Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Journal "Through Winter's Door" - New Work!

Most of my followers here know me through
my artworks with fabric and fibre mostly,
as I adventure outside of my comfort zone
into the world of paints and brushes I have completed
a new journal.


 Using one of my favorite subjects "Stone Angels"
I have entitled it
"Through Winter's Door"

I have stenciled, inked, painted, patched, experimented 
dyed and sewn

 and when angels are close to your heart
the art comes easily!


 Some of this vintage fabric I have even painted
and stamped. Behind these fabrics you can
see my swirling mind expressed with paints


 I'm really a beginner in this area
but using my handmade brush
I've made a start!

With my awl I scribed text onto painted and 
gessoed pages and with free machine stitching
scribed "love and guidance".


It's all about letting yourself go
giving it a "go"!



I think that is the key to it all!



 xox Suzy


  1. Oooooh... Wow-Wow... !!! Amazing, beautiful project !!!

  2. WOW Suzy this is just beautifull, love the idea of painting and using other mediums onto fabric, wow I think the angels will love this as well,....lol, a very touching master piece.
    Hugz J x

  3. Woman, you are just amazing. Words fail me. xxx

  4. What a wonderful post...You are amazing. Love the new adventure you have shared with us. So many beautiful unique treasures your have created. Thanks for sharing your special talents with us. Sure made my morning coffee break very pleasant.

  5. Wow indeed Suzie! I may have to 'steal' some of the elements (inspiration) as, I think I will make a journal for my Nephews' wife, she would love the Angels.
    Now, must go and search for some Angels! We've got a lovely Angel statue near the village school, so, I will start with a photo of that. It's a War memorial and it is so beautiful.
    Thanks once more for your beautiful artwork and showing us Bloggers what can be achieved! xxx

  6. Be still my heart. Oh, I just love, love your new journal. What a masterpiece this is.
    Yes, you are amazing, dear Suzy:)
    Hugs and love,

  7. It is the most beautiful thing you've ever made. It is right at the top of my list of things I would like to make. I don't know how to print on fabric so I would need some pretty printed art but I have been collecting vintage fabric and lace. You've inspired me my friend. Sweet hugs, Diane

  8. I'm speechless! This new journal is totally awesome. Congratulations on your adventure into new techniques and your lovely angel inspirations. This is a wonderful piece of artwork. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    Hugs, Marrianna

  9. What a most beautiful, and amazing journal you have created dear Suzy.
    Every page is a new experience in texture, nature, beauty and fantastic colours combined !! I love your different tecniques ,too and the wonderful angel images .
    This is a very special, and adorable piece , filled with your love for the fabrics, papers and the art you can create mixing them both !!
    Sending big hugs and much love, Suzy !!

  10. Suzy, Awesome! I love the angels and your brush strokes in addition to all the lovely fabrics. I hope you do more with angels. Love you, Nancy

  11. Wonderful, as always! Obviously you're just as talented with paint as you are with fabric and fibre. Can't wait to see more!

  12. ...and the result is amazing my dear Suzy!!! What a work of beautiful art. You have let your creative wings go and this journal is a testament to the talent you have within. Each page you shared is gorgeous with all the different textures and color. So lovely dear friend---so lovely!
    sending love...

  13. Oh Suzy! What an amazing and beautiful piece of art!

  14. Each image was better than the next...you are so talented and there are absolutely no end to your talent. Yes, surrounded by angels, yes you are.

  15. Hi Suzy, your newest work is simply stunning. You create with great skill and everything turns our beautiful. Such a talent you are.

  16. Trust me when I say this, Suzy ... in no way or fashion does this look like you are a beginner. Absolutely not.

    Rather, it appears that you were born creating just like this.


  17. Hello dearest Suzy, Welcome to the "out of comfort zone" ;)!!! Isn't it fun to try something different from time to time? You did great! I love your painted and stamped pages and your fabric pages are certainly fabulous as well.
    Have fun playing with the paint brush :)!
    Hugs to you,

  18. Loving the mixed media, so many different paths you can travel down. The kits are a good idea, too.

  19. Oh wow oh wow dear Suzy, it's absolutely stunning!! It's one of my most favourite pieces of art of your hand so far! Gorgeous work, beautiful layers, great combining of the paints and papers and fabrics, just wonderful and utterly awesome! And so good to see you're experimenting and exploring as well. Good on ya :) Hope to see many more of your mixed media works. By the way, I see the influences of Nellie's work here, but with your very own unique and beautiful twist to it. Sending you love and hugs and very sunny smiles from heat-waved-Netherlands.

  20. What a beautiful piece! Truly beautiful! xx

  21. Beautiful work as usual Suzi, fabulous.

  22. a most beautiful book Suzy! The angels were def. watching over and inspiring you!

  23. I never cease to be blown away by what you create - and this book is no exception. You are fearless! I would never try combining fabric and paint and yet, in your hands, they belong together.

  24. Your journal is glorious! Sweet! Divine! I love the free motion stitching too.

  25. just beautiful! need to try something like this when i finish my art room clean and purge :)

  26. This is another exquisite work of art. It is amazing - you just keep getting better and better.Hugs

  27. Dearest Suzy-- this is so amazing.. I think there is nothing that you cannot do. You have taken your beautiful lace creations to a new breathtakingly new level. Wonderful creation Suzy-- truly exquisite...

  28. It looks good to the eye, I hope you enjoyed your new venture.

  29. My dear I do believe you possess magical creative powers with the beautiful works of HeArt you create. This journal is proof of your amazing talents with fabrics, laces, ephemera and now your paintbrush. Creative Bliss Indeed...

  30. Hi Suzy, just amazing. You did a fabulous job and I love your paint brush touches. This is simply stunning. Continued great success in your direction with the paint brush.
    Have fun and enjoy!!
    Thank you for stopping by to visit my creative space and your kind comment.
    Have a wonderful week ahead!!
    Hugs, cm

  31. Dear Suzie thats got my heart!!! Amazing Art. Congratulations


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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