Monday, July 2, 2012

Heart Strings in Progress and Some Gift Tags

Well I have begun my Heart Strings
on-line DVD workshop
under the excellent guidance of the
wonderful on-line tutoring of Diane Cook
(see my previous post below for all the details)

and, although I am travelling at a snail's pace - I have to
admit that I really am enjoying this completely 
new medium whilst still getting used to
using these tiny jewellery tools
so, although, not yet finished
I have some of the decorated chains ready

to show and the sari silk ribbons sitting on the right
hand side of the tray
are almost ready to be joined with the chains

after waiting the arrival of a few more items
including the brass thimble under which
all of the strings come together.
(I must admit I am rather happy with the little nestie
with the pearl)!

In the meantime I have been putting together a few gifts 
and tags so here are some of the collaged tags
(the gifts I will show a bit later!)

I have a beautiful new book cover stamp purchased locally
and it comes in two sizes - this is the smaller size of the
two which covers an oversized tag.

Then there is this one using the same stamp but a very
different image of a gypsy

with some very rich burgandy tassels

So two different versions using the same stamp

and then this one which is completely different again

using a favourite image from Dawn
Thank you so much Dawn for always making these
beautiful images available to us for use in our creations.

I love how natural she looks!

I do hope very soon I will have some completed Heart Strings
to show you!

Thank you to all my new followers for joining my blog
and to everyone who comes both often or even occasionally
to leave me inspiring comments - thank you so very much.

While you are probably sweltering in the northern hemisphere
we down south are experiencing Winter at its very best
with clear crisp white frosty green paddocks
and the most beautiful blue and clear
So lucky to be alive!!!!

Love and hugs, Suzy xxx


  1. OMG Suzy, those tags ( tags? they are not just tags, they are amazing collage hangers ), they make my heart beat faster, they are amazing!
    And I am so glad to see the photos of your strings for the heartstrings project, they turned out ever so well. I love the dinky little nest you made, its awesome! Oh, I wish you would hurry up and complete it, lolol, it is going to be stunning.

  2. Wow Suzy you have been so busy and making such gorgeous creations!
    Congratulations on the DVD, I know it will be a huge success!
    Tina xo

  3. Suzy, your tags are just gorgeous! I love the pattern on your new stamp, and I'm looking forward to seeing your heart strings!

  4. Lovely work so many treasures hidden away in each picture. As for sweltering in the Northern Hemisphere - in the UK we're getting lots of rain. We've had our wettest drought on record and the hose pipe ban they enforced in April in many areas was called off a month later!

  5. Suzy, as always I love to visit your blog to see your new projects. Am pleased to hear you are enjoying your new venture and look forward to seeing the final results once complete. You appear to be well on your way. A beautiful selection of vintage tags...

  6. Suzy, I am in awe of your talent. Your work is beautiful, enchanting and enticing to the senses!

  7. What a beautiful piece of work is your 'Heartstrings', it's so good to learn a completely different technique, it will add a new dimension to your work I'm sure.
    those tags are so very special, I love the colours.
    It is great to visit such a talented lady.
    Hugs, Angela.x

  8. beautiful beautiful beautiful!! there is so much joy to behold in your work. thank you for making me smile :) xo

  9. Hello Suzy!
    It's so strang to think you're in winter when we're in summer here!!!
    Beautifull works! You're more courageous than me!

  10. Dear Suzy,

    You are coming along, your first photo of the beginnings are beautiful! All of the rest of your work shown is magnificent, as it always is! I so love coming by to see your work. I, too, am looking forward to your new art form becoming a reality and you showing us all of the beautiful things you have for us to see!

    Have a wonderful new week, Suzy!

    Many blessings,

  11. Tak for at kikke i din blog Suzy, jeg fik rigtig meget ud af det, for der var oversættelse til dansk. knus morkaren.

  12. I can tell you know using textiles in jewellery making is going to be seriously addictive. It just creates a look that is so unique and a great way of developing your own signature style.

  13. Everything is just gorgeous! Your jewelry and book covers are so inspiring!!

  14. More gorgeous work Suzi, your jewellery's looking fabulous. Your tags are works of art.

  15. Stunning. Love the jewellery components in your artwork.

  16. Your Heartstrings class looks so very creative! I love what you have done so far...all those jewelry pieces, and the nest is fabulous! Your fabric collage tags are amazing, each one...but I love love love the last one!
    Enjoy your we are in super hot weather and pray for rain.

  17. Your tags are beautiful, and I can't wait to see more of your class projects!


  18. Hello my dear Suzy, That looks like a lot of fun and your strings turned out beautiful. The finished piece will be awesome for sure.
    Your tags are gorgeous as always. The new stamp is very pretty and makes a great background for your so lovely creations.
    Have a wonderful rest of the day :-)!
    Big hugs,

  19. Hey there - you have been busy... beautiful work on your embellishments for heart strings. Yeah - yes, it will become addictive and you have learned so much. Your "tags" are amazing - individual works of art, for sure. Time to have a visit. Love and hugs. Karen

  20. Hello my dearest Suzy,
    what a "nest" of treasures coming here, OH MY GOODNES , your heart strings will be such an adventure to see, when totally finished,like being in a fairytale- and your ATC`s sweetest friend, they are just stunning Suzy.Your stamps looks amazing even used on fabric... and the little collages are beautiful works of art. All so fifferent, all so amazingly small wonders. I can look at them for ever!
    I`m home -missing- sweet heart you will hear more from me tonight.
    Love you,Dorthe

  21. My, when you make a tag you really make a tag! I for one don't think it looks like you just started to mke jewellery, you have a lovely delicate touch already. As for those keepsakes, they're just beautiful! x

  22. Tag is certainly an understatement for those beautiful pieces of art! Loving your heart strings supplies and project. Thanks for sharing

  23. Such a gorgeous piece Suzy! I love all the beautiful details. I also love the new blog layout! it really makes your artwork pop!

  24. I drooling already over your heart string beginning...such a perfect use for special treasures. And the tags - what can I say that hasn't already been said?

  25. Oh Suzy, you are having such a lovely creative time with the latest works.Love your tags, and the jewellery is coming along a treat. Looking forward to seeing what comes from your studio as you explore this new medium.
    I'm swinging a leg for you!
    Judy xx

  26. Hi Suzy, as always your tags are amazing and I know your heart strings will be absolutely stunning. It's always refreshing to begin something new, glad you're enjoying it. Hugs from the Central Coast
    Robyn xx

  27. Oh my your work is beautiful. Compleatly different from what I do. But I love it. Fiund your blog via too cute things. Have a nice day ! :-)

  28. I love Dianes heartstrings too - she´s so talented.
    Love your tags too Suzy - so beautiful and detailed.

  29. Your art is absolutely stunning--I just LOVE the tags, so beautiful!

  30. My dear Suzy, you are doing what I have always wanted to learn. I first saw something like this a few years ago while shopping a beautiful catalogue 'Anthropology'. They had taken sari silk ribbons and different pieces of jewelry and fashioned them into love necklaces. They were very expensive and ever since then I have wanted to try to make some of my own and have been buying the silk
    ribbon and collecting vintage pieces. Do you think this is something I could learn? I am very clumsy with the little jewelry tools I must say, and my sister-in-law who makes jewelry has offered to help me learn to use them better. However she just doesn't understand why I want to use the ribbon and 'old' jewelry together : )
    Your piece is as beautiful as I knew it would be since you are a master at combining beautiful things. I adore your tags as well Suzy. I wonder if you know how much you inspire me?
    sending much love your way...

  31. I love your Heartstrings Suzy - they are looking wonderful! I am sure this is going to be a fabulous workshop for you and will flood you with all sorts of new ideas.
    Your tags are also wonderful - so much effort, and so obviously worth while - they are just lovely.
    We are just finally getting some heat here after months of rain and flooding - it's a welcome change!
    Take care and enjoy your lovely days,


  32. Your Heart Strings will be beautiful once put together Suzy! I look forward to seeing it don =)
    Your tags are just every one of them! Your work is stunning...xo

  33. Suzy Dear I have been MIA and had to read backwards to catch up on your newest adventure of jewelry making. What I see is amazing. Your pieces will be so stunning. I can see that you take well to learning new skills. Your collaged tags are beautiful. Your style of putting together bits and pieces is so chic. Blissful Creating and enjoyable Winter to you...

  34. These are so much more than tags.
    Suzy, you always have the most amazing images as the focal of your creations. As for that stamp, I have had my eye on that set of stamps and was convincing myself I wouldn't make enough use of it but you are making me re-think as I can see the versatility.
    Stunning artwork that truly inspires.


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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