Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lacebook for Liz

I very recently sent this parcel off to my friend, Liz,

as a birthday gift.

This shows the attached tag and I wrapped it

 in some layers of crazy patch worked laces.

Now Liz is really keen to start her first fabric journal 
and being a wee bit intimidated as to
where and how to begin 
I decided to make a small lace book
which she could refer to.

I used one of my vintage books with some precious

 old vintage images of women in pen and ink

set in garden scenes.  

 Some beautiful embroidered lace and linen
tablecloths were incorporated here.

 vintage knitted doilies, Suffolk puffs, 
lovely tortoiseshell buttons
and tiny lace motifs

If you look very closely at the left side of these pages

you will see a tiny hand crocheted flutter-by
which I received from Karen of
Thank you dear Karen for gifting me with some of
your very own  beautiful hand work which I could share 

A lace pocket here holding another  handkerchief
in it's own little pocket -
that's a pocket within a pocket you might say!

 These pages incorporate some very old
wool embroidered fabric which belonged to the
the parents-in-law of a dear friend of mine, Jan.

- a rusty old bottle top
always just goes with lace.

The back cover is from lovely piece
of recycled pin tucked cotton blouse.

and the tie which wraps around the whole book
is made from some old  worn and torn chair webbing
and sari silk.
You can see the buttons from the blouse here.

The many layers which build up the picture

more rust

and finally the binding!

I do hope this little lace book brings the necessary inspiration
to help you Liz and anyone else feeling inclined
to create one of these.
I do know one of these days I had better put this together
as an exercise in learning for all!
I am linking up with Doni (thank you Doni!)
for Pearls and Lace Thursday
Becky at
for Time Washed Wednesdays
Thanks also Becky for this!
I know many of you are yearning for Spring as
some of us are welcoming Autumn - whatever
is your season let it fill your heart 
with the gratitude of life!

xxx Suzy


  1. Suzy!
    It is so lovely! I saw the flutter by in Liz's post about this lovely gift of yours to her, and I thought it looked like Karen's! What fun to share and share again! You do exquisite work, and Liz is such a great frined to bestow such an awesome gift upon! I LOVE IT ALL! The battenburg laces really jump out at me in contrast to all the other kinds, I love your fussy cut pieces of lace ehre and there, well actually on each pages there seem to be multiple pieces! Some day....I will make one of these, and I think I know what the theme will be...
    Love your creative work, my dear, it is just breathtaking!

  2. Hello my dear sweet Suzy, I've just admired your gorgeous book on Liz' blog this morning. What a fabulous birthday gift for our lovely friend. All the layers are so yummy and droolworthy. The bottle cap goes very well with the delicacy of the pretty laces. It almost looks like a rose. I think, Liz can hardly wait to start the mermaid book now. If not, we just keep pushing her ;-).
    Have a wonderful fall evening, sweetie!
    Big hugs and love,

  3. Very beautiful and inspiring and what a wonderful birthday gift for your friend. It is something she will cherish forever.

    I do hope you will post this as an exercise so that I and others can learn how to make these lovely books.

    Happy Autumn to you ~ FlowerLady

  4. Another stunning book for a friend! Such a wonderful gift to bestow upon someone. I love the way you layer all your lovely laces and linens. I for one would love to see a tutorial by you on how you do your lovely books. I am self taught and I am sure I could learn much from you. Such wonderful inspiration.

  5. Lovely inspiration for Liz and us!
    enJOY a sweet day,

  6. Sweet Suzy,
    I can only say WOW!!! The journal is BEAUTIFUL! And it is so sweet you included on of the little flutter~bys I sent you and for Liz too. Perfect!LOVE IT!So sweet of you mentioning me too.Thank you!
    many hugs
    Karen B. ~ Todolwen

  7. And gratitude for you! You show so marvellous lace books!
    Today is Spring for us, with a blue sky! Waoooo!
    Hugs and kisses

  8. You must have the most fabulous collections of laces and linens--gorgeous book!

  9. That is absolutely lovely!!!!!!!You are so creative in using the different layers and bits of stuff!
    Well done!

  10. Your beautiful images just make my mouth water. I wouldn't have a clue where to start!
    Just gorgeous! xx

  11. Suzy, I just told my hubby that one of my favorite collage makers in blogland joined my party!! I a so delighted to have you come by! I must just wipe the drool from my chin as I marvelled over each photo of this lovely book!!! Each page is lovely and I have so much to learn! I will be studying your work some more!! And what a lovely gift for Liz! I k now she was so excited...and I noticed a little butterfly I've seen before too! SOO sweet!
    Have a delightful day and thank you again for joining me this week!

  12. Another beautiful creation sure to inspire! A video class would be an "excellent" idea girlfriend.

  13. Oh, this is just so lovely to look at, and see all the delicious layers of lace and fabrics, and the pictures of women in the gardens. This will no doubt be an adored gift. How beautiful!

  14. What a labour of love for your friend, she will treasure it I am sure. It is absolutely gorgeous, such layers, tones of colours, textures, buttons, bottle tops, you have incorporated them beautifully to create a work of art. I am sure your friend will be inspired to try and create her own journal. Jayne x

  15. Lucky Liz and inspiration for us all.

  16. Hello my dearest Suzy,
    This amazing book is one of the most stunning ones of all your books I think...maybe because I so love those colours you used and the images from your old book are beautiful, with all the old gorgeous laces. Everything goes perfect together, and one beautiful page leads to another even more beautiful one....It is the most lovely laces and embroideries you have found for dear Liz`s book- and a birthday gift of extraordinaire beauty.I love the rusted elements with the images, and rusted cheese cloth- It is so filled with love and wonderful workmanship.
    I know Liz will treasure this for ever.
    Love and hugs,Dorthe

  17. dreamy....I don't know how you did it, but I would be squealing all over town!!

  18. What a delightful birthday surprise, one very lucky lady.
    Thanks Suzy for the query re my junk journal on-line workshop. I hope to have it up and running around June. I hope you're enjoying the cooler weather, we certainly are.

  19. Hello dearest Suzy! Liz must be over the moon with this gorgeous gift from your heart! Ever leaf of it is precious!
    I LOVED reading your last post and seeing your beautiful roses and goats. They look so soft and sweet! I also loved seeing the wildlife around your property. You live in such an amazing place dear friend.
    I am wishing you a perfect Autumn. I think Spring will be here soon enough, but right now it is quite cold and very windy. Soon though, I will be in the garden and working hard and soon you will have a rest from your own garden.
    wish you blessings and sending hugs....

  20. Oh my, Liz is a very lucky lady, what a wonderful birthday present.

  21. What a wonderful birthday gift for your friend Liz. I am sure she is "over the moon" with this book.

    I will be the first to sign up for a class when you are ready. I am just waiting.

    I saw your goats with the curly hair that you so kindly shared a bit of their fiber with me. I had never seen these before. They are beautiful creatures.



  22. Liz will be thrilled with this beautiful book! I hope you are doing well dear Suzy and that you are having a great day.


  23. How fun, dear Suzi, I was wandering around the thumbnails at Timewashed and there was this tiny pic which caught my eyes immediately for its uniqueness. And? Yes, it was your beautiful and extraordinary work again which filled my eyes and heart. Your art is really, I mean REALLY breathtaking. And YES: Pleeeeease, teach us admirerers how to do it... Hugs, Manu

  24. Suzy what a gorgeous project! Liz is going to be over the moon with this gorgeous creation! I love looking at all the lovely embellishments you add into your work.
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend m'dear!


  25. Oh Suzi... the world is blessed with inspirations from your amazing artistry! This is yet another amazingly beautiful work of art. A big THANK YOU for posting such stunning photos of your stunning work! Sweet Blessings and lots of hugs, Chris

  26. Suzy so lovely, do you have tutorial on how to begin to make a lace book? I would love to try this

  27. Gasp!! Suzy this is an amazing pice of lace creativity my friend! I have said this before --NO ONE does lace like you! Liz must be over the moon thrilled with this incredible gift -- you put so much passion into each and every creation -- this little treasure is truly an heirloom.

    Karen's little flutter bys are adorable -- I love them also -- and treasure her friendship and creativity. You are both amazing artists --

    Suzy -- your creations are so beautiful -- always amazingly beautiful. Your heart and soul must just overflow with love for your craft~~


  28. A wonderful tour of your creative process. A feast for the eyes. Thank you for all your photos. I really enjoyed these.

  29. That's so beautiful; Liz is a blessed woman!

  30. Oh, what a treasure! Lucky Liz!

  31. Hi Suzy,

    This is absolutely stunning!!!!!!....

    Have a nice Easter,


  32. Such a stunning book. I admire your work so much!! Still love the pillow I won in the contest you had. Thank you so much!! I would really like to try my hand at making a book like that, it seems like so much work, and where to place each piece. Wow!

  33. Oh Gosh! All I can say is Liz has been Blessed by You! This will provide a lifetime of inspiration for her!

  34. Fantastic and overwhelming post! Because your work is so layered and rich, I think it helps the viewer when you point out the details and special touches.

    Lucky Liz!

    best, nadia

  35. oh that is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  36. Liz is definitely lucky to be friends with you and being on the receiving end of this lovely book! There are so many little details to see (and I'm sure there are even more when you see it for real).

  37. What a gorgeous and special Birthday present for dear Liz. She must be so over the moon,Suzy.
    Have a lovely week.
    Hugs and love,

  38. Absolutamente hermoso Susy, y la cantidad de materiales lindos que has usado. Además de la paciencia, te hace una gran artista.
    Un abrazo (mis escritos)

  39. It's gorgeous Suzy! Love all the rusty bits you added, so wonderful with the beautiful laces. And it's so much in the style and colours which Liz likes I think (seeing what she creates herself), so that must be very inspirational for her to get started with her own lacebook. Can't wait to see what she's going to make herself! Now as you might know I also started with my first fabric book and collage, but I have to admit that I somehow can't seem to get it finished. Anyway, this was inspirational again, thank you dear! Big hug and happy day, Wendy

  40. Oh my Dear Suzy ~ what a splendid creation down to the last detail...I really am at a loss for words to describe how blown away I am by your creativity again and again!
    Thank you for sharing such lovely photos with us!

  41. Hi Suzy,

    I'm a bit late with my comment on this post,
    but still... I want to tell you how very beautiful your work is.
    I love it so much.
    It is so inspiring, I always enjoy to see your lovely fabric and lace books.
    What a great gift for Liz !!

    Hugs, Wilma.

  42. Suzi, your work is so very very inspiring! I love to just sit and look at your lovely creations. Thank you for adding to the beauty in the world. Catherine

  43. The fabric journal you created for your friend is such a fantastic gift of inspiration. The journal is so lovely.
    Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

  44. Your book for Liz is a dream!!!

  45. I've also been a little intimidated by the fabric books I've seen floating around the web. I finally decided to just jump in and make my own. It's not at all as creamy white as I've seen, but I have so little white, and so much color in my numerous pieces of fabric. I love how it turned out though, and I can't wait to start another one.

  46. Magnificent! Fills me with wonder just looking at it! How creative you are!!


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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