Friday, October 26, 2012

A French Themed Swap

A few weeks ago Shane Pollard at

and I decided we would create a swap with each other as
Shane was preparing a book of collages
from some of her blogging friends
she wanted to include some of my artwork too
which was so very sweet of her.

We agreed on two single pages with a French theme
so I searched for some lovely French Vintage
women that I could create as
focal pieces.

I used a variety of vintage upholstery and chiffon
fabrics, vintage, knitting yarn and newer laces as well as
machine embroidery

The second page here shows a stamped fleur-de-lis pattern
on plain Dupion silk.

Now Shane has the option of including
these as single pages

 placing them back to back.
I have collaged both of these pages
onto burlap for firm support.

And in just the last couple of days
came this gorgeous package
all wrapped up in this most beautiful

French gift wrapping paper

and inside

the sweetest pages created by Shane.

Isn't this just the prettiest image?

Not to mention this beautiful second page
collaged with the most beautiful
little flower girl - basket and all!

There is a real earthiness in this little girl
surrounded by these lovely vintage laces!

And on the back of this page Shane
created an organza and lace pocket

 which contained these two vintage cards -
one was a French stamped postcard and 
the other displaying some pretty lavender.

Also in the parcel was a selection of
these pretty fabrics and laces

which Shane knows I will so love to create with!

Thank you dear friend - it has been a pleasure
working on these pages with you and I
hope I get to see the whole
completed book
in the near or distant future!!!


Thank you to all of my dear followers for always popping in to
see what I have been up to and for leaving such
precious comments here!
You know how to put a smile on one woman's face!

With love, Suzy xxx♥


  1. I am just blown away by the magic of your work my dear and a lovely swap with dear Shane. her work is so pretty.
    Absolutely fabulous!!! xx

  2. Beautiful work by both of you. I know how Shane loves anything French so much. xox

  3. Just gorgeous. Your collage work is amazingly beautiful.

  4. What fabulous pages both of you. Absolutely delightful x

  5. Hi dear Suzy,
    your collage work is as always absolutely gorgeous.Love all the layers of lace.Shane's pages are beautifull as well. Have a wonderful upcoming weekend.
    Sending big hugs,

  6. Your creative process is amazing. Thank you so much for posting all your fantastic ideas. I am now teaching some of your more simplistic ideas at my local quilt guild. But there is no way to teach this kind of creativity.

  7. How do you do it, Suzy, time after time, you create the most beautiful collages. So many layers, so many embellishments,all put together with such incredible flair and feel for the fabrics and laces. As always, I am in awe of your creations.

  8. I love your collages. To me they feel like they have been love and cherished for generations, excellent!

  9. What beautiful collages you have created, I love both equally. What a lovely concept to swap pages and make them into a book. Shane's work is so lovely too, I love the little pocket with treasures on the back. How sweet of her to include some gorgeous fragments of gorgeous lace and trims. It has been hailstoning here today, you post has brightenend a cold wet winter's day. Jayne x

  10. Hello ~

    After visiting Shane I just had to come by for a visit to see the rest of your swap!

    You both must be SO pleased sharing such beautiful creations ... each so thoughtfully and skillfully created with the prettiest of ingredients and images!

    Happy October!

  11. What a wonderful swap and I just love each collage piece created. I am amazed how each one was put together and the layering was superb. The vintage laces are to die for. Sooo love those too. Gorgeous!

  12. Swooning over all this lacilicous beauty. This book will be wonderful filled with your amazing collages. What an interesting gift of laces you received. Creative Bliss Dear...

  13. Definitely a drool-worthy swap! Both of you outdid yourselves - beautiful.

  14. Hi Suzy, You really have a lot of "french" passion and style! Great job on all of it. Love the tags, images (beautiful), so many french elements to look at~ Well done
    mon amie. xo, Pam

  15. Fantastic work Suzi, as you use to do! I love the first one with its sweet colors!
    Hugs and kisses

  16. Hello my dear Suzy, You had such a wonderful swap with Shane. I love the French themed pages you created for her. They are just gorgeous. Shane's collages are so very beautiful as well. What a sweet idea to add a pocket to the back of one of them. You've sent each other lovely fabrics to create with as well.
    Have a wonderful weekend with lots of sun and garden fun!
    Big hugs to you,

  17. Oh what gorgeous works they all are :)absolutely stunning creations that will be cherished for many years I'm sure, thank you for sharing :)
    - Jeanette

  18. Your collages are exquisite Suzy.
    like Liz I am in awe of your work. i am always inspired when I read your posts.
    I love the pages that Shane sent to you and the little pocket is beautiful.
    Have a wonderful weekend, we have the first cold day of winter here today so I'm thinking of your early summer days.
    Smiles across the miles.

  19. Divine, all of them! I love the colours you've used.

  20. Oh my dearest Suzy,
    you just makes my heart sing,seing those new amazing creeations.
    They are so filled with beauty, and your hands magic, -all the layers of wonderful lace and fabric,and all the lkittle added details of flowers and words-simply stunning,sweet friend.
    And dear Shanes adorable pages filled with sweetnes, and romance ,so cute and beautiful-I love them too.
    You are two lucky friends ,having made this swap with each others.
    Suzy I`m so overworked these dayes,so you will hear from me tomorrow, or maybe late tonight ,Love you dear friend.
    Hugs and smiles-Dorthe

  21. Shane's pages are just lovely with those little pockets, too. Your pages are completely sumptuous - you just want to lie down in them!You're 2 lucky ladies ;)

  22. Dear Suzy
    I know, I'm just the luckiest girl in the world!!!!!
    I adore the pages you gave me, they are treasures I will cherish forever Suzy.
    I really appreciate your two collages for the way you have layered these precious hand dyed laces and yummy fabrics combined with your embellishing.

    I have another couple of collages I've received from other dear friends so I will get my book started next year.
    I hope to engage in more swaps like this and fill my book with original art pieces in this way.

    As you know, at the time I made your pages, I was up to my ears in Tax work - I have since found a couple of other items I intended sending you.... my little brain is not multi tasking the way it used to these days!!!
    With Christmas coming up I'm sure I'll be posting you something to celebrate the best season of the year!!!

    Thank YOU dear Suzy, I really enjoyed creating my pages for you too - it's fun to share - you are such a special blogging friend.

    Sending you lots of warm hugs
    and love xxx
    Shane ♥

  23. Beautiful work, very inspiring and always a pleasure to view.

  24. I was just visiting Shane's blog and saw a portion of the swap. How wonderful to see more of it! Lots of creative women who have a talent for combining bits and pieces of lace to create a lovely piece of artwork! You all seemed to have had such fun with this!

  25. Suzy
    Your fabric book (and Shane's) are wonderful pieces of eye candy with my coffee this morning. I so love seeing each and every detail. AMAZING.
    Hope you have a wonderful week.

  26. Dear Suzy, I can see that you and Shane have had a wonderful swap, your pages for Shane are so wonderfully made and Shane's pages for you are all so lovely and beautifully made, wish you a lovely week dear friend.
    Hugs Anni

  27. Dear Suzy, you have both created such gorgeous fabric pages! I'm sure they will be treasured and enjoyed for years to come. Have a great week.


  28. What a wonderful swap! Your collages are divine, Suzy, and the pages that Shane sent to you are gorgeous also. Amazing work by both of you.

    Have a lovely week!
    Gaby xo

  29. Just beautiful!!!!!!i missed seeing your great blog!

  30. What a wonderful Swap! Your fabric collages are wonderful as always. I love everyone :)
    Have a nice time Suzy.
    Hugs Alexandra

  31. This is a dream, or how I would like my dreamland to be, frothy lace and images that speak of gentleness and of faded glamour.
    Suzy, what a beautiful swap you participated in and the art you received in return, it is so very you and I am sure has pride of place in your studio.
    What fun.


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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