Friday, February 28, 2014

Hearts in Greys

Hello friends! - I recently had the pleasure of receiving
this most beautiful package from dear Julia
from Vintage with Laces
which I thought I would share.

The package contained these beautiful items, all wrapped
and tagged so beautifully which contained this
lovely heart created from broderie anglais
dyed laces.

This dear little heart shaped box contained
some vintage lace which Julia
encased in these sweet little
soldered pendants -
aren't they amazing?

The heart shows the subtle shades
of grey which Julia achieved by diluting different
dilutions of black dye

and labelled with an "S" on this little tag.

Also in the parcel was this little draw string dyed bag
with a French collaged label containing
a number of these crocheted flowers

which Julia made herself!

This sweet French themed collage also included
some of her grey dyed fabric and laces!

I thought the effect looked so beautiful
in all the co-ordinating shades of greys!

Thank you so much dear friend - I love each and every piece
which you so beautifully and thoughtfully created for me!

The inspiration from this heart spurred me on to create

another heart in some similar and co-ordinating shades

of greys, rust and browns

and it was the perfect opportunity to incorporate
one of Julia's crocheted flowers on the
pocket I fashioned from scrim
containing a little cabinet card.

I too had already created a stash of grey dyed
vintage laces, doilies and scrim

which I incorporated into this rustic heart.

Even these press studs I purchased at a market along
with some buttons came pre-rusted naturally!

I'm joining Michelle at
Grey Dey Thursdey
(Petite Michelle Louise's blog)
with these so why don't you join me over there
to see more images in greys!

The weekend is almost upon us again here in Australia
so hoping your grey days everywhere are 
starting to turn blue!!

Love and hugs, Suzy xox


  1. Just what you love! Enjoy these beautiful handmade things and the weekend, too! Hugs!

  2. The lace is so unusual and pretty in the greys. Such a pretty handmade heart! What lovely treasures to open up!

  3. I am in awe of your creations, Suzy!

  4. Your gifts of greys and naturals are sublime. Such treasures from one friend to another is priceless. Your inspired collage of greys and rusts is divine. Hearts are always treasures forever. Joyful Bliss...

  5. I'm glad you like my grey creations and already used one of the crocheted flowers, my dearest Suzy. Your rustic heart with all the bits of beautiful laces is just gorgeous. Those press studs and the pocket are wonderful details.
    Have a happy weekend, sweet friend :)!
    Big hugs to you,

  6. Hello!
    I don't love specially grey! The sky is too much grey from some months now here! But on the pictures, it looks rather blue grey!(I prefer. LOL)
    And I see you've got a very good inspiration.Marvellous heart you made!
    Hugs and kisses

  7. hello Suzy
    tout me semble merveilleux
    que de talent
    edith (iris) France

  8. What a wonderful gift. All of those grey's look so good together. Love old textiles.
    Hugs KAy

  9. What can I say? Everything is gobsmackingly gorgeous! Julia is a wonderful friend, talented, generous and the sweetest soul, and the gifts she put together for your are so lovely. And just look what they have inspired you to make! That heart is absolutely stunning, darn how I wish I had your amazing eye for putting things together. Every one of your creations leaves me breathless.

  10. Those sweet soldered charms with the bits of lace encased inside! Oh they are precious. All those beautiful hand created flowers too! What a lot of work went into creating each one. A great idea to play around with the dilution of the dye solution to get the different shades. You took all that lovely inspiration and made a fantastic heart in your signature style!

  11. What a beautiful gift! I'm not usually a fan of gray but sometimes it's just so quiet and beautiful that I find myself drawn to it. I love what you created with parts of the package and your own beautiful creations!

  12. oh my...grey dey tresors abound! what a gorgeous and thoughtful assemblage dear julia bestowed upon you! you must be in heaven?? love what you've created with them so far. her hand-dyed heart is stunning! happy GD!

  13. Hi dear Suzy,
    love all the beautiful grey creations dear Julia spoiled you with:) Your vintage heart is simply stunning. Love the image you used.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  14. oh wow Suzy- these treasures absolutely take my breath away! I would never have thought of grey in this light-I love it. Very special items and projects. Have a great weekend!

  15. Dearest Suzy, what lovely and sweet beauties you recieved from dear Julia,- so many wonderful creations,- and your own heart is a stunning example of your creative amazingness ( is there such a word?)it is just gorgeous my friend.
    Thank you sweetie for your last mail, I have read all !! I send you my love and warm thoughts,- your Dorthe oooxxx

  16. What a wonderful parcel of treasures you received from Julia. That broderie anglaise heart is just wonderful and all the extra bits and bobs so thoughtfull with you in mind. Your heart is gorgeous, love all the elements you have incorporated to create a heart full of texture and colour. I look forward to seeing your creations Suzy, they always inspire me. Spring is on its way, the crocus and snowdrop bulbs are peeking through.

  17. Hello Suzy,
    Oh my! Julia is so amazing with her creations! I know you adore these colors and I do too. Julia did such wonderful creating of all the gifts she sent you.
    Your heart is amazing as well! Wow! I love that you were inspired by her and then created something too. I love the pocket, the buttons, the colors and textures, and chain! It is magnificent!

  18. What amazing, beautiful gifts you received from Julia! She does such gorgeous work, I know you adore each tiny thing, I would, too!
    And wow, her inspiration for were off and running with it and made such a lovely piece yourself! your creations are gorgeous as well, and Julia's crochet flower fit perfectly with the items you chose for your heart.
    you two are just amazing! hugs,

  19. such beautiful gifts you received...the grey is so very lovely and soft...and then to be inspired to make your own lovely heart...just beautiful...

  20. All those pretty crocheted motifs caught my eye! I must get busy and make some.

  21. Suzy,
    I adore the grey heart you made with the treasure trove of items, dear one!!!
    Visiting from Grey Dey Thursdey!

  22. What a beautiful gift of grey themed goodness. I love the addition of your grey heart.

  23. I am off to a slow and stuttering start on my first lace book and needed this post to tickle my muse. Thank you for sharing!

  24. OMGosh ... everything is such a treasure - especially those crocheted flowers. I would love to be able to learn how to create those so that I could use them in my work. You're so fortunate!


  25. Oh Crumbs! I would be just overwhelmed if someone made all that and presented me with it! How stunningly beautiful it all is! xCathy

  26. The beautiful work you gals have created takes my breath away. I really love the grey and will have to try it. It is very grey here in Washington and rainy. But we have had some wonderful blue skies awhile back.
    Thanks for dropping by to meet the boys. I am preparing for their arrival in 12 days. I know they will help to heal my broken heart! Along with wearing me out, I'm sure.

  27. Your photos of Julia's beautiful gifts and your own beautiful heart and vignettes in grey are just stunning dear Suzy! I am going to go over and over them and study all the lovely details in each photo. I am so very happy to have visited you today my lovely friend so far away. Every time I come here I get the urge to go make something pretty!!!
    much love from here...

  28. But did you squeal with delight?!? I mean how could you have not??? Absolutely positively cause for a squeal.... just saying ;)

    Hugs and purrs,

    "her" and Romeo

  29. Dear Suzy, the gifts you received from Julia are all so beautiful. The colors, textures and charming flowers are wonderful. I love how you used one of the flowers in your stunning heart in the same colors! Have a fabulous weekend.


  30. That´s a wonderful gift from Julia - love the grey heart. Love your heart too Suzy - it´s SO beautiful with the color combination you have used.

  31. How beautiful the gifts of dear Julia! Wish I could crochet like that, the flowers are so gorgeous.
    And your heart, wow so beautiful with those greys and browns. Very rustic and peaceful feel it has.


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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