Friday, August 9, 2013

Cards, Tags and A Giveaway Win

 I love to create cards,
and especially collages
and lately I have had occasion to create a few
as gifts as well as a sympathy card.

The first two I created using
images from Paper Whimsy.

PW carries some of the most beautiful collage sheets

 that I have laid my eyes on

these images are amongst my favourites that I have 
recently purchased.

This one is for a friend who recently lost her husband 
and for this one I used a tombstone angel.

Well I just couldn't believe what I was about to receive
when I opened this most amazing Giveaway that I won

Just look at this most amazing collection of ephemera, 
vintage items, linen and buttons.
I was totally stunned!

Everything was wrapped so beautifully
and carefully

broches, ribbon, jewellery and fringing. 

A beautiful vintage plane so worn and smooth
even with the original blade,

this amazing waxed plaque so intricately carved
and most rare

along with little boxes of buttons, a burlap heart,

some fine white linen

and these two little copper plates with my very own
initials "S" and "Q".

Everything is so beautiful and Manu I am sure
added more than I saw on her Giveaway -
Why? because she is one of the most generous
women I have met in Blogland
and, believe me, there are

Dear Manu "Just thank you from the bottom
of my heart - you have indeed excelled in
generosity for which I am totally
grateful! Big hugs to you dear friend!"


Now this is a gift of a different kind!
How special does it make you feel when you have
visitation from one of your native birds like this
Shrike Thrush
visiting inside your home?

This is a true blessing indeed!

Just want to thank all of my wonderful new followers
who have joined my blog recently and to each
and every one of you for your
very much appreciated 

Have a wonderful and stress-free weekend
taking some time to "smell the roses" as
we remember that as we are here for
such a short time
we may as well make it the best time!

Love and thanks, Suzy

PS Dear Carole "Lotus" if you are reading this post can you please contact me again, possibly with your correct email address as I am having trouble responding to your email! With thanks, Suzy.


  1. Hi Suzi!
    A beautiful post! What a marvelous gift! Is the lovely frame a true savonette? I coudn't use it, too much beautiful! LOL
    I'm not surprise a bird came into your house: Maybe a lovely Messenger?
    Hugs and kisses

  2. Oh Suzy what a beautiful post. Your work is so pretty and that lady in the second tag bears a striking resemblance to a picture I have of my grandmother. What a wonderful package to receive, the generosity of fellow bloggers never ceases to amaze me I too received a giveaway parcel that was out of this world from a fellow blogger. Happy weekend ~ Sarah X

  3. Wow, what can I say, first of all I totally adore what you created with the PW images, each one so very beautiful and framed just right with the work of your hands.
    Your gifts are true treasures and I am sure you will use them in all sorts of wonderful ways. I love the photo of that bird! (My son lives in Australia, near Melbourne) and I always love the variety and wonderful sounds of the birds when I visit.

  4. Hi Suzy, this post is so full of such beauty, from the pieces you created to the gifts you received to your sweet visitor. Thank you for sharing.
    enJOY a lovely weekend,

  5. I always love to read your posts--beautiful work!

  6. beautiful creations
    tfs..........lovely designs

  7. Oh Suzy the bird inside was a great gift and the pretties you won omg they were awesome. I can learn from her how to give a giftie and wrap it . That in it's self was a gift. The cards just beautiful, love your doings here always an inspiration. xoxoxo

  8. Suzy - what a beautiful package you received. I just know you're going to create many wonderful items using everything. I'm looking forward to seeing your works of art.

  9. what an amazing win of goodies-enjoy!

  10. Dear Suzy,

    Your Collages with the PW images are just beautiful! Love how you work with them and make them so special with the lace and the warm colours. I understand that you where stunned while openng that beautiful gift. The wax plaque is so detailed and the , buttons and fringe will find there way in your work.
    I will email you soon.

    Hugs and love.

  11. Beautiful work as always. Sorry about your friend's husband. Loss is always so sad.

    Your booty is amazing!!! Looking forward to seeing what you whip up....hehehehe

    Happy Crafting

  12. Dear Suzy
    Patty and I were just chatting about PW images, with me saying how I always adore them and really need to purchase some and she couldn't agree more as she said I would have so much fun with them and they would be perfect for me.
    Now I visit your beautiful post and before me I see the most stunning PW creations - oh the absolute beauty in each creation.
    Your friend will be so touched at your heartfelt gift and talking of gifts, your Giveaway win is out of this world - imagine the copper plagues with your initials and all those other unique and timeworn pieces.
    Finishing with your little feathered friend who decided to pop in and say hello to you.
    A most beautiful time I've had visiting you myself today.

  13. Suzy your art is gorgeous. I am loving all the beautiful things that you were gifted in the giveaway as well. Congrats. What a sweet picture of the bird that decided to rest on your chair. Happy weekend to you.

    xo Danielle

  14. My very dear Suzy, your beautiful cards are stunning both ,each in its own way,- and so amazingly filled with layers of wonderful materials -how fantastic for your friends to recieve your love created greetings !!
    And sweetest dear friend,- you have won a fantastic giveaway, from Manu ,-a beautiful bunch of treasures that will come to gorgeous use in your hands.
    The bird I don`t know about, but so special to have a visit inside your home.
    Suzy I wish you a wonderful weekend -with wonderful ,and pieceful hours filled with joy and happines- take care my loved friend.
    Hugs and smiles and kisses- Dorthe

  15. what lovely things, a gorgeous gift... and the piece you made for your friend is so thoughtful and and heart felt, what a dear friend you are!

  16. Hi Suzy, not been around much as had some sad news and have not been creating....but i love to check your blog out and be inspired by your stunning work :) what a wonderfully generous giveaway you won....enjoy everything in it as you deserve it :)

    Jennie x

  17. The little bird must be a sign of good luck. How charming. Your gifts truly are treasures.

  18. What a wonderful treasure trove you received! I can only imagine the oohing and aahing that went on as you opened it and discovered each little piece. You definitely deserved it!

  19. Suzy your collages are quite beautiful and the one for your friend is extra special. As for your gifts you won...they are as generous and creative as you the recipient dear. Now I am off to visit this wonderful lady. Creative Bliss...

  20. WOW you certainly won a very generous and envious giveaway indeed. I love the tombstone card you made and to give something of your hands during such a difficult time is an absolute treasure. Very kind of you. Hugs. Tammy

  21. What a beautiful post, Love all the wonderful items you received from your Dear friend... Beautiful photo of the little bird who decided to visit you...You too have a happy weekend... Hugs May x x x

  22. Dear Suzy,
    your creations are always so beautiful. Absolut stunning pieces! And wonderful gifts you`ve received.Enjoy! Have a nice weekend!
    Hugs, Viola :)

  23. What a dreamy post and Suzy, that little visitor simply took my breath away. Now that is a gift!!

  24. Suzy you have created some beautiful tags and cards-- the sympathy card is absolutely stunning. What a special and thoughtful gift to give a friend--
    Your gifted treasures are lovely-- all the things that you love to create with. I'm sure you were ecstatic as you unwrapped all the loveliness from your friend--

    Sending you hugs--

    Ps-- oh I love the photo of the bird visitor in your home :)

  25. Hello my dear sweet Suzy, Your creations are beautiful as always. I'm sure your friend was very touched when she saw that exceptional sympathy card.
    Congratulations on winning Manu's wonderful giveaway. I've seen a lot of monogram stencils but that's the first one with a Q. That's very rare. Enjoy all the lovely treasures, my friend and have a great weekend!
    Big hugs and lots of love,

  26. Hi, Suzy
    I was just over at JoAnna Pieroti's and saw your comment and didn't know you were a Naturopath and Homeopathic Adviser. I have been taking homeopathy since I was eleven years old. Any time I have been given anti-biotics for teeth extractions, they mess up my entire body and it takes months for me to get back to normal. Now, I am taking homeopathy to help my G.I. track get back to normal and also Black Cohosh.
    I found a link to an interesting site. I need to send it to your email address!
    I love this post! Such wonderful creations you won!
    Teresa in California

  27. Hi Suzy,

    Your tags and card are so beautiful !!
    I always love your art and love to read your posts.
    What a great gift you recieved ! ...and the bird... how wonderful !

    Blessings to you !!

  28. Dear Suzy your collage cards are as always so wonderfully made and what a marvelous gift you have recieved I know you will enjoy everything, wish you a lovely Sunday.
    Hugs Anni

  29. Hello dear, such gorgeous pieces of art again... What is that curly stuff you've put on the first one? It's a wonderful embellishment like that! Absolutely love the greens of the mossy angel coming back on your card. It's gorgeous. I'm sorry to hear you friend lost her husband though, that's always such tragedy...
    Your bird visitor is wonderful. A wonderful visit you'll never forget.

    Hugs xx, Wendy

  30. The recipients of your cards will be delighted and treasure them always. They are little works of art Suzy. Your giveaway gifts are truly wonderful, each and every piece was incredible. I am sure you will be able to incorporate many of them into your work. Jaynex

  31. Gosh I can just imagine how excited you were with that gift! Outstanding!! Manu you did super! Marlynne

  32. Hi dear Suzy,
    your cards are just stunning.Love the PW images you used.Enjoy the treasures you won.Wishing you a wonderful day.Sending big hugs and love dear friend.

  33. Such lovely creations and using the beautiful Paper Whimsy images always adds extra charm and beauty (they are each so precious I can hardly pick a favorite!)
    Precious heartfelt card for your friend.
    And congratulations! you certainly DID win a very fine array of treasures there!
    Your visiting bird sure looks calm.
    Thank you for sharing this lovely post

  34. congratulations to the winner! if I weren't so happy for you, I'd be envious -LOL-.

  35. Such beautiful works as always and such a lovely prize package filled with such beauty. How sweet that you had a visitor in your room :) Thank you so very much for sharing
    - Jeanette

  36. I could look at your beautiful creations all day Suzy!!! These are so lovely. I have always loved the way you combine all these elements and make the best magic!
    Congratulations on your lovely win too.
    Your visitor is looking right at home Suzy. Did he stay for dinner too???
    hugs from here...


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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