Sunday, June 14, 2015

Little Button Boots and All Dressed Up!


 These are two of my latest collaged wallhangings
that I have been creating - 
"Little Button Boots" is the first one

I did list them in my Etsy Shop a couple of days ago

 but they have already been taken.
Isn't this vintage beaded and sequin applique
just beautiful?
It really is quite heavy!

and this is the next one!
"All dressed up"!

Layers of sweet laces, doilies and lace fabrics

pieces of recycled silks and dyed scrim -
what better textiles to create with
than these recycled fabrics
from old skirts!

This little sweetie looks simply amazingly dressed

in her elegant gown, black gloves
and draw string bag wearing
the sweetest smile -
I hope she didn't have to stand there and practise this pose
for tooo long!!!


Now as a bit of a face lift to my blog I decided to give my header
 an update to reflect a more current representation
of my artwork - I did it myself and think I'm rather
pleased with the simple no-fuss approach!

I realized that it has been 2 years since my last one was created so beautifully by Karen Valentine
I used Picasa as my guide and it really was quite easy -
anyway I am open to any suggestions or comments!!! 

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend
whether it is warm and sunny or
freezing cold 
as it is here Downunder right now.
The freezing nights very gratefully are turning into
the most warm and sunny days for Winter
here so there's plenty of warmth in the
sun to make you still feel motivated.

I'd love to hear what you is motivating you today!!!

Love and hugs,
xox Suzy


  1. WOW!!!!! they are both beautifull, and just rich with colour and texture. You are a busy wee lady.

    I hope you are keeping warm to.

    I get motivated checking out your blog and playing with fabric's and lace to create beautifull works of art, hopefully,
    Thank you for inspiring us.
    Hugz from down under xx

  2. Pretty header and fancy children in these collages. Lovely collection of fabrics and laces for your collages. so sumptuous. Xox

  3. Gorgeous work... always!!

    x C

  4. The blog header is lovely and making me feel guilty because updating my blog look is something I never get around to making time for. Well done! Love the new collages, too. All Dressed Up is a very unusual cabinet card, especially because she has a tiny smile on her face. No wonder it inspired you!

  5. Your new header looks great! As always your art is amazing and I love the wonderful images you find to include. Out of idle curiosity, have you ever worked with denim? I wonder how your sweet images would look with it.

  6. I noticed your new header the other day when I looked at your blog. Congratulations on creating a beautiful entry to your blog. As always, your work is amazing! I love it. For myself, I finally took photos of my small cloth books. Next step is to upload them to my computer and resize in PhotoShop before listing in my empty Etsy shop. Not to worry - I'll make an announcement on my blog about it. In the meantime, I'm doing a little studio organizing to get ready for Karen Valentine's WHERE BLOGGERS CREATE party in July. My art rooms aren't as neat as yours are but they sure need to get a little more organized when I put them on display on my blog.

    Cool nights up in the Northern Hemisphere and high desert of Flagstaff, AZ, USA, at 7,000 feet elevation. The days vary from sunny and breezy to overcast and breezy. We've had some rains over the last few weeks which are always welcomed for the beautiful moisture.

    Take care,

  7. Hello
    They're both marvelous, I love the pretty little girls pictures!
    Hugs and kisses

  8. Suzy, both wall hangings are so delicious. The sweet children just make me smile. You are brilliant with your work, and I love getting your emails.
    Finally got my house listed here. My days living on a tropical island are limited. It is either hot or hotter here all the time, and I have been blessed to live a big part of my life on this gorgeous island. My adventurous spirit needs to be back closer to family in the states at my age.
    All my craft supplies have been packed, however, I have found a new passion for now which editing a book on Buddhist monasteries. For me the information is wonderful to learn as well as be of assistance to someone else. This will keep me quite busy for awhile.
    Stay warm, Dear Suzy, and should you want to visit where it is always really warm, you can come stay with me.
    Love to a dear friend. Nancy Carr

  9. Such a lovely header, my clever dear friend, ...I dare not do it myself, and could need another one, but......
    Suzy the collages are so stunning, all these amazing materials you have used, are so very beautiful, where on earth do you find all those ,lovely,lovely old fabric and laces, they truly makes your fantastic collages, even more fantastic. I love them both and the images are adorable.
    How are you doing in the cold weather, sweet the sun shines today again, I would gladly share it with you !!
    Loving hugs, Dorthe

  10. Hi Suzy, WOW you create beauty in such wonderful ways. Love the graphic and all the lace details in this design.
    Thank you for sharing and inspiring!!

  11. Your collages are breathtaking dear Suzy. Both of them have so many gorgeous layers and details, with beautiful earthy colours. I love love your new blog header! Thank you so much for your sweet visit. I always enjoy reading your encouraging words. Wishing you a beautiful day and sending you many sunny hugs, xxx

  12. You did good on updating your fun blog. And oh the adorable little treasure you have created..........just tugs at my heart. You truly are an inspiration and you make my coffee breaks so wonderful

  13. Your header looks wonderful.....professionally done. I too had my blog done by Karen. Your little girls are so adorable and the lace and bits and bobs are so rich and wonderful.

  14. Absolutely lovely Suzy! Love your new blog header too!

  15. Love your new collages and your header as well, dear Suzy:)
    Have a lovely day.
    Hugs and love,

  16. Suzy Dear your banner is beautiful and you should feel very proud that you created it yourself. These collages are dreamy and rich and elegant. You have a true artist eye to put together such different elements that result in stunning tributes to the images. Creative Bliss and June JOY...


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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