Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fabric Bird Journal Wrap

I mentioned in my last post
that I would share images of the Fabric Bird Journal Wrap.
I was so inspired by some ideas I picked up from
both Lilla and Nellie
that I thought I would do my take on one of these wraps
and, at the same time, attempt to show you
how I created this.

I love working with nature themes so this Australian Honeyeater
graces the cover perched on a branch.

This shows the inside of the wrap with a pocket on the 
inside cover with placement for a pen next to it.

This is what the front and back look like before
it becomes folded into three.

The first set of pages are for keeping notes -
this gets attached to the first fold

This page sits nicely in the centre fold next
to the pen pocket and the next two images show
the front and back wrap for the
water colour art paper pages

which I have sewn together then into the last fold.

The completed inner wrap above and below
you can see the wrap with the front cover
sitting over the centre fold displaying

the second water colour page book.

The image above shows how the end of the cover looks 
when folded in and lastly is the back of the wrap
when it is all folded in.

So there you have it basically. I did decide at the end
to add a piece of vintage sari ribbon to tie it all together.
This Journal Wrap has a multitude of uses including journalling,
sketching, painting, scrapbooking, doodling, cookbook etc. 

The way you create one of these is entirely up to your own choice!
My book is just one choice I can share here with you.

So if you want to start making one just begin by pulling out from
your stash a selection of some favourite fabrics, velvets,
silks, doilies, ribbons, buttons spreading them out along with some
notepaper and art paper after chosing a theme (or not)
and have a go because that's all I did!

I think Lilla may have a You Tube video where she
explains her way of creating one of these.
Click on the link at the beginning to take you there.
Also Nellie of Early Morning Thoughts
teaches a type of wrap at Creative Workshops.  So
you can check this one out also.

Thank you all for coming to visit and leaving such
wonderful comments!
Hope your week is going well!

Love, Suzy


  1. I reaaly love what you create, It talks to me !!!

  2. Hi Suzy,

    This is so beautiful!! I love your style. It is so wonderfully sort of shabby :)!
    The colors are great and so are the fabrics and images all together!!
    Thank you for sharing how you made it.
    I'm in wraps too :). Posted one a few days ago.
    Want you to know that you have inspired and encouraged me a lot !!

    Warm Hugs and Blessings dear Suzy!

  3. What a beautiful wrap, Suzy! Wonderful inspiration for all of us. Have a great day! XO Sue

  4. Your journals contain the most wonderful fabrics and textures - I should know since I admire mine frequently!

  5. Amazing how you make it work so beauitfully!!

  6. Good morning Suzy, your pieces are always just so breathtaking-I just love them-thank you for the tutorial I may try this. Kathy

  7. this is the most beautiful fabric book I have seen! The quotes and sweet birds really resonate with me and the whole book reminds me of a gorgeous nest. What a very special book for sure.

  8. Such a beautiful journal wrap! I'd hesitate to use it! I think I'd just ogle the pages from time to time.....

  9. Dear Suzy your journal wrap is wonderful with all the different layers of lace, scrim and fabric, the blue color is fantastic together with the nature colors, I have had a busy time the last week with my grandsons so no time to write to you.
    Hugs Anni

  10. Suzy, you never cease to amaze me. Gorgeous! xoxo

  11. Hello Suzy!
    Thanks for these explainations! Your book is really beautiful! One day I'll try, but when????
    When I want to do something, I do the same, I take all I want to use, put it on my table, but often, I put so many things that I can't use everything. I think I want to use too many things! Maybe I'm like this in all my life, I want too much! LOL
    Hugs and kisses

  12. ooooh - loverly! I would love to make one of these but it will have to wait until my current projects are done. Commissions before fun, unfortunately.

  13. What a truly beautiful journal wrap. I can just imagine holding it and the wonderful feel and texture.Love it:)

  14. Hello Suzy,
    Your birdie wrap is gorgeous! I love the bird on the cover and the way you layered your textiles. The pockets inside are so cool! This is a lovely piece of art to use every day in so many ways. What a joy to use!
    You did a wonderful job on it!

  15. Just lovely, I love the nest effect.
    Great quote!

  16. Your lace books are always stunning and I loved seeing how you do it. Thank you for the inspiration. Now, can you just please mail me some time - haha!

  17. Stunning book works. Wow, you make me wish to be able to touch them. Keep smiling and creating.

  18. Wow! Stunning craftsmanship as always. I love seeing the rich colors and texturesbin your work. So beautiful!

  19. Love it, well of course. Such a treat to see what you are up to. thanks for first doing it and then showing it with such love. hugs and xoox

  20. hello SUZY
    tout est merveilleux et plein de
    et ces oiseaux ♥♥♥
    que d'imaginations créatives
    et de beauté
    la nature s'éveille
    mais je n'ai pas des oiseaux si colorés en France

  21. my first time here.. I followed a suggestion and I am glad I did .. your site is gorgeeeeous! fabulous creations!

  22. I have stopped by for another visit and to wish you a Happy Birthday!

  23. Goodness Suzy, so great, puts mine to shame. I love it off to make another now
    love Lilla

  24. Suzy your work is more than heart to put your soul into your stunning creations. Thank you for sharing your technique and the links to Lilla and Nellie. This wrap is Pure Bliss and Creative Joy...

  25. Suzy- this journal is just gorgeous-- it makes my heart smile to see the beautiful way that you use your lace and embellishments. You always create so beautifully--

  26. Thanks for showing the process Suzy, it is gorgeous, the textures and layers compliment each other perfectly. gorgeous laces I always spot! I love the way you have tied it with the sari ribbon too. One of these days I may have a try!

  27. WOW...Jaw dropping beauty...Amazing creation... Thank you for the tutorial & the link... Hugs May x x x

  28. Hello.
    I made one today, but i think it got a bit to big. It reminds me of a pointing book for children, hahaha. Think i need to see that video :) You make lovely things. Love it ;)

  29. This is so inspiring! Thank you sweetie for sharing with us how you made it. Everything is so gorgeous. I can see how Nellie influenced your book. I love her work, very inspiring too.
    big hugs to you! xx


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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