Friday, July 13, 2012

Where Bloggers Create Party

♥♥♥ Where Bloggers Create Party ♥♥♥

Hello and Welcome everyone!
My name is Suzy Quaife
and I live on the far south coast of Australia.

This year I have decided to join in the party sharing our work spaces and studios from around the world
This event is hosted annually by

Karen Valentine of My Desert Cottage Blog

When you visit Karen, our wonderful host, you will see her very beautiful blog and view the list of participants whose studios
you may go and visit.

As this is my first time joining in the party I thought I would briefly share a small sample of my creativity below


to give you a taste of what I get up to in my studio - 
(some fabric and paper journals
and collages)



 why I have the need for so many materials (LOL!)
Oh Yes and now you can see a little bit of the dreamy romantic
 side coming out in me here!

My studio is not large but it contains almost everything I need to create with.

It is the place of familiarity, security, inspiration
and joy which allows my spirit freedom
to express my feelings within
to feed my heart and soul.

The view below is from the door as you enter my room.

I think every conceivable shelf and work surface has been occupied to the max.

Here you see my desk with some of the most immediate
tools and reference books at my fingertips.

My other loves, apart from creating, include collecting vintage goodies, china, silverware, tattered books, furniture and pre-loved
objects d'art that I can give a home.

The flowers sitting on my desk are from our most exotic garden
and this one is a South African protea, called "Blushing Bride"
 - isn't she so gorgeous!
 I have to say much of the inspiration for my creativity 
comes from all the beauty which surrounds me
in this beautiful natural Australian bushland setting
and our rambly old world country garden.

And by night, she is just as equally beautiful with her feathery
tufts of white and pinkish flowers.

One of my fabric hearts adorns the most precious
vintage picture of my mother, probably the most influential woman 
 of my life who died very sadly and suddenly when I was in my teens!

Sitting here is just a few pieces of silk, velvet and pretty lace
dyed from geraniums and rose petals from the garden.

Below here is my chair with my sewing machine
right behind my desk, covered with an Angora goat skin
and it is Oh so cosy to sit on!!!
(Did I tell you that we have a small flock of these gorgeous
creatures out in our paddock???).
Oh, by the way, that skin is not from one of our goats either!!!

In the corner of the opposite end is an old Welsh Dresser
(Leadlight windows removed for easy access)
to fabrics and boxes containing all number of things
used in creating, and, of course,
a small collection of very old books which I also love.

This old dresser, retrieved from a Post Office which burned down
some 20 years ago holds a huge collection of special vintage 
laces, buttons, braids, seam binding, beads, old letter
scales, threads and even tools.

These little cubbies are perfect for all of these small items
which can get lost so easily !!!
We who love to collage have hundreds of
these iddy biddy bits that we just 
can't throw away!

My dressform displays some precious early Australian
clothing and laces which I purchased from a local
historical museum which was so overcrowded
that they held a sale to clear out much
of their acquired garments,
vintage laces, etc.

As I was saying, every shelf, nook and cranny is FULL!!!

I really think it is time (which I have had little of lately -
too busy creating!!!!) to clear away a lot of items
that I don't use as frequently
as others.

Another small passion I have is for tapestry evening bags
and here are only a couple hanging with a silver
belt awaiting use in some mixed media
project and
Oh! in the background you can see some of the many
baskets full of doilies and embroidered tray cloths.

On the opposite side of the room - more shelving above my
very large old table and area where I create, design
(when not at the sewing machine)

((Oh my goodness I didn't warn you that you are seeing my
studio just as it is everyday with bits and pieces
that we all have beside us at the ready))
my beautiful vintage 1920s typewriter in perfect working order.

I very much treasure this little chest which my dear Jeff
purchased for me to hold all those extra tiny bits -
it originally housed many
Chinese herbs
and each drawer contains three separate compartments.
How handy is that?

with its beautiful brass pull handles?

Not only do I love tarnished but also vintage
pewter, tin, some pottery as seen high upon some shelving

with a few pieces of Tibetan jewellery
and vintage silver plated spoons.

And now for a few supplies:

Precious lace bits - much too precious to use!
But just to admire!

Like these

and these

to turn into creations 
like these -

and these

A collection of sari silk ribbons, braids and trims!

A basket full of soft fabrics waiting for a new journal!

More lace pieces, beaded fabric and vintage silk dress pieces
sitting patiently on a silver tray

A stack of upholstery and damask fabrics which I use
in my journal making
along with some of these more exotic fabrics
which I also love to collect like these
embroidered wool canvases, vintage tapestries,
silk velvet and crushed velvets.

Vintage rhinestone jewellery, pearls  miniature metal picture frames
and bits of bling!

Another view of more fabric -
 I did warn you - (LOL!) 

Some soft chiffons and silks as in baskets below more fabrics.
Also just a few of my more favourite stamps nearby
for easy reach!

Baskets full of cotton fabrics

A bowl full of a variety of buttons

and little drawers containing these pretty
suffolk puffs

and pretty pink lacey embellishments!

A another white bowl full of vintage laces wrapped
around vintage pegs!

An old tin full of all number of doodads!

More doilies stacked up!

Even some driftwood I collected recently from which to
hang some of my collages and
another pearl rosary!

A few more little bottles as objects of inspiration!

A beautiful  old tapestry border
waiting for a collage or journal
next to some trims!
Almost too good too use I think!

A vintage vignette here of a few
gifts and items I just love.

A few old frames, war remnant box and some vintage music sheets. 

These items are sitting on a plate as inspiration
for my new workshop "Heart Strings" with Diane Cook
which I have recently undertaken.

I find these plates just so handy in my studio to arrange
all the materials I need at hand when creating
a new project, journal, collage etc.
They are inspirations in themselves don't you think?

A little collaged card sent recently to a dear friend in need!

And hanging above me while I work are these absolutely beautiful
works of art by blogger friends
to remind me how fortunate I am to have such wonderful people
in my life who continue to inspire, enhance my life, 
enrich my artistic
 and fill me with gratitude!

As well as this most incredible view which I can look out on
everyday to remind me how blessed I am to live
in such a beautiful place surrounded by
so much beauty!

Now if you are here then I congratulate you for hanging in there
til the end! Phew! That was a rather long visit if I say so myself -so 
now you had probably go and grab a cuppa 
and get ready to visit some of the
other Bloggers' studios!

I wholeheartedly thank you KAREN for giving us
 this opportunity
to share in the inner worlds of other bloggers who
love to create and share their he/arts.
Your rewards will be great!

Wishing Love, Joy and Kindness 
to everyone visiting,
xxx Suzy


  1. What a wonderful visit this was! I would love to come over and have a look at all those lovely laces up close. What a fantastic large window and view you have, I know you must spend many happy hours in this room. Thanks for the tour and all those photos!

  2. Oh my goodness I am in Love!! Suzy your craft room is sooooo beautiful! To have the opportunity to come through and visit from across the world is the most precious gift ever! I absolutely love seeing where all your beautiful creations come from. What a treat. I am so excited on the inside that my hands can't keep up with my thoughts for typing what I feel. You will always be my Fabric She-ro!!!! I adore you and all you do!!!!

  3. I really enjoyed looking around your studio, it's amazing and I'm so jealous.I going to have a look at some of the others and turn even greener than I already am.

  4. What a wonderful studio, Suzy! I wonder why I pictured you in layers of beautiful laces and fabric? lol Your studio is certainly a reflection of your gorgeous creations. I love how everything goes together and replicates my vision of a Victorian boudoir,with layers of lush, rich fabrics, jewels, and laces. You are surrounded by beauty and history. What a lovely setting in which to work, with inspiration everywhere you look!

  5. Oh sweet Suzy...what a HEAVENLY studio!!!! So many treasures everywhere you turn ~ your work is so gorgeous as is your wonderful creative space!! Thank you so much for a peek into your wonderland!!! hugs and love, Dawn

  6. Oh Suzy !!!!
    such a beautiful studio... your "play" space is a lovely as your creations...I adore everything about it...thank you for sharing...I feel inspired to re-do my creative space now (grin)with just the things I love...

    SuZ in NJ USA

  7. Oh My Goodness Suzi!!!
    Your studio is beyond beautiful. No wonder you can produce such lovely pieces in such an elegant and interesting surroundings.
    Thank you so much for the tour .. such eyecandy.. Love it!
    Thank you for sharing

  8. Let me be the first to comment!!! What a wonderful space, so much inspiration! I knew your collection of fabrics would be fabulous but seeing them here, oh my, they are GORGEOUS. Those laces, I can just FEEL them.... I love lace! Adore that you look out to the garden. A truly inspirational space Suzy! I can see why all your creations are so lovely. Dreamy and romantic.....

  9. Just one word: Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have a nice weekend,


  10. Oh my goodness, Suzy, what an absolutely wonderful place to create in, dream in, relax in. Thank you so much for sharing your very special space with us.It is such a pleasure knowing where the beautiful creations of yours, which I have in my own home, were made and where all the little embellishments and fabric pieces were kept.

  11. Oh Suzy, I have enjoyed my visit so much, what a delight to have a tour of your wonderful studio.
    I would love to sit with you and create while looking into your pretty garden.
    Enjoy the party...
    Hugs and smiles, Angela.x

  12. Oh my Goodness!! what a feast!! such a lovely lighted and airy studio you have! i've been sneaking up at other studios and everytime i go green with envy ... becos i only have a 29x29 inch space :( gosh ... what a lovely sanctuary you have. and your antique collection, the typewriter and the Chinese apothecary cupboard ... MAMAMIA!!!

  13. What an awesome studio in which to create and full of wonderful treasure at every turn, yum!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  14. I'm going to need the weekend to go through everything again and fully savour the details. Then I'm going to take up squatters rights! Those thimbles are pure joy and that darling Chinese mini chest of drawers

  15. OMGosh Suzy - how absolutely gorgeous, inspiring, and just totally awesome a studio you have to create in. What a lot of hard work to get all the photos ready to show us. You are so special - now I know how you find such lovely additions for your creations - you have a "bit" to choose from! LOL - fabulous collecting. Great organization - I know it isn't that clean all the time! Hugs and love from Alaska. Karen (kareninkenai)

  16. Where did my message go? Yikes...
    What an absolutely gorgeous, awe-inspiring studio, Suzy - filled with so many beautiful treasures, keepsakes, and inspiration. Wondered where you always find "just the right" embellishment - LOL - now I know - you have a "bit" to choose from, my dear!
    What a blessing! You did a lot of work providing such amazing photos and they are all wonderful - I will need to go over them a few times.
    I know it cannot be that organized all the time - thanks so very much for sharing. Hugs and love from Alaska, my friend.
    Karen (kareninkenai)

  17. WOW, can I come live in your studio? Everything is just gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing.

  18. Oh My Goodness Suzy!! Where do I Start! Your studio reflects just how Creative and Talented you are! What a Perfectly gorgeous Creative Space you have Created for yourself. You must Never want to leave. Thank you for the Little Window into your Creative Spirit!
    Have a Wonderful Weekend
    Hugs from Oregon

  19. Oh my Oh my...Susie...your room is filled to the brim with such YUMMINESS!!! I love it all!! Your work is very inspiring!! Thanks a million for sharing! Sandra Kaye

  20. GASP!!! Oh Suzy dear friend -- I knew your place would look like this -- but I had no idea really that anyplace could be so lovely! If I could create a place for you to work your magic - it would be a place just like this.

    Your treasures - they are so beautifully displayed -- I do not think that I have ever seen such a beautiful collection of vintage laces and notions. Of course you would have these -- there is NO one who makes magic with lace as you do.

    The photo of your Mother is beautiful beyond words -- I think that you look like her. Did she have the beautiful spirit of creativity as you do?

    Your room is so YOU-- I would give anything to look among your treasures and collections -- you must surely feel so at home in this wonderful room. Your view is beautiful as well -- when the snow is coming down it would be so
    lovely to watch the ground become slowly covered outside those windows.

    Your tour is amazing -- and I feel that I have come to know you a bit better by seeing the place where you create so beautifully--


  21. Oh Suzy your space is divine and you described it perfectly. It is clear to see how inspired you are by all of your treasures. I am swooning over all the lovely bits of lace, fabrics, buttons and so much more that you create with and turn into such delightful pieces of art. I loved visiting and thank you for sharing. Truly Scrumptious...

  22. Suzy, it's a good thing I was sitting down because I swear I'm ~swooning~ over your creative space and beautiful treasures! The gypsy in me can't stop poring over each photo- thank you for including so many!

    This is my first year participating in this wonderful event, so I do hope you'll be able to drop by. Until then, I'm adding your blog to my reader!

    Thank you for sharing,


  23. What wonderful pictures...I want to come to your house!! Thanks for sharing. Susan

  24. Oh Suzi! Wow! I am so enthralled with your so very enchanting space! Even just looking out the window is so beautiful, let alone all the gorgeous stacks of luscious fabrics, laces, doilies, and ribbons!
    Your touches of nostalgia all over are very romantic. Your mother looks beautiful! I am so sorry her journey here was so short. It is dear that she is there with you in the space where you create such beauty.
    Thank you so much for sharing your very special room with us all.

  25. What an incredibly beautiful studio you have. Yours is gorgeous beyond belief. I really like how you store your fabric. It was most inspirational and well worth the price of admission (grin).

  26. Hello my dearest Suzy, I'm sitting here with my morning coffee, enjoying the tour of your beautiful studio. It's such a cozy and comfortable place. I wish I could come by and take a closer look at everything in person. I'm in love with that post office dresser. Those cubby holes are so convenient to hold all kinds of great treasures and supplies. You have such a wonderful selection of fabrics and laces to use in your creations and I loved seeing more of your gorgeous pieces of artwork.
    The view from your window is very enchanting.
    Thank you for sharing your dreamy studio with us!
    Sending lots of x and o,

  27. Hello Suzy
    What a wonderfull post! The pictures are really beautifull, and I love your studio so full of treasures! When I see this kind of studio, I dream!

  28. Oh my gosh!! I don't know where to begin! You have such beautiful treasures and your creations are lovely!


  29. Hello my dearest Suzy, and thankyou for inviting me inside your magic world of creativity.
    Your room is a treasure of beauty and wonderful materials. I so love the postoffice dresser- what a great find.You also have the most wonderful little vignettes all over, the one with the photo of your dear mother and stunning heart, is so beautiful, as is the one inspirering you to the gorgeous Heart String you created.
    I feel the warmth coming from your sweet soul,watching this room of magic,and love every inch and corner. Thankyou dear for inviting me, I would have LOVED being there for real, studying all the gorgeousnes and amazing creations of your.
    LOVE you-Hugs from afar...xx,Dorthe

  30. Thank you so much, Suzy, for taking the time to produce all these lovely photos of your studio and your artwork. Everything is fanastic. Such a lovely room to spend your time creating.

    Congratulations on a job well done. I plan to participate in the 2013 blog party - I'm not ready for photos this year. And Karen is designing my Blogger blog which will be up and running in about a week. I'll make an announcement on the Typepad blog which I'll be closing in August.

    Love, love, love your style. It's very distinctive.

  31. Oh, GOLLY, GOSH, GEE WHIZ! Amazing, charming, inspiring! What a blessing you are to share your beautiful space with us. I love your blog, your art, and today was over the top!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Oh... and the photography was wonderful!

  32. Best studio tour ever. I am posting it on my facebook page.

  33. Dear Suzy what a fantastic and very beautiful place to create in and relax in, so many wonderful thing you are showing, love it all, thanks for the look into your creative world. Wish you a lovely weekend dear friend.
    Hugs Anni

  34. Suzy -

    Thank you so much for letting us see where you work your magic! I am so intrigued with your distinctive journals and collage creations - they are positively luscious! Viewing them gets my own more modest creative juices flowing. I just don't know how you can bear to disturb your supplies when the array of those is an art in itself.

  35. I am in awe Suzy! Gorgeous!!! I know I'll be back at least a thousand times to drool over this post....xoxo

  36. This is what Heaven must look like! I am in awe of your space! I love that you have a sliding door in your space. All your gorgeous supplies and projects! I must have spent over an hour just looking! Thanks so much for ALL the eye candy!!
    Fab space ♥♥

  37. WOW---WOW---WOW!!!! I knew it would be amazing, but I didn't know it would be THIS amazing Suzy! I can't believe all the beautiful laces and fabrics. I love that you keep your most precious just to look at also. There are some that I can't bear to use. They are works of art in themselves, aren't they? I was so happy to see more of your artwork and the different things you love to work in.
    I think having that gorgeous view of the outdoors would keep me in there every chance I would fact, I don't think I would want to be anywhere else, unless it was in your garden. I am so glad that you would share this, because now I think I get more of a sense of where and how you spend your time. Let me ask you---are you a very tidy creator or are you very messy. I am the messy kind and it seems that I spend half of the time just picking up after myself in there.
    sending much love to you...

  38. Suzy:

    Wonderful creations made in a wonderful studio! Love all the vintage lace, doilies, silver and antiques you have... a great studio indeed!

  39. What a fantastic journey you gave us Suzy through your creative space. Everything is just so lovely and well displayed. It will take me another year to fine tune it to that extent if ever. So meanwhile I will just hang out in yours! Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comments. Aside being an incredible artist you are a great friend to many, love you Suzy, Hugs Marilou

  40. Hi Suzy, I found you :) and so glad I have. What a beautiful space you have created. And oh my, those flowers "blushing bride". LOVE ♥♥♥ I don't think I have seen those before. Your sweet mom's picture. I lost my mom suddenly also and I have her picture in my space too. They are always with us, aren't they. Love all your beautiful creations and yum. I really enjoyed the visit. Thanks for stopping by my blog too and your kind words. Many creative blessings, JoAnnA

  41. Your workroom is so beautidul Dear Suzy - and with so much space. I love that . And I love all your wonderful stuff. This is indeed a magical place to create in.Love your cabinet from the postoffice - perfect for storage

  42. This place of yors is simply MAGICAL.
    Devine! And I so wish I could step into it for real and look over all your supplies and art work.
    Eva Agnes

  43. Oh Suzy I think I lost my breath breathiung in your studio. It is one of the most marvelous studios I avhe seen. I would never leave!! Of all your nooks and crannies, the post offie dresser is to die for. And your window view. I would love to be there and be allowed to go through all your laces and fabrics and bits and bobs and jsut ooh and ahh all over the place. :) Now I know where to imagine you whenI think of you and when I visit your blog. I love that your eagle eye picked up your bag on my inspiration board. :) I'm so glad we both decided todo this tour this year as it has been a lot of fun.
    Much Love

  44. Lovely Suzy - just lovely. You have a wonderful room full of treasures - everywhere you look is another beautiful view!
    I am sure you must find inspiration at every turn, from within, and it sounds like, from your beautiful garden. (I love those flowers!)
    Thanks so much for the tour and seeing all your special supplies in their place - I can see you now, working away, creating your beautiful art!

  45. Suzy my creative space wants to be like your space when it grows up!!! My you have done a lovely job and I love all the gorgeous touches of lace and beauty!

    Would love for you to come see my new little space when you have time!

    Bee blessed

  46. Suzy Suzy Suzy....!

    Where do I begin? Your work has always inspired is always layered and blissfully romantic. I know that surrounding yourself with all your treasures serves to inspire you to keep on creating! Your gorgeous tapestry bags..and piles of vintage doilies! yummy...!

    and that gorgeously large window you have to look out of every day....the light alone streaming in must be heaven!

    thanks so much for sharing your personal space. I enjoyed every minute of it..and as far as I'm concerned..that post could have kept on going and going.....I was sad when it ended! lol last thought...I love that you display your gifted artworks from fellow bloggers...that is perfectly sweet of you!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  47. Beautiful work and an amazing studio. Thanks for sharing your inspiration and talent with all of us.

    Queen Bee Cottage

  48. Oh my I think I have died and gone to heaven! LOVE IT ALL! Where do I start? Piles of velvet and lace, yum! Your art is amazing, you have a new fan. I am so glad to have found your blog. Thank you for sharing your creative haven!

  49. You have a fabulous creative space. I love all your cubbies filled with wonderful lace and supplies to create with. I enjoyed the tour.


  50. First I LOVE your fabric journals!!!!! Gorgeous!!! Your room is soo sweet- I love all of your collections of lace and fabric, what a wonderful space to create!

  51. Wow!!! What an amazing visit this was to your beautiful blog! You studio is riveting...your creations lovely in every way. Thank you so much for sharing. So nice to meet you. ; )

  52. Your studio is as beautiful as I imagined it would be! Full of the most gorgeous furniture, finds and fabulous supplies. Thanks so much for sharing! Have a great week.


  53. What a stunning space & you wrote such a lovely story. I agree with the comment that your studio is you & I know you worked hard to make it that way. My studio is me, a complete mess! You inspire me to sort it out, then hopefully it will follow that I will be cleansed too ;)

  54. I just love your blog and your gorgeous work piling on all that luscious lace and trim. You are truly gifted. Your studio is wonderful!! I also really like your lambskin seat cover.

  55. Wow! Love you creative space!! You have soo many goodies in there! Love all the laces and vintage touches! :) Hope you have a fabulous day!
    xx HOlly

  56. Gorgeous! A pleasure to see all your treasures and collections so nicely displayed. You must really enjoy creating here. Fiona

  57. Suzy,
    First off, Thanks so much for your visit and kind words!
    WOW!! I am totally in LOVE with your Creative space! As a fellow lover of lace and fabric, all of yours is to die for!
    And so much other eye candy abounds here! I love all your beautiful pieces that you have used for storage!!
    Truly a fantastic space filled with so much inspiration!!
    Thanks so much for sharing!!


  58. Beautiful space, Suzy! I love all those fabrics and trims. Your cubbies are a great storage piece. Love your fabric journals and other creations. It must be a lot of fun to pull from all your supplies for the next project. Thanks for sharing your tour!

  59. Hi dear Suzy,
    your studio is so very beautiful - thank you so much for the tour:)Have a wonderful week.

  60. Goodness, Suzi...that was a remarkable tour! I'm almost on overload with all the treasures you own - and make - and the beautiful ways in which you display them...just glorious!

    So glad I stopped by to visit...sorry my pics weren't up when you came by my place...silly Blogger. I'm good to go now, if you get another chance...:)

  61. I love your room. You collect many of the same things I do but I do believe you have much more and have displayed it all so beautifully. Thank you for sharing some of your artwork created in your beautiful space.

  62. Oh my goodness Suzy this is like a fairyland of beauty, I think if i could go anywhere in the world right now it would be to visit your beautiful creative world, its so tidy too, but oh my goodness, i think i would spend hours and hours in there just looking
    Thanks for sharing
    Hugs June xxx

  63. Suzy, what a beautiful studio, and filled with so many beautiful things! Thank you for this wonderful tour and thank you for your kind comment on my WBC party post.


    Victoria from Brushstrokes

  64. Suzy how wonderful. Now I can visualize where you create your wonderful gorgeous things.

  65. Hello. Thanks for visiting my blog. How happy I am to have found a fellow Australian creater! I'm from Qld. I love your comment about every space being maxed out! That's how I am too and everything has a place and everything in it's place. It's the only way to keep my sanity. I hate disorder. This WBC party is such fun. It's the 2nd time I've joined. Thanks so much for sharing your lovely lovely creative space.

  66. omigosh! What a gorgeous space!! I love love love your vintage pieces and quite covet your post office piece!

    Thanks for sharing!


  67. It's just beautiful! I love that everything is visable, but it's all still organized. And of course, anything old looking I tend to be drawn to anyways:) You just gained another follower (happen to be a bit of a crazy quilter too.) Feel free to take a peek at my blog if you like. Thank you for sharing your beautiful space with us.

  68. This visit is a delight from start to finish! I had a pretty good idea that your creative space would be equally as awesome as your creations and I wasn't wrong. Thank you for letting us see!

  69. Can I come craft with you.. so swooning over your room and your beautiful work... to talk eye candy for me...

  70. What a wonderful creative area you have. All your materials, fabrics and embellishments are so inspirational to me. Thank you so much Suzy, I look forward to following!

  71. Thank you for inviting us into your creative space. I love your postoffice cubbies and I love your handmade journals. Beautiful.
    Thank your for visiting my blog/studio.

  72. OMG Suzy!!! Wow, I loved every minute of your studio tour. What an amazing space to play! I want it all! Yummmm, is all I can say. Thanks for dropping by, loved see in you visit. xo Riki

  73. I loved visiting your creative space. All the lace is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing and stopping by my blog

  74. WoW! WoW! WoW! Can I come live with you Susie??? Loved the tour and your amazing creations!

  75. Suzy, no wonder you create such amazing pieces, you are surrounded by beauty and inspiration at every turn!
    Your studio is gorgeous and organized so beautifully. I could spend the whole day just looking, inside and out! Lovely!

  76. I added your blog button to my sidebar dear friend. ;-)

  77. Oh my God, Suzy! What a gorgeous studio! I`m absolutely delighted about your magical furnished room and the many treasures that lie around everywhere. Here I would like to spend time one day :-)
    Hugs and wishes

  78. Your studio has all the same loves as mine... the vintage laces and trims (do you stain them?).. the typewriter (downstairs is the typewriter I used when visiting my aunt and uncle)... the suitcase packed and ready to go with laces... then the shot of color with the sari ribbons hanging down... and to top it off ~ your view from your window! I so need to be surrounded with trees! Thanks for sharing your delightful space.. and I forgot to mention your artwork... with all of us! I will be back soon! If you have a moment, I would love to have you drop by my studio and sit down a spell. It looks different from yours but trust me... we are kindred spirits!

  79. Oh if you had me over I would be opening every drawer ( with your permission of course...haha) and running my hands on every scrumptious piece. Maybe it's a good thing we live so far apart:) You would never get rid of me.
    I can't believe you have time to garden too. yicks.
    I am trying to clean and redo my work room and it's slow going. I mostly want it to look good as I don't really have the time anymore to create much. When I do it's mostly done at work.

    Thanks for all the inspiration.


  80. Suzy
    your studio area is breath taking! Every inch of vintage goodness! I love what you have shared with us and it allows me to feel i know you better too! Keep on inspiring us with your gorgeous art! Thanks for the well wishes on my brother - hope to know more next week! xoxo

    PS - Off to pin your space on Pinterest! ;)

  81. Oh my gosh Suzy, Your studio is even more beautiful than I ever imagined. Now its all your fault if my computer quits working as I'm drooling all over my keyboard. LOL.
    Thank you for sharing all your inspiration! I just returned from a week on the coast and after seeing your driftwood,wishing I would have picked some up off the beach. :0(
    Hugs Lynn

  82. Suzy,,,
    Thank you for sharing your lovely studio your vintage goodies and you lovely art! How wonderful!

    Love those flowers too,,,,,gorgeous! Think they'd grow in Washington State? ummmmm Probably not!

    If you have time, stop by my little blog and say hi! Thanks for sharing,


  83. Suzy, I have so enjoyed visiting your lovely studio with you today. Every photo you shared is a treasure, and I can completely imagine you sitting in such a lacy and feminine room, working at your sewing machine, hand sewing some bit or something, or typing out a little card on your vintage typewriter. You have created a heaven on earth in which to be inspired and to inspire others, and visiting this has been a delight. By the way, I love your blog header. Is that new? So lovely.

  84. so beautiful! you are right, we do have very similar tastes in our collections! i love the post office box - that is absolutely perfect! and all your goodies stashed inside of it. just wonderful. your fabric creations are to die for. love your style and how you combine elements. very, very pretty!

    my best,
    kecia (Lemoncholy's Studio)

  85. OMG. My heart is going pitter patter!!! Your studio is fabulous and filled with so many wonderful goodies!! I would be inspired the second I walked in the door! But then, I know you are because you always create the most beautiful fabric creations I have ever seen! Thank you so much for joining the party Suzi!!

  86. Suzy, thanks for the lovely tour of your beautiful studio. You must feel like you're in creators heaven when you're working there. You are such an inspiration to us all and so generous to share all those luscious collections with us. Happy creating, hugs Robyn x

  87. OH MY GOSH--So this is where all the magic happens? WOW!!! I love it all and of course, adore all the antiques and lace and that typewriter is fantastic, my friend!!!
    Sending (((hugs))) your way.

  88. Hi Suzy, I'm back again! lol I just got your new button and exchanged it with the one that was on before--It's beautiful!! And so is your profile pic!!!

  89. Wow! You have an amazing crafting space and you make such truly wonderful things.

  90. Dear Suzy
    It has taken me forever to stroll on over and step inside your studio, the wait may have been too long but it was well worth it as I stepped through your door into a place of exquisite beauty.
    I was so glad you were there to catch me as I did a ladylike swoon onto your studio floor!
    There is of course the fear that I may never leave your Studio, I may just choose to inhabit a small corner of it for life.
    Everything is perfection, even in its shabby, distressed form it is still perfection - buttons from days gone by, lace made by hand that has been passed down generations.
    Your creative haven exudes femininity and beauty, but of course that doesn't surprise us in the least as that is what your artwork represents.
    Thank you for allowing us this visit and to take in the beauty that beholds us.
    I so enjoyed my time here and lovely to know I can re-visit at any time.

  91. I am speechless, looking at your whole post was incredible. Even your studio is inspirational and the view....... You are a very talented lady. jayne x

  92. I love all your ribbons lace and trims. Gorgeous. I also love the little clutch purse you showed.

    Thank you for allowing us to see your wonderful space. I am lucky to be a new follower.

  93. I am truly at a loss for words (and trust me THAT never happens with me ;-)! You make the most beautiful items, you have the most beautiful room and all of your collections are absolutely stunning! Even the view out of your window is gorgeous. What a very blessed and lucky lady you are. I will be going back over this post again and again, as it truly fed my soul with each photograph.

    Thank you so very much for sharing all of this with us. When you have such loveliness, it would be unkind not to share. I am so glad I found your blog through the WBC hop and will be following you from now on!

    Gentle hugs,

  94. I'd love to be let loose in your studio, the things I could make! Thank you for sharing.

  95. Wow! Amazing studio! Amazing work! I too have a wonderful wall of glass to look outside in my studio. I love the piece you made for Karen. Beautiful!

    I hope you are having a wonderful day!


  96. Taking some time to visit the great work areas of so many talented people. Love all your special collections and the VIEW!!! WOW I would love to have that much natural light. Thanks for sharing all the lovely photos and your special space.
    These kind of visits always make me want to "Rearrange"!!! Enjoy

  97. wonderful studio! wonderful work...


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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