Thursday, February 6, 2014

Altered Pearl Button Box

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I was sorting through my buttons recently
and thought it might be a cool idea to have all of my pearl
buttons in the one box so I pulled out a very ordinary
purple faded box which I was gifted many years ago
and decided to alter it!

As you can see over the years it now has just the 
right amount of faded purple which I much prefer!

I pulled out a number of pieces of vintage lace, a beautiful
embroidered satin petticoat insert and a few favourite
contrasting buttons and this was the result!

The first thing I made was the heart shaped pocket
(with Valentine's Day in mind!)
basically from scrim which I manipulated to
cover the front

and added a pieced crushed velvet leaf to tone in with
the purple faded velvet which I covered with a
piece of crocheted doily and a pearl button.

Inside the pocket I popped a cabinet card.

These  images give you an idea of the embroidered satin piece

and the vintage buttons.

Now looking at the inside of the box with all the pearly
buttons you really can see just how purple the original
colour of the box was.

If you want to see some really beautiful blissful whites 
then pop over to Becky's at Timewashed
I know you will enjoy all that you see there!

Hope you weekend coming up is peaceful and relaxed
with what ever you might be doing!

Sending some love from still sunny days Downunder,

Suzy xox


  1. What an amazing piece of shear beauty this is Suzy! So beautifully put together with that faded purple showing through from from below. The heart-shaped pocket with the vintage cabinet card is a wonderful additional touch. The scrip hear is so cleverly done, fantastic work!

  2. Dear Suzy this turned out wonderfully. It is so pretty and what a difference in the color of faded purple to the original color on the inside. I always enjoy seeing your latest creations.


  3. Beautiful buttons are becoming scarce! Your elegant box is gorgeous! xDebi

  4. what a gorgeous vintage box to hold all those beautiful buttons Suzy! I just love the heart shaped pocket:)

  5. What a lovely place to store all those beautiful vintage buttons...Seems just right for them.

  6. Suze your special lace velvet box is gorgeous. I love that you made it for your beautiful special pearly buttons. It is very important that we make things and keep some of them for ourselves. Joyful Bliss Dear...

  7. There is something very beautiful about mother of pearl buttons! Lovely.

  8. You had an inspiration and turned it into beautiful reality Suzy! Your new button box is amazing. I love the way you decorated it, and the velvet inside really shows off your lovely collection.

  9. Beautiful as always!!! And I agree, the faded purple is so wonderful, much better than the original. Although with those buttons in there, it does look wonderful!!!

    Hoping all is well there and you are enjoying your summer weather!!! It's 27 here tonight brrrrrr.


    "her" and Romeo

  10. Hello dear Suzy
    I love your beautiful pearl button box - what a lovely idea.
    I agree it's a great idea to have all your special buttons in their own box.

    You always come up with such special ways of using your precious laces and fabrics.

    Wishing you a happy relaxed weekend
    Love and hugs
    Shane xox

  11. It's fantastic, dearest Suzy! The faded purple is lovely and I like it much more than the bright original tone. The heart was a wonderful idea and the picture fits in perfectly. What an adorable new home for your pretty buttons.
    Have a wonderful weekend, sweetie!
    Big hugs to you,

  12. Beautifully done and a lovely collection of buttons.

  13. You have created a very special beautiful box for your buttons Suzy, I love the faded velvet and the lace is a perfect addition to your treasure button box. I would love to have a rummage through that button box! Still very damp and dull here but Spring is in the air. x

  14. Suzy what a beautiful place to showcase and protect your special button treasures. I love your altered box-- it's as much a treasure as the buttons inside:)

    You have the talent to breathe life into everything you touch--


  15. How completely perfect in every way!

  16. Wow Suzy what a treasure box for your beautiful buttons, it is so wonderfully made with all the laces, old buttons and a beautiful image.
    Wish you a lovely weekend my friend.
    Hugs Anni

  17. What a splendid transformation! It's wonderful to have special containers to hold our loved objects. Nice buttons, too!

  18. A faded velvet lover, I adore this creation, Suzy. ADORE

  19. I am stopping by to swoon! this is soooo lovely Suzy! I didn't want you to think I forgot you -- plan to get on our discussion soon! Our weather has been brutal here - honestly don't remember a winter this cold with so much snow since I was a little girl.
    thanks for sharing your beautiful work with us - it sure is inspiring especially on a cold day! :)

    Nancy xoxo

  20. Suzy, my dear friend, I came to visit you straight from coming back from skiing-holidays. You are always the first address for inspiration, I must say! Instead of unpacking suitcases and filling the washing machine, I am dreaming of boxes with pearl-buttons now. You have managed again to alter this little box in an amazing way! Such an inspiration... I am going to search my house for old boxes now to play copy-cat...
    A warm embrace from Manu

  21. Dearest Suzy, that is a most gorgeous piece of work! The embroidery is so gorgeous, you always work with such amazing and gorgeous materials! And combined with the velvet makes it a luxury feast for the eyes. The beautiful cabinet card finishes the piece so well.
    Sending you big hugs! xx Wendy

  22. Such a gorgeous box Suzy... beautful lace & embellishments... full of Fabulous buttons...I love buttons we can never have enough...Hugs May x x

  23. A beautiful box, made to measure to hold the prettiest pearly buttons. I have a thing for buttons!

  24. Suzy,
    What a lovely piece you have created to store your buttons in! Each piece of lace has it's intricate details and you have put them together so beautifully. I adore the heart pocket! it is beautiful with the leaf on it and the crochet, you just finish things so beautifully. The entire box is such a treat to look at!
    Have a happy Valentine's day!

  25. I have just discovered your wonderful blog....
    "Stunning" is all I can say about everything on here,and the button box is to die for,such detail and artistic flare.
    Needless to say,I will be a follower from now on and look forward to your next posts.
    Gillian in the UK.


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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