicat, plein de charme, je suis toujours en admiration devant tes réalisations. Merci.

  9. Hi dear Suzy,
    oh, I'm speechless too:)Love, love your Heart Strings and the collages are gorgeous my friend.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Sending hugs and love,

  10. Your blog is looking beautiful! I love the Heartstrings, so much and many wonderful bits to look at.

  11. I am so looking forward to seeing the finished HEART STRINGS project. It is lovely. The mini shabby collages are also wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

    I'm waiting until after Karen Valentine's 2012 Blog Party to get my new blog design from her. I am so not ready to photography my creative space but maybe I'll be ready next year.

    Love your photos from last year's blog party. Looking forward to seeing you at this year's party.


  12. Hi my sweet dear friend-
    all so pure loveliness -so much beauty. I love your creation, and the embellished beautiful pieces you have found-like your little nest and the brass heart together with natures feather. All looking devine in the wonderful sari ribbons.
    And your collages Suzy are stunning little art pieces, I so admire them and your mixture of beautiful elements, dear.
    Hugs and LOVE from me my sweet friend.

  13. Oh is looking so lovely!!! I also love your new mini collages. SO pretty my friend.
    sending hugs...

  14. You have been an attentive pupil, I see. More lovely do dads to look at, along with your usual flair for style. Now who would raise chickens, just for their feathers? I am sure they have more than enough to spare.

  15. So beautiful Suzy! Love your hen's feather in the middle of it all....xo

  16. I love what you are creating, Suzy.
    I am wondering if you know where to purchase already printed vintage photos on fabric, the type you use on so many of your creations. I don't have the means to print on fabric myself. You can email me at: if you have any Etsy sites in the U.S. or recommendations. I tried on my regular printer (not an ink jet) and the printed photo was blurred when I tried to print it onto white cotton. The photos are such an exceptional touch to the beautiful journals and Shabby Chic Hangings.
    Thank you!
    Teresa in California
    Hope you are enjoying your fall season or are you entering winter?
    It's hot here for sure!

  17. Your heart strings and collages are so beautiful! It's always such a joy to visit here and I can't wait to see more of your studio. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.


  18. Beautiful heart strings! This is a project I have not seen before ~ I love it!

  19. Very pretty new hangings!!!

  20. More glorious textures. I haven't used sari ribbons yet but have used sari waste in some needle felting. I'm seeing the ribbons used more and more and love what you have done with them here. Fabric collages are lovely as always. Have fun creating.

  21. Suzi it took me ages to look through your beautiful photographs and worth every single minute, you are so inspiring and I adore your art. I just wish i got more chances to pop by and see it
    hugs June x

  22. Doo-dads and Heart Strings - those words just belong together, don't they.

  23. are a master at your craft! Just gorgeous...all your laces...layers of beauty....I'm in awe. You inspire me more than I can say! thanks for sharing.

    and the fact that you're a "nature girl at heart" really comes through in your work. I love that you added your hen's feather. That is such a sweet touch.

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  24. yummy yummy yummy! Loving every bit of your gorgeous creations! I always get so inspired. Can't wait to see your studio space too!

  25. Dear Suzy, your Heart strings are so wonderful with all the beautiful little things in the chains, love your new collages, they are so unique and beautifully made, thanks for your sweet comments.
    Hugs Anni

  26. You did a fantastic job with your heart strings. I love the addition of the feather. what a lovely touch. I haven't tackled mine yet, but all the ingredients are in place. Such a fantastic project.

  27. Hi suzy, I have just got one word to say about your work 'amazing'. Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog. jayne x

  28. Oh so beautiful! I love it all! Miss you!

  29. Be still my heart.
    The details on your creations are astonishing. I am so glad you include detail photographs so we can absorb the teeniest of details on your art.
    The yummiest of lace and all the wonderful elements are brought together by you, in sweet harmony.


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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