Thursday, October 2, 2014

Fabric Destashing and New Card

There comes a time
when you realize that there is just no way
we can use all that gorgeous fabric we have been
collecting over the years to create with whether
it be for crazy quilting, patchwork, collaging, cuffs etc. etc.

Shades of gold, black, greens and browns.

So I have decided to create some fabric packs which
are now selling in my Etsy Shop.
(Just click on the link above to go to shop).

This is a different color way which I have co-ordinated
in shades of pink and olive green.


So if you have a hankering for rich luscious fabrics then 
come and see if any of these might appeal to you.

I am also happy to assist with a custom order if that is
more suitable for your artwork or sewing!!! 

***** I am sorry that all the above fabrics have been sold
but I am now in the process of packing more so there
will be more in my shop soon!*****


This is a new Harvest Card that I have just completed
and is now for sale in my shop. 

Thanks to everyone who has left kind comments about my
latest works - I really appreciate you all!
xox Suzy 


  1. Oh, Suzy, even your collections of fabric from your stash are so decorative. The images are gorgeous. I know you will sell everything, if it hasn't sold already. Absolutely lovely and charming. Good for you!

  2. Darn i guess I missed the fabric on etsy.

  3. Just look at all those gorgeous, scrumptious, totally delicious fabrics! Just checked your shop and all six packs are sold already. Get cracking on some more, girl, you have customers queuing up!

  4. I have never seen such elegant fabrics and pairing of them! I will share this about, I hope you won't mind!

  5. Your color combinations are just lovely!

  6. Suzy, such beautiful fabrics and luscious combinations!

  7. This card is very lovely. The fabric packs must have flown out of the store! Enjoy your day my friend! Hugs!

  8. My dearest Suzy,
    your fabric packs of different colours and patterns looks really beautiful, and I love how you have displayed them looking like a crazy quilt...I can also see ,they have already gone ....WOW .
    Your Harvest card in brown/golden and white/black tones, is so very beautiful, with a lot of great accents and sweet little bits and pieces. Gorgeous and lovely.
    Thank`s for your email dearest friend, -you will soon hear from me.
    Love and hugs to you from Dorthe

  9. Lovely fabrics and I see they sold very quickly. Your collage is gorgeous. Creative Bliss Truly...

  10. Beautiful card and such a good idea to sell off excess stash, I know I should do the same with my endless collection of papers and stamps, but somehow I never get round to it.... This is beautiful though and I know will make some people very happy!

  11. I can certainly understand how your luscious fabric sold out so quickly! I love the card-- what a lovely idea!

  12. Your fabric packs look glorious Suzy - no wonder they sold so quickly. Look forward to seeing more - hugs.

  13. Suzy,
    Gorgeous fabrics! I am so sad i got rid of a few pieces in similar colors, but I didn't know about the lovely fabric books then. Ah, well, live and learn! They were dresses from my daughters wedding, My dress, but it would make a great wedding anniversary lace book if i had that fabric still! a fun memory book for them. i will have to see what I can do! thanks for the inspiration!

  14. Scrumptious fabric collections and it's no wonder that they have sold already! Somebody is going to have fun creating with them, for sure.

  15. What a brilliant idea this is - I am not at all surprised to hear these were already sold - your fabrics have been admired for a very long time by all who come here - you have very exquisite taste Suzy! I think making what you can't use available to others is a lovely gesture - and will certainly give you a feeling of lightness!


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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