Thursday, August 29, 2013

Altered Vintage Handbag

 When I purchased this black vintage handbag
I had an idea that one of these days
I would eventually alter it!

Unfortunately I don't have a "before" image!

So I went through my collection of vintage black and
cream laces laces

as well as some of my special favourite fabrics
to complement them.

I created this pocket from an embroidered nett collar

to display this very beautiful cabinet card which
came in a swap from Marie
along with the sweet soldered pendant next to it.

I embellished the title of this collage "Dream"

with scraps of tea bags, jute, rusty crushed velvet

along with some tattered braid and
sweet bits of jewellery.
This finished collage now lives in my studio.

So there is another idea you can try
when you come across an old tattered bag from a flea market!
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And just to remind me that SPRING is almost here
(taken in the early morning light!)

 are these magnificent flowering Manchurian Pear trees
which we planted about 6 years ago.
(in the distance you can just see our new little
garden room which is really taking shape hopefully
to be ready in the next wee while!!!

And from my back door right now
you can see more of the same
Hope where ever you are near or far
you can look around you and see something beautiful
in nature to capture your heart and soul 
even for just a tiny moment!

Love and hugs to you all and especially to all of my
new followers - a big "thank you"!

Suzy xox


  1. Hi Suzy!
    Such a pretty Spring view.Is the pergola new? Nice spot for lunch on a warm day.Hope to have some soon!!We have just had the wettest Winter for 8 years.I'm not complaining though.The rain always welcome.
    Judy xx

  2. I love your garden room, and I'm sure you'll be happy to have it in summer! It's , a little bit, like my summer room Under my barn!
    Your black bag is wonderful!
    Hugs and kisses

  3. What a wonderful idea Suzy, and it is so charming with your textures, layers, trims, laces, velvet and beading. You are so creative in your work. Would you not be tempted to use your bag for a special occasion? Spring is something I always look forward to and the view from your patio is just stunning and I love the idea of your garden room. Look forward to seeing it when it is finished. Jayne x

  4. Hi sweet Suzy!! Don't you worry, we don't need to see a before photo...the AFTER is just GORGEOUS! I always, always love your creations ~ so many beautiful elements combined to make one amazing piece. My goodness, your Spring is just approaching and our Fall is as well. We really are on opposite ends of the Earth! I hope you are doing so very good ~ your home is beautiful! Sending you hugs and love, Dawn

  5. Beautiful work!! Love all the lace!

    Happy Crafting

  6. Hello dear Suzi Q... your bag is absolutely exquisite!... I have an addiction to handbags... and to all things vintage... so to me, this is pure Heaven... so lovely, I would just sit and gaze at it all day long... it's so incredible to read each others blogs and see you are entering into Spring as we are nearing Autumn... wishing you a most blissful day among Nature... xoxo Julie Marie

  7. Dear Suzi... your bag is quite lovely! Your stash of lace? oh my, to drool over!

    Here in California Redwoods, the trees are just starting to shed their tired leaves. My poor Saint Bernard, Molly, has a tail FULL of Redwood leaves. The stick like velcro to her plume of a tail. Your gardens look so wonderful. I love to follow the seasons with you.

    Sweet blessings my friend,

  8. Dear sweet Suzy,
    such a gorgeous idea,-and a most STUNNING result! I wonder how big that bag was /is ,but it looks rather big ,for you to be able to attach so many beautiful things to it.
    It is a fantastic collage, now, and so dramatic in the black and cream. I love you added the jeweleries, and Marie`s very beautiful charm..what a marvelous creation, my friend.
    Also your garden is a marvelous place on earth, I wish you many many lovely spring hours there the coming monyhs!!
    Love you dearest, and hug you warmly!

  9. This is such a beautiful bag! I don't think we see as many with pretty black elegant!

  10. Your ideas for the purse were just genius. Not like anything I have ever seen before.

  11. Oh my! This is just stunningly fabulous! I love the way you used the laces and bits to change a tattered bag...such inspiration...

  12. Suzy, what a totally fabulous creation this is!! It almost looks like wearable art... the drama of the black with the cream layers as they flow down, make this so much more than just a bag, - it truly is a piece of art. The cabinet card from Marie is so striking and I love how she peeps out of those layers of lace!

    Your photos really show the promise of Spring just around the corner, - such a strange feeling when looking at it from here at the other end of the world where Autumn is slowly but surely arriving... I hope you will have many beautiful and inspiring moments in your little piece of paradise, as the sun gets warmer day by day!

  13. Brilliant idea to alter the bag! It will look perfect hanging in your studio and would be perfect to tuck like things into for extra storage. Definitely a win/win!

  14. Oh see your beautiful garden starting to wake up is such a treat! I love the beautiful views you have shared here. Everything looks so green there, while everything here will soon be turning.
    I LOVE how you altered the bag. are a GENIUS my friend. This is stunning! I love all the gorgeous laces you used to create such a magical piece.
    much love from me...

  15. wow girl you have some layers going on there and love all of it. Way to go. xoxoxo have to go look some more xoxo

  16. Wow Suzy - that bag is literally dripping with vintage goodies! You have used some wonderful pieces to create a bag that is truly magical - talk about "wearable art"!!

  17. Dearest Suzy

    What fun you've had creating this piece.
    An amazing collection of laces and all so beautifully embellished as only YOU can do!

    How lovely to see one of sweet Marie's soldered pendants taking pride of place - I so admire her exquisite work.

    It's nice to see you've made something special for YOU dear Suzy!

    I would love to while away an hour or two sitting in one of those comfy chairs, sharing ideas over a cup of tea... one day maybe!

    ((hugs)) and love
    Shane xox

  18. Love the up close and purse-onal look. I like it too much! Keep smiling and creating

  19. Hello sweet friend, Your altered bag is just stunning. I love the colors and all the layers of exciting fabrics and laces. What a fantastic eye-catcher. When you take it out, a lot of women will wonder where to get such a fabulous bag.
    Very soon your garden will be in full bloom. It looks so lovely already and your covered sitting area is wonderful.
    I was so sorry to hear about the poor wombat. No wonder that Jeff was so upset. Unfortunately such things happen. Recently I was able to rescue a turtle that had taken a nap underneath our car, just in front of a tire. I was so glad I saw it in time.
    Big hugs and love to you, dearest Suzy,

  20. That is beautiful Suzy and so glad you finally have done what you intended to do :)

  21. Goodness me, you wonderful woman, you have done it again. The bag just takes my breath away, I want to touch it and fondle it and ooh and aaah over it, and feel all the amazing different textures of all those embellishments.
    You must be so looking forward to Spring and everything bursting into life again. The photos definitely show the first signs.
    Have a wonderful weekend, big, still summery hugs from France, xxx

  22. Oh, my, Suzy, your bag is beyond exquisite!♥ I love that you used so many of your favorite bits and baubles to embellish it, because now that the bag is displayed in your studio, you can enjoy them every day!


  23. P.S. I want to move into the space that provides such a stunning view of your gorgeous garden and the beauty that lies beyond it! I promise I won't be any bother!; )

  24. Your bag is stunning. I love how you bring so much different lace, fabrics and bits together to a beautiful bag.
    The window view to your garden is braithtaking. Must be so great to so how your garden is coming to full bloomng.
    Love and hugs Yvonne

  25. Oh My! Both your re-done bag & Garden Room are "Breathtaking"!

  26. Liebe Suzy,
    was für ein entzückendes Werk.
    So verträumt und romantisch.
    Einfach einzigartig schön.
    Und um deine herrliche Aussicht auf den Garten beneide ich dich.
    Ein wunderschöner Platz zum Teetrinken und Träumen.

    Umarmung und liebe Grüße von Sophie xx

  27. Suzy- you have such imaginative ideas- and when you bring them to life they are amazing. Your Ltered purse collage is unlike anything I've ever seen-- you truly have the greatest ideas-- this is so beautiful.

    I'm sure you are on your way to a beautiful spring-- and we are headed into fall. Your garden room is going to be utterly fabulous-- I can't wait to see it all finished:)


  28. Oh be still my heart! First the lovely altered bag in black and cream....swooooon! Wow, that is simply stunning Suzie! And your property and garden rooms are dreamy...I am smiling! How wonderful for you that spring is starting for you! I am sad here that summer is ending...I think I need to move south!

  29. Hello Suzy,
    I am back from my vacation from the computer! Yay! I am happy to be visiting you and am having a good time catching up on your blog.

    Your altered purse is stunning. Your designs are so inspired! And the beautiful altered box with the sweetest Paperwhimsy girl on it is amazing too. I adore your tags and cards. The sympathy card with the angel is so lovely.

    I hope you are doing well. I was sorry to hear about the passing of your dear Bessie.
    Hugs to you,

  30. Hi Suzy
    Your altered bag is sooo wonderful!!
    I love it! What a great idea!!
    And again it is so very much your own style.
    When I'm on Pinterest I don't have to see what is written,
    I recognize your work as soon as I see it.
    It is so absolutely beautiful!!
    Love the view you have on your garden!!

    Hope you're doing well.


  31. What a lovely idea and the bag turned out beautifully Suzy.

  32. Suzy your bag is da dream. Fantastic!!!
    Hugs Alexandra

  33. The black bag is just dreamy! Beautifully done - as is everything that you create. Love view of your back porch too! Catherine

  34. The altered vintage bag is just stunning!
    Your back porch looks so relaxing.
    We are moving into fall here in Vermont, the leaves on the trees are changing colors, this is my favorite time of year for sure.
    Thanks for sharing the bag.

  35. Your bag is just stunning,dear Suzy and of course I love that you incorpotated the charm and cabinet card:)Hope all is well my friend.
    Have a lovely week.
    Hugs and love,

  36. Great idea for a bag. It's interesting to see what is bursting into flower on the other side of the world too.

  37. Such a beautiful creation! I love the use of the lace and mixed media. Just fabulous!

  38. Hi Suzy,

    Thank you so much for your visit and very sweet comment on my wedding gift and other work.
    I was so happy I could publish my grandparents sepia fabric book
    you encouraged me to finish, when I was a bit down about it some time ago.

    Hugs, Wilma.

  39. WOW! I'm a new follower all the way from Florida, USA via Ivy and Elephants! Definitely a new follower! ;)

  40. Suzy Dear your altered bag is very Dreamy. Everything you create is with such joy and delicious revery. Your new garden room is wonderful. Spring blossoms new for you and leaves falling into Autumn here. Creative Bliss...

  41. Your bag is fantastic, dear Suzy!! Absolutely stunning!!!!!


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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