Saturday, March 16, 2013

Season's Ending

 Some of the fading joys of Summer's ending
 here on our property -
The last big flush of fragrant roses!

the gutsy goaty girls and boys!

the Black Swamp Wallabies out and about
in the early morning dew!

the dry native grasses,
the Wattyl birds feeding on the grevilleas,
and the black ducks arriving for winter on the pond!

more favourite roses and garden light
reflecting on the sunroom window!

and hearts to remember the Summer gone!

So much joy to remember everyday!

Thank you everyone for sharing all this with me - your friendship
means a lot!
xxx Suzy


  1. What a delightful post Suzy, your roses are beautiful and I love those curly coated sheep, do you know what breed they are??
    It always seems sad to get to the end of Summer but it is a wonderful time of year when nature gets ready to sleep for a while.
    Enjoy your lovely garden,

  2. Oh I love your pictures Suzi! We've no goats like this in France, with curled hair, they're wonderful! And I love to see Wallabies too, here, they just live in Zoo!
    Yes, it's fall for you, and here, we hope for Spring! It's allways so strange for me! I can't imagine Christmas in summer!!! LOL
    Many hugs and kisses

  3. Oh Suzi ~ Your photos are beautiful. You are surrounded by loveliness and it comes out in your wonderful creations.

    Thank you for being the inspiration that you are.

  4. What beautiful gardens you have. They are as inspirational as your art! Sue

  5. I love your photos especialy the sheep with the curls!!

  6. It looks just lovely. If it's any consolation, we over here on the other side of the world are anxiously awaiting those beautiful blooms. It's so very kind of you to share them with us for just a season so we too can enjoy them:)
    Have a fantastic day,

  7. Beautiful garden shots, and those roses are magnificent. As the snow slowly disappears (oh, we hope!) it's lovely to see your flora and fauna. It brings hope that soon our winter will turn to warmer weather, spring will arrive, and our garden may again bloom.

  8. You do post such gorgeous images of your life Suzy. The roses are exquisite, I do love it when they are fully blown. Your work is so gorgeous. jayne x

  9. How wonderful Suzy!!!!!!!!!You are very lucky to live in such a beautiful place!!!!!!!!!!Your flowers make we want Spring to come to Ohio so much..........Then I hope to share my gardens with you!

  10. Suzy I think your home and property must be so very beautiful in every season. The photos show this to be so true. I love the little goats---

    Sending you hugs--
    Enjoy the most wonderful days of Autumn.

  11. As our winter comes to a blustery close, it is encouraging to see the signs of summer still in your garden. Love those goats.

  12. Such beautiful collages of your images Suzy! You do set them out so well, and they help so well to show us what a wonderful life and nature you are so lucky to have around you.
    Your sweet heat creations a gorgeous! ♥

  13. Such a lovely post Suzy with all those wonderful roses. I have lots of rose bushes planted that are not mature yet. I am hoping they start really blooming well this summer. Yours are so lovely and I bet they smell heavenly as well. Such pretty hearts to remember with.

  14. Love Autumn. Your roses have come back beautifully after the fierce heat of last Summer.Hope you had a good St.Pat's Day!You have Irish blood too. I have on both sides of our family.
    Judy xx

  15. Hello my dear Suzy, The roses are beautiful and I can imagine how wonderful the scents must be.
    I'd like to hug your cute goats. They look so adorable with their curly hair and their sweet faces. The wallabies are lovely too. You are surrounded by beauty and you create beauty, my friend.
    Big hugs and love,
    PS: I've just sent you an e-mail

  16. End of summer always makes me feel a little wistful. I love fall and at least the first half of winter, but still -- hearing the dried leaves rustling makes me a little sad about leaving warm summer days behind. Loved seeing those charming goats!

  17. How strange, dearest Suzi, the web makes us feel so close and then.... Then there are your beautiful photos telling of another world which is so far from mine... I love your garden, the roses.... You really have an eye for the right focus! Here, on the other half of the globe, we are looking forward to the warmth of spring again. Hopefully you have plenty of time for crafting during your winter season so that we'll find a lot to admire on your blog! Hugs, Manu

  18. My dear sweet heart friend, such a beautiful post!- I`m so happy to see that some roses were still blooming again, after the hot fires some time ago, -and your beautiful goats are so sweet looking, I still have some of that gorgeous wool you gifted me for dolls hair!
    It must be fantastic to watch the Wallabies running past your fence, he is wonderful Suzy.
    And so is all the other wild-life in your surroundings- so wilder and different from what I will ever experience here in Denmark.
    You live in awsome spot, dear friend.
    Thankyou for your beautiful photoes, and wishes for a wonderful day.
    Love and hugs,dORTHE

  19. Oh, mein Gott...
    was für herrliche Bilder.
    Diese wunderbare Natur.
    Die Schöpfung ist doch wirklich was göttliches.
    Ich bin ganz berührt davon und kann garnicht genug davon bekommen.
    Danke, Suzi, für diese schönen Aufnahmen.

    Umarmung von Sophie xx

  20. Wow Suzi, your photos are gorgeous! I adore the roses, mine never turn out so beautiful, they get a lot of disease for some reason. Your photos make me swoon! And the animals, they are so precious!
    Thank you for always sharing your beauty!

  21. Hello dear Suzy,
    your Goats are just adorable:)Love,love your beautiful roses.Thanks for sharing.
    Have a wonderful week dear friend.

  22. Very Very Lovely Roses and wildlife photos. Thanks for sharing. Hugs Judy

  23. You live in Paradise Suzi! I love the lavender shaded roses and the amazing curly haired sheep. I'm so glad the hot fire season has passed once again. Sweet blessings to you as your season changes invite you into your next experience of Paradise!

  24. Dear sweet Suzy, What a gorgeous post lovely friend! Your roses are so stunning as always! You are such a gifted gardener! I can imagine the fragrance! Oh, your goats are so sweet! I love their curly fur. It is wonderful to see the Wallabies, birds and ducks native to your beautiful country! Your photos are gorgeous! I love the reflection in your sunroom window! The hearts are gorgeous too! Your work is always beautiful! Thank you for sharing the joy in your life and days! Your friendship means a lot to me! Thank you for visiting me and for your kind and loving words! I am very grateful sweetie! Much love to you and big hugs too! Paula xoxo

  25. oh what gorgeous photos!! I can just smeel the sweet fragrance of those roses..we're just going into Spring (officially on Wed.) and I can't wait! Are the goats yours?? I wish I lived in a place where we could have farm animals.

  26. Your photo montage is beautiful; really enjoyed looking at the different images and how they're put together.

  27. Hello dear Suzy, thank you for sharing this lovely post with us. I always love seeing a little bit of the area where blogfriends live. Your tea roses are gorgeous and big and yummie, love them! And the goats, o my they are so cute. Wish I had such beautiful curls :)
    Hugs and happy Tuesday,

  28. Oh how lovely in so many ways dear Suzy ... this peek into your world is wonderful with animals I would never see in my part of the world :)

    I {heart} your heARTs so very much!

    Thank you for your visit to my Magpie's Nest today ... please be my guest to use the Mother quote ... it certainly sums it all up for many of us


  29. dearest suzy~ too long it's been since last we shared, but i've felt your warm, loving spirit through these long, winter days in montana. and now i see again in your autumn splendor, you are surrounded with so much beauty and life, you are thriving, and that make me so happy. much love & blessings be with you my lovely friend! xo abigail

  30. Dearest Suzy

    The last rose of Summer, yours are truly wonderful and seem to have revived themselves form the horrendous fires for this wonderful Autumn flush, as happens with the lovely old heritage roses.

    The angora goats look delightful and so full of personality.
    I know you could tell me about each one and their likes and dislikes and different habits...are they good company?

    This is the perfect time of year for me, Things are slowing down and preparing for the long rest over the Winter months. The roses/perennials/veges and fruit trees have done there wonderful work providing us with precious blooms and delicious food over the Spring/Summer months - they now deserve a rest!

    I like the feeling of hunkering down by the fireside, with a pot of soup on the stove, surrounded by books/magazines/plant catalogues, pieces of fabric, lace and bits of this and that in preparation for a little creating - it's my time at last!!

    Summer is always busy for us, lots of boating and popping here and there for weekends with little time in between to draw breath.
    I welcome the cooler days of Autumn there's not the pull to keep on the move - it's my time to sit still, be quiet and do my thing!!

    Your heARTs are calling to me that it's time to create - thank you dear Suzy for your wonderful inspiration as always.

    hugs and love
    Shane ♥

  31. Hello Dearest Suzy,

    What a complete joy to see your comment on my blog tonight. I have not blogged in ages, and wondered if anyone would even take notice!!
    what wonderful treasures you have received recently, as scrolled down your blog!

    you continue to inspire and delight so many of us!
    I cherish your friendship.

    Love and Blessings always and forever, XOXOXO

    Art of Mine

  32. Gorgeous pictures and HEARTS at the end...I know I will be making a Heart in this style as well as a book! Are the goats yours? Do you ever use their....what do you call a goats not fur...? um....stuff ...LOL, in any of your projects? that would make a great texture in many kinds of fun to think about!
    Love it all!


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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