Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sharing Some Sewing Artistry

I don't need to tell you that Blogland is brimming with
some totally amazing fabric, textile and mixed media artists
and I just thought I'd share 
two of these today.
Firstly there is Yvonne (Yitte)
Look at this very clever little nature art dress

with so many beautiful layers supporting
this little nest and egg - layers of
pretty fabrics, doilies and netted laces.

embellished  by Yvonne on her sewing machine

are the words below!!!

and just read the words gracing this beautiful 
paper and lace tag -

and secondly there is Dorthe (Denlillelade)
who is a most masterful dollmaker.

Look at one of her latest driftwood angels
with her hair decorated so beautifully
with a string of buttons
adorned in layers of pretty lace and ribbon
embellished with starfish and flowers! 


  With the clearest blue eyes which spell "serenity" to me.

and these pure white soft and squishy pumpkins

buttoned and tagged with pretty french fabrics!

These amazing artworks are now hanging in my studio
and living on my dresser where
I can be reminded everyday of these lovely friends,
their incredible artistry
and moreover
their hearts of love and friendship
which I am ever grateful for. 

xox Suzy



  1. So fantastic gifts!
    Everything looks beautiful.
    Have a nice Sunday
    Hugs Alexandra

  2. Thanks for the photos of that lady's work. That little dress is amazing. I love the pumpkins as well.
    Stitching sure is fun.
    Hugs Kay

  3. Hello sweetie, such beautiful and wonderful gifts you have received of both ladies. The words on Yvonne's work are very true and meaningful. And gosh, such beautiful stitching! The dolls of Dorthe are always so full of joy and peace, and this one is so gorgeous in white.
    Wishing you a peaceful and sunny Sunday, hugs

  4. Dorthe creates the most beautiful angels. Love the little dress.

  5. I love beautiful handmade things like these...especially dolls. I'll visit their blogs! Enjoy your day my friend! You are all so very talented! Hugs, Diane

  6. The dress is amazing & those pumpkins are wonderful - both artists create beautifully!

  7. OH thank you for sharing all this beauty!

  8. Oh Suzy ... you are most fortunate to have such beautiful pieces of art. Enjoy.


  9. Wow! Such beautiful pieces of art, for sure. Thank you for showing us, and sending us to visit them to see more.

  10. The amazing and talented people who so generously share and provide us with unlimited inspiration are indeed priceless. Each of these ladies and yourself to be certain are in this category. Creative Dreamy Bliss...

  11. Oh my dear Suzy,
    what a most gorgeous gift you recieved from dear Yvonne. I so admire her skills, and art creations, and when seing those beautiful little dresses on her blog, first time, I was in awe over their beauty, and Yvonnes "play" with them.
    This one is amazing with the nature adds, and the sweetest nest. Beautiful collage,too!!
    And thank you my dear , dear friend, for showing my gifties so very lovely here, I`m happy you love them!!
    Hugs and love from Dorthe

  12. Beautiful gifts from dear friends, each and every piece is just delightful. Yvonne's dress is the prettiest little thing, gosh, that nest with the egg is such a wonderful touch. And of course Dorthe's creations are always so very beautiful. She knows her friends well, so her gifts are always perfect for the recipient.

  13. Love those words!! Thank you for sharing these talented ladies.

  14. Such beautiful and heartfelt gifts Suzy...they are so lovely...each of these ladies are so very talented and I am sure each gift lifted your spirits very much...hope you are having a blessed and wonderful day.

  15. Is this blogland's own nature, dearest Suzy, that motivates us, mostly women, to support each other instead of negatively envying the other for her skills? Is it the land where we can be generous and kind?
    In your case it is so obvious! You have a kindred heart which spills all over your blog and touches other kindred hearts like sweet Dorthe's and Yitte's to react in such a most artistic and friendly manner. This presence of friendship, the wish you can feel in those beautiful presents for your wellbeing is so touching that it enlightens my soul, too!
    I am so happy to be part of such a community , all the more as the world around us seems to tumble in a struggle between good and evil. Visiting your blog today, my dear, gives me so much strength and an inside smile that I feel able to carry this spirit along myself, too!
    Hugs to you, my friend from the other side of the world! Good, to have you!

  16. OMG, Suzy! You've got quite wonderful gifts from Yvonne and Dorthe. The nature art dress and the paper and lace tag by Yvonne are simply a feast for the eyes. And the driftwood angel, the pumpkins and the fabric card by Dorthe are quite adorable and charming. The two ladies are very talented and generous. I'm happy with you. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs MARTINA

  17. Such beautiful and special gifts from Yvonne and Dorthe. Both are so very talented. TFS. Enjoy your treasures, dear Suzy and have a great start of the week. Thanks for posting on your sidebar and good luck to you:)
    Hugs and love,


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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