Monday, October 13, 2014

Before the Roses Bloom!

While many of our blogging friends are experiencing
shorter days with cooler weather
Spring is looming quick 
and fast in my part of the world, Downunder
just thought I would take you on a short walk around the garden as all the 
trees take on their new foliage and plants start to
remind us that they really are still there
and ready to pop!

 Spring - Glorious Spring!

Lush green leaves of this Oyster plant which self seeded
itself in this place as it is getting ready to flower!

 Aah! The Willy Wagtail has chosen the same spot
to nest again! Just look at the intricate weaving
on this dear little nest using spider webs!

 A perfect place to sit and ponder under the magnificent
Chinese Elms.

Little areas where Rhododendrons grow
under the shade of the Crab Apples.

while some shell pink Azaleas
from the bright sunshine!

 Native irises grow either side of the steps leading down to
spreading garden beds that once was a paddock
for the Angora goats!

The exquisiteness of this pink tinged Cherry Blossom!

 and bushes of Lavender growing in and out of
May bushes and Orange Blossoms!



Just in this one spot there are three different varieties of Lavender

where the bees are at work!

 The fragrance from this white Wisteria is just

 and it is only in its second year of growth

 growing happily over our little garden room.

The huge Eucalyptus trees in the background give you
an idea of the size they can grow to!

 The rose bushes are definitely shooting new growth 
on all the bushes now and in the distance
come our much loved Angora babies
curious as to what has been thrown over the fence for them
and this is Darcy
whose mohair fleece will be looking very much shorter
in a week's time when they are all shorn!

Contentment is getting to eat some yummy green
weeds that don't grow out in the paddock where these beauties

 I hope there is much contentment in your lives 
at the moment too!

Love and hugs,
xox Suzy


  1. Lovely to stroll around your pretty garden. Our roses have just begun to bloom, as are the Melbourne roses.Guess yours are not quite there yet.What a sight when they do!
    Have a lovely week.
    Judy xx

  2. I love spring time :) Your garden looks so wonderful with all the flowers and roses.
    Hugs Alexandra

  3. Am green with envy as I look out at the grey sky and rain tiddling down lolol
    Love the nest, cobwebs indeed, so so clever and such a skilled crafter!
    I adore sheep but that's an even more delightful breed, you just got to lurve those yarny curls : )

  4. I love your place. It is so lovely and peaceful.

    Thank you for sharing and happy spring to you.


  5. What a beautiful garden you have!! and your furry sheep is adorable.

  6. hello Suzy
    un sympathique retour en arrière
    pour nous aider à passer
    j'ai pris ton bouton de vente
    pour le mettre sur mon blog
    colonne de gauche vers le bas
    bonne journée
    edith 5iris) France

  7. How beautiful Suzy!... love Darcy... and that sweet little birdie nest... seems so odd that you are entering Spring as we enter Autumn... but there is certainly a blissful contentment to each Season... xoxo... Julie Marie

  8. Hi Suzy, thank you so much for the beautiful post. It has brightened up what is a grey and dreary day here in the UK. I love your blog and your work. Blessings

  9. Thanks for sharing your beautiful tour Some beautiful colors and awesome flowers. My favorite is Contentment!! I could share hugs and spend a lot of time meandering with this beautiful animal. As a kid I had Venus a sweel loveable pet lamb, so this brought back so fun memories.

  10. I love your flowers and bushes .So pretty ! I've never seen an oyster plant before , pretty . It's fall here in Arkansas in the states . Thanks for the beautiful tour .
    cathy Thompson

  11. Oh what a beautiful stroll, loved every second of it. I feel like I was right beside you on your stroll and we were just visiting up a storm oxoxoxox

  12. Your garden is always so beautiful Suzy...we are going into Autumn here and my garden is now beginning to brown up some...all the pretty flowers are gone and it is a gray rainy day here...

  13. Suzy your Spring gardens are lovely. The blooms are magnificent. Thank you very much for sharing your beautiful photos. Creative Spring Bliss...

  14. oh what absolutely glorious springtime blooms!!! We are in fall mode in my neck of the woods -and beautiful as each season can be , I am looking forward to Spring again already. Thank you for brightening my day. Oh, and I could just squeeze that sheep and spoil him royally:)

  15. Hi Suzy
    Your garden seems to be wonderful, but what I prefer is your Darcy! She (he?) looks so lovely!
    Hugs and kisses

  16. I feel as if I have just walked through your beautiful garden with you Suzy, it is stunning x

  17. Hi Suzy, Your garden is so beautiful... Gorgeous the UK we are awaiting winter... it's raining heavy as I type....Have a wonderful rest of the week... Hugs May x x

  18. Suzy so many wonderful photos from your garden, I enjoyed to see them.
    Hugs Anni


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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