Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Boxes Old and New! Patina and Patterns Too!

I'm not quite sure why I am so drawn to small
boxes and containers
like this delightful French face powder
container -

 it's definitely an original

and it still contains some of the original powder -
perhaps it reminds me of one my mother
used to use when I was a child!

Now this little leather box with it's brass lock
once housed a few tiny instruments
perhaps by an Optician???
(Apologies for not showing the velvet lining!! Oh dear!!!)

This dear little box was another recent find
and it looks like it may have accompanied
a microscope judging from the
layers of little frames
for the glass slide inserts.

I get the feeling that it may have had a previous life
somewhere along the line and these
little dividing frames were especially 

designed for the box. I love the way the front drops
down for easy access to the slide holders!

and the little clasp hooks are made from the finest 
pieces of brass!

Don't you love the way the pieces dove tail into each other?
It was called "craftmanship" in those days.
Below this box is another similar sized box which
holds an array of vintage door handles.

Don't you also love little vintage jewellery boxes?
This one has been in my possession, I think, for approx 40 years!
Oh where have all of those years gone???

The patina on these silver plated trays is so exquisite

and so are these gorgeous pattens on this silver plated

as well as on this tray and gold picture frame
waiting in the wings for a shabby makeover!

And, of course, there's always more lace, in fact,
some cut lace doilies here because I can never resist them

this beautiful piece of unfinished crocheted lace
and linen piece bearing the words
"Semco Superior Needlework"
and finally, speaking of needlework
I have to share my newish box
which has been altered by me using a sweet Paper Whimsy
image along with some of my special vintage lace pieces.

The closure is made from gold silk sari ribbon and lace.

and finished in a border of more vintage lace
and cream gimp-like braid,

wrapped around with black netting and embellished

with black seam binding, white chiffon roses, a satin
suffolk puff and a little bit of bling!

Now I truly hope you are not all boxed out after this
rather long post!

I'm linking my new altered box to Becky's
 What's It Wednesday with Patti and Paula
Thank you dear friend for hosting another wonderful party!

Thank you dear friends for visiting me here
your friendship is very special to me indeed!
Stay well and be happy!

xox Suzy


  1. I love your long posts and seeing your beautiful treasures, not to mention that beautiful new creation. Have a great day, Suzy! XO Sue

  2. Such beautiful boxes, lace and patina. I could fall in love with each of these!

  3. I have the same facination with anything with a lid. I think it is some sort of Pandora issue - lol!

  4. What an amazing collection.I am always impressed with the quality of workmanship on old items. There is nothing today that compares.

  5. I do so love it when you share you finds and artistic assemblages. Very nice collection of goodies. I always have to pick up the fabric pieces too. Keep smiling and creating

  6. Not long at all dear Suzy. I found myself captivated by the beautiful photograph where you captured the glorious details.
    There is nothing quite as beautiful as original boxes, I couldn't agree more about dovetailing.
    As for your own sweet creation, those divine laces and the touch of sari ribbon to create a closure. Dreamy!
    Wishes to you

  7. Oh my! All of those lovely goodies...such beauty in one place...your box is just gorgeous and the lace and bits adds such elegance to the piece...so very beautiful...all those lovely doilies that will become works of art one day....heavenly...

  8. Hello Suzy,
    What beautiful boxes you show here.
    Always love the very old and vintage boxes and cases.
    One can sense the history and also have his own sweet memories.
    I love your altered box.
    It's a wonderful piece of art.

    Blessings and Hugs to you.
    Wilma. Shabby Royale.

  9. You found wonderful vintage things. The silver trail would be fantastic with patine to become shabby, but only if there's no more silver!!! Keep it like this!
    Hugs and kisses

  10. With each precious item you shared I found myself swooning. I adore little boxes that hold other things. Your treasures are amazing. Then to see your altered box of beautiful divine laces and trims I almost caught myself fainting in its glory. Tres Chic Dear...

  11. My dear Suzy,-
    First and foremost I love your amazing and adorable created box- so beautiful in black and nature ,with the metal pieces and wonderful laces, and the other boxes in your collection, are wonderful, too- the one with the microscope slides is an amazing find, sweetie.
    I also collect older powder boxes, but never saw any like the one you shows ,-what a special lid!!
    Your silvery jewelry box, with the gorgeoud rosary, the wood cuttings ,silvery plates-laces..ALL have such beauty and charm to it,- and you have an exquisited collection, of so many things, my dearest friend.
    Sending you my lovefilled greetings, for a happy new day to you !!

  12. Such lovely little boxes. My 'thing' (which I resist as much as I can) is little bitty chairs. I have no inkling as to why I'm fascinated with them!

  13. We all love the same things don't we!
    I have a penchant for boxes too.

    You were lucky to pick up that french powder box - it's a beauty!
    The old boxes are wonderful, they would have been used on a daily basis.
    I'm imagining who used them - they were probably precious gifts from family and then thrown out when someone passed on - quite sad.
    But then you came along and rescued them Suzy, it's so good to know they are being loved and appreciated once again!

    I absolutely adore your altered box... dressed and embellished so carefully - you're a very clever dolly my dear Suzy!!!

    hugs and love
    Shane xox
    ps I'm almost back in business with my new computer - yea!!!

  14. Again, sweet Suzy, you have caught me. I certainly have received your mail and I was so happy about it. It's just me postponing everything to a later date. I certainly meant to answer your sweet lines!!! And thank you for arranging everything you found in my give-away in such a beautiful manner in your home. It shows, that it was meant only for you! Thanks a lot for your comment on my new post! It means much to me if such a talented artist like you spreads compliments! But I can pass them on! Certainly! I lovelovelove your findings. Especially the box with the slides. It must have been so exciting to open it and find these marvels from old times! And above all, your beautifully decorated box! I love the way you arranged the colours, the fabric, the lace. And the closure is just stunning! You are right, we had the same idea in our work! I will search or another little box now, as your one inspired me a lot! Thanks for shearing, my dear Suzy.
    Oh my gosh, I use all of your comment space... Sorry!!!
    Hugs to you, my dear friend, have a nice and creative day!

  15. Hello my dear Suzy, You found such fantastic treasures. The boxes are wonderful and so well made. The silver plated items are very pretty and of course I adore the lace doilies as well.
    Your altered box is very lovely. I like the mixture of white, beige and the black accents a lot.
    Thank you for your message, sweetie!
    Have a wonderful evening!
    Big hugs and love,

  16. Your posts could never be too long, I could spend hours looking at and drooling over all your beautiful treasures and creations. The slide box is such a wonderful find, how very fascinating. Whats on those slides, can you make it out? Are they labelled? And your altered box, what an exquisite piece! Truly magnificent. I hope your Aussie winter is not too rough on you, keep cozy and above all, keep creating those amazing pieces. Seeing them makes my heart sing. xxx

  17. Loved all the photos of your altered boxes. Very unique and so attractive.

  18. wow, this is a delight to hold on todays post, great find's

  19. Oh Suzy what gorgeous vintage treasures!! I especially love the wooden boxes-and yes, my hubby and I love to see dovetailed pieces. The vintage jewelry box is beautiful-I have one that was my great grandmother's.It's on my bedside table and holds a teeny bag of worry dolls :). The box you created is so beautifully detailed just fantastic too. Thanks for the lovely time I spent here.

  20. *happy sigh* So very beautiful! What an interesting find the box was! You have transformed it into a work of art! Well done! Catherine (long time follower of your blogging adventures)

  21. I look forward to your lovely posts Suzy, such gorgeous treasures unfold on your blog. Those boxes are beautiful, time worn and improving with the passage of time. I love to wonder who previously owned the pieces. I love the powder box, I thought at first it was a lace top on the box but on closer inspection it wasn't. Your altered box is a wonderful mixture of colours and textures, just wonderful. Jayne x

  22. Wonderful post, full of wonderful beautiful treasures..Your Book is divine, Love all the texture & lace...Have a happy weekend... Hugs May x x x

  23. Oh my goodness! I just love your gorgeous book Suzy with all it's yummy goodness! Beautiful!
    I also love the lovely boxes you shared - I have a thing about boxes - can never have enough - but you have quite the collection of antiques! Hope you are enjoying your weekend! Thanks for your kind words on my blog!


  24. I love come here Suzy-your photos are always so wonderful and inspiring. I love all kinds of little boxes too-you found some treasures Kathy

  25. Hi Suzy- all of these little boxes are so beautiful and unique--they all have a history and could probably tell a great story.

    Your altered box is splendid-- it's just beautiful. Your imagination comes to life when you create these treasures. Just another wonderful gift from your hands:)


  26. First, your book is just amazing! I love the black and white colors and all that yummy lace! And all the other treasure waiting to be transformed. I can't wait!

  27. So many wonderful treasures, Suzy! And your photos are so very beautiful.The box looks so gorgeous! Such a lovely piece.
    Have a wonderful and creative week, my dear!
    Hugs, Viola :)

  28. Oh I love your boxes Suzy, especially the little "optician's" one - so delightful. What a charming collection you have, and what wonderful storage...


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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