Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Simply (Nearly) Neutrals Tuesday No.7 In the Garden

Well most of my readers know that I live
in Australia where we are now into
the season of Spring
 I wanted to share some white flowers from my garden

 Even though everything is looking so very green at the moment
I see lots of white and neutrals in and around the garden -
in fact, to the right in the picture in one part of the
garden is a large white Weigelia.

It is finally now time to store away our baskets and tubs
for gathering and storing kindling for fire lighting!


These have been just outside our kitchen for past few months.

 This is the beautiful Weigelia flower up close!


The next one shows a sea of Lychnis
(it is more commonly seen with a bright magenta coloured flower)
with its bluish green leaves which just loves to spread 


Of course, no country garden would be complete without
some of these tall standing foxgloves which
continue to self seed from one year
to the next.
They are so delicate in their bell shapes hanging 
so gracefully.  We have these in many
different colours which I hope
to share in a future post.


 I am sure many of you are familiar with the Abutalon
(more commonly known as Chinese Lantern)
We have these in different shades including white, red,
lemon and orange.

There are also some other friends that we have
in, as well as, just outside our garden fence  -

Thank you for sharing this little time with me and if you
would like to see more neutrals of a different type
then hop over to Wen's blog - link above. 

 Thank you so much Wen for hosting another party for us!

 Enjoy and thanks for dropping by!

Love and hugs,


  1. Your gardens are stunning. Everything is so lush and beautiful. I can honestly say your gardens are calling me to just meander and enjoy every sight and sound. Beautiful Simply Neutrals Bliss...

  2. You have such a wonderful garden, dear Suzy. I love all your pretty white flowers and of course your sweet curled friend. Spring is always such a joy, isn't it? Everything starts to grow, get green again and bloom. So lovely.
    Have a nice evening, sweet friend!

  3. Hello Dear Suzy
    I love your garden, it's wonderful!!!! I didn't know white Abutilon, here, we have it just in red or dark orange.
    Thanks for share, it's so good to see a garden in spring.
    Hug and kisses

  4. Lovely, thank you for allowing me in to see it.

  5. Oh Suzy, your garden is looking magnificent! I haven't seen white lychnis; I have the magenta, but I would love to get some of the white seeds or a cutting some time from you, they are gorgeous. I love Spring, too. I've been enjoying planting some new lavender varieties and a couple of new roses. I have some lovely whites in my garden, but I can't resist all the colours, too! It's a chance to play with colours I would never wear....

    Enjoy your beautiful garden, Suzy, you have made such a paradise there.

  6. Suzy, your garden is stunning. I envy that you are in spring while we are entering into the cool season. It is 36 degrees F here this morning, but the days are supposed to rise to the 70's all week, so this is the last week for me in the garden and I will mulch and plant my tulip bulbs and Iris starts. I love all of your plants, but especially envy you your foxgloves since they don't grow very well here, and rarely self seed. Happy spring! Hugs, Sue

  7. Some fabulous neutrals Suzy. Your garden is a delight and your goats so sweet. The simple metal pan with wood is just perfect. I love images like that. xox

  8. Suzy, thank you for sharing your beautiful garden and all the lovely things you have. This is a good way to start my day by seeing all the green and white. Blessings

  9. Glorious photographs, my dear Suzy. I could wander about in your garden for hours on end.

  10. simply beautiful... and I really needed that beauty break... your flowers are so lovely, it is something I miss living in a tropical environment, the loss of such lovely flowers.. foxgloves and weigelias just don't seem to do well... and your goat... so sweet! x

  11. I think I need to come visit you.... beautiful pictures. I will send you an email to chat about possibilities, cuz when I come to Au. I need a friend to visit.

  12. Hello my dear, what a treat to see your garden and how beautiful it is. I forget sometimes that our seasons are reversed. So Happy Spring. We are into Fall right now. Love all the greenery and flowers. You know one time I got a and I say a single Foxglove to live here in the West Texas heat. I was so proud of it and treated it like royalty. It thrived for a while but alas the 100 plus heat got to it. I even had it in my secret Faerie garden. All your flowers are beautiful and thanks for taking the time to share it with us. Have a good one oxxoxoxo

  13. Hello dear Suzy,
    I always love seeing photos of your beautiful garden. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Have a lovely day.
    Hugs and love,

  14. I just love that face and the curly hair. Your garden is starting out spectacularly. My favorite flower next to the rose is the foxglove and I have no luck in Chicago with them. I plant them and they are there for one season but are never able to re-seed themselves. Maybe too cold.

    I always enjoy your garden pictures and of course your sweet goats.


  15. Oh my goodness. The foxgloves. Swoon. I would love to have a garden like yours. I bet you just wander around in a state of euphoria. I know I would.


  16. Thank you dear friend, for another so beautiful visit to your garden, of joy and wonders.
    The flowers you show are so beautiful ,the only one I have here, is the Foxglove , but the Weigelia and Lychnis are amazing both,maybe I can find them in Denmark, too. Your little basket and zinc ball filled with tiny wood pieces, looks jus wonderful, too, and is a great idea.
    I wish I could touch your dear and sweet looking friend, he must be so soft to touch, dear Suzy.
    Wonderful to visit your neutrals from your garden, seing your amazing amount of white flowers.
    Sending love and hugs to you now sleeping , but you will recieve them tomorrow :-)
    Dorthe, xxx

  17. Suzi - What a beautiful post and how lovely for you to share your environment outdoors that surrounds you! It is hard to remember that you are complete different seasons from my corner of the world. Thank you for the garden walk!


  18. Beautiful garden images Suzy...thank you for sharing and good to see your curly friend is busy making new fibres for your projects :)

  19. Such a lovely post Suzy!
    I always enjoy stopping in here~ Your photo's are beautiful and peaceful. I especially love the close up of your wooly friend! Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing. Karen

  20. Your garden is gorgeous! I have a pink Wigelia and didn't even know they cam in white. Lovely!

  21. Dear Suzy, your garden is so so gorgeous! An abundance of beautiful flowers and sweet curly haired friends :) How wonderful it must be now in Spring. Enjoy sweetie! Sending you hugs and wishing you a happy weekend, xx

  22. I was totally unaware that Chinese Lanterns could be white - amazing! And of course I would so love to run my fingers through that wonderful curly hair.


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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