Monday, March 4, 2013

A Couple of Birthday Gifts to Share

 You know that everyday is special
a day can feel even more special when friends
want to share your Birthday with them!

by sending and giving me a string of cards

and a few special gifts
like these! 

A dear little altered box filled with all number
of things like

these beautiful soldered pendants
and charms as well as some
beautiful vintage 
photo frames.
These came from dear Marie
Marie knows that I am creating a journal of collaged pages
and tags which I have collected from many blogging
Marie has created the beautiful "Friends" bezel
for me to incorporate on the cover.
Thank you so very much Marie for thinking of me!
She is a darling and knows just the images that I love!
Now we all know that books give us so much inspiraton

  for our creativity so no doubt
I'm going to love these!


A beautiful cloche sitting on a decorated tin base
- another gift from Maggie

in which I have for the moment placed this most precious
vintage shawl and on top of which is one 
of Marie's pendants.

Now there is a story which came with this from my dear friend,
Rosemary (of some 46 years).

The shawl(which is almost like gossamer!)
belonged to her favourite Auntie (her mother's older sister)
it was kept with her lace wedding dress so Ro
assumes it may have been her Auntie's wedding day shawl which
she says is over 80 years old! 

Just how special is that - a true treasure!
I feel so blessed to receive such an amazing piece of the
finest knitting I have ever seen!


Have you ever seen one of these?
Well it happens to be a "dibbler" - an instrument
which has been turned from some red gum timber
for using in planting seeds -
what more could a garden enthusiast want???
Such a thoughtful gift from Jenny.

A stunning cheese plate with cover so beautifully fashioned
with scrolls and leaves with silver plating

and sitting next to it is this most amazing hand fashioned angel
doll created so incredibly by my very talented doll artist and dear friend, Dorthe

So please pay these girls a visit and view their creations.
You will not be disappointed I assure you - anything but!
Their work is truly inspirational!!!
and both are so gifted!

And here she sits watching over me looking so elegant now
with her pearls over her cream and beige laces, ribbons
and tuille with the sweetest blue eyes 
and feather like

My heartfelt gratitude Dorthe - she's just adorable
and so special!

Now, I had to show you this very special gift from my friend,
Jo in New Zealand 

This special gift which she organized will go to a family in 
East Timor to provide them with a Watering can, one of the gardening implements 
which may help them in growing a healthy and stable diet to
avoid the incidence of malnutrition.
This is organized through Oxfam who work with 
Movimento Co-operativo Economico Agricola
to assist the people in East Timor with self sufficiency.

My Birthday Card message to you all is above!

Have a fantastic week full of adventure
and creativity!

Thank you for all of your kind wishes and
comments as well as a warm welcome
to all my new followers!!!

Love, Suzyxxx


  1. Happy Birthday Suzy! How loved you are and what special friends you have, to send you such wonderful gifts.Have a happy week! xx

  2. So glad your special day was celebrated with much love from dear friends and family. May you have many more years of celebrations to come! Such lovely gifts from each of the givers to you. Such love given in the thoughtfulness of the gifts. The greatest being the friendships you have with them all.

  3. Happy Birthday Suzi and god bless you! Have a wonderful day, full of marvellous gifts and love!
    Hugs and kisses

  4. какая красота! столько сокровищ!

  5. Thank you for sharing your beautiful gifts with us all. You have certainly received such gems, and all the more so because of the thought and creativity that have gone into them. Dorthe's doll is adorable, love her lil shoes so sweet. The knitted wedding shawl sits so well in your cloche, I love everything. Happy Birthday again and you have so many lovely treasures to remind you.....

  6. Belated Birthday greetings. It is always wonderful to celebrate a special day with love from friends and gifts too. Your gifts are oh so lovely.


  7. Dear Suzy,

    Happy Birthday! Wishing you a wonderful new year in your life.
    Your gifts are all beautiful.
    many hugs
    Karen B. ~ Todolwen

  8. Happy Birthday-such lovely gifts from special friends-enjoy them all

  9. Happy Birthday Suzy! May you have a good creative and fantastic year

  10. Those are gorgeous gifts. What wonderful friends you have. Happy Birthday!

  11. Happy happy belated birthday!! What really thoughtful and beautiful gifts you have received. I know they came from different people-who may or may not know each other,but isn't it amazing how these gifts all come together for a lovely themed display?

  12. It is said that we are known by the company we keep. If that be true, then you are known as a talented, gracious and beautiful person. For those you have as followers clearly possess all these attributes.

  13. Birthday Blessings to you!!
    Oh what wonderful gifts you received. I love them all!

  14. Such lovely gifts - given with love I know. Obviously your birth day was a happy one!

  15. Dear, sweet Suzy, I am so very happy you had such a lovely birthday sweetie! You deserve it! The string of cards is so sweet and I love all of your beautiful gifts! Your photos of everything are so gorgeous too! Marie knows exactly what you love and so does Maggie! Oh, the shawl your dear friend Rosemary gave you is stunning and I loved the story behind it dear heart! It is a treasure and it shows what an amazing friend you for her to have given you such a gift! The dibbler is wonderful and a very thoughtful gift indeed! The cheese plate is gorgeous! Oh sweetie, I knew that doll was from our dearest Dorthe the moment I saw it! She knows what you love too and her dolls are always amazing and beautiful! The watering can gift is wonderful and so thoughtful! I love the purpose of it! What a blessing! The words on your card are so wise! Fanny Crosby is one of my most favorite hymn writers!!! Thank you so much for visiting me and for your kind and loving words! You are a real sweetheart and such a loving friend! I wish you a very Happy Birthday and pray for the Lord to richly bless you now and always! I hope you have a happy week sweetie. I know you will enjoy all of your beautiful gifts! With much love, Paula... I think of you often too and wish you all the best! Lots of love and hugs to you!!!!

  16. What wonderful treasures! Happy Birthday Blessings....

  17. Dear Suzy
    Such exciting treasures in your mail!
    Marie and Dorthe are both wonderful artists, I love everything they do! very favorite piece is your gossamer shawl...truly a gift from the heart from your dear friend very precious, I would love to hold it my hands and feel it's softness... amazing delicate handwork.

    The silver cheese dish is so pretty too but the most thoughtful gift of all is from Jo - the watering can through Oxfam which could even save a child's life.. food for thought.

    I'm sorry I missed your birthday dear Suzy, my head's been somewhere else lately.
    I'm so glad you were spoilt by your very special blogging friends.

    Much love and hugs
    ♥♥♥Shane ♥♥♥

  18. A Happy Birthday to you!
    What wonderful generous friends you have. All of the gifts are just wonderful. I love the special doll Dorthe created for you. She looks so great sitting there looking over everything.
    Thanks for sharing your gifts.

  19. I would say all your gifts are a delight, a true reflection of you and your style! Happy Birthday.

  20. Special presents for a special lady.....Love Dorthe's doll.....Most Happy Birthday. xox

  21. Happy belated birthday dear Suzy!! You've received such beautiful gifts, wow! It touched my heart to see that your dear friend gave you the wonderful gift of her Auntie's gorgeous wedding day shawl. How special is that indeed! Such a precious present. Big hug, Wendy

  22. Happy Birthday, Mon amie! You are very lucky to have these wonderful friends who create the most beautiful tresors! You are so deserving of each and every good thing that comes your way! xo Pam

  23. Happy Birthday!looks like you received the most beautiful and special gifts!

  24. Happy Birthday dear, sweet, Suzi! You amazing gifts reflect the sweetness of yourself, your talent, your kindness to others. Thank you for introducing us to your also amazing friends! May you have the most beautiful birthday week ever.
    Sweet Birthday Blessings,

  25. You are so loved, and rightfully so, because you give love so freely to all of us! Your gifts are a wonderful, beautiful collection from around the world, enjoy!

  26. This is such a wonderful and sweet post filled with caring and sharing - I love the cards on the string - that is so cute and a beautiful reminder of all your well-wishes!
    Dorthe's angel is amazing - what an absolute treasure you have there.
    I hope you had a wonderful and happy birthday Suzy and thanks so much for showing us your delightful gifts!

  27. My dearest Suzy,
    oh so many beautiful gifts from your friends near,and far....all the gorgeous and beautiful charms from our dear Marie,and the lovely box-
    The books (I have the one on top) -Maggies lovely glass dome-with the most stunning handmade shawl from Rosemary,what a treasure sweetie,so masterly knitted.
    The silver from your dear Jeff is a wonderful piece, and all the crrds you hang shows all the love you was given on this special day of yours.The last shown, is a wonderful gift that goes on to a far away land, and truly helps for better conditions,there.
    I`m happy to see my doll sitting there ,so homely, deeling great in the middle of all that beauty, and all that love from all over to you, you know she brings the love from me to you along.
    Sweetie Suzy, thankyou for the qoute of beauty, it is a wonderful advice!
    Many warm thoughts and much love from your Dorthe

  28. Happy birthday Suzy, thats all the greates gifts can make your inspiration always awesome and all can change gorgeous with you cause you called "the magic hands".

  29. Hello my sweet Suzy, You've received lots of fantastic gifts from your dear friends. Marie's pendants and charms are so beautiful and Dorthe's angel doll is such a delightful girl wearing a fabulous dress. Everything that both our sweet friends create is done with lots of love and details. The cheese plate you received is very pretty and the shawl is a special gift, being an heirloom in Rosemary's family. The cloche is so pretty and you've decorated it lovely with the shawl and the charm. Enjoy all the wonderful gifts, dear friend!
    Have a great day!
    Big hugs and love,
    PS: I'll answer your e-mail soon

  30. Your birthday celebration does look very special indeed ... thank you for sharing so many lovely gifts of the heART with us!

    Such a lovely reminder of kind, thoughtful and talented friends

    Enjoy * Enjoy

  31. Hello dear Suzy,
    so many beautiful gifts you received from your friends and you photographed them so well.Love the angel doll from our dear Dorthe - so very special.The shawl of course is another very special gift for a special Lady:)So glad you liked the charms I made for you. Enjoy your treasures and have a wonderful day.
    Sending hugs and love,

  32. С Днём Рожденья!!! Чудесные подарки!!!

  33. Hello Suzy,

    Happy belated Birthday to you!!
    Thank you for sharing the beautiful gifts
    your friends were sending.

    I was so happy you signed in on my blog Suzy!
    Thank you so much
    for your kind words.

    Blessings and Hugs,


  34. Suzy
    What GORGEOUS gifts! I adore each one! I hope you had a wonderful day filled with special things!

  35. Suzy your gifts are so fantastic!
    Hugs Alexandra


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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