Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Simply Neutrals Tuesday No. 5 - New Journal with vintage image transfers

Whilst working with my new journal incorporating
some new stencils, some plaster, 
vintage transfer images, vintage laces, sari ribbon,
silk organza and some mica pigment powders
I thought some of the resulting pages could be included
in Wen's
So in keeping with the theme of neutrals I am sharing just some
of the pages here:

 The pages hold some beautiful images of a famous British photographer of the late 1800's, Julia Margaret Cameron.

You will notice also some recycled white
lace clothing on some pages here
such as this ribbon lace 

and part of a cotton lace, pin tucked and gathered lace blouse here.

 Understated roses on silk organza

and the same fabric incorporated into some silk chiffon
underlying some dyed scrim.  This page has been
felted onto bamboo cotton.

I love the pure simplicity of this rose over white cotton lace

with a touch of dusty pink unspun mohair!

Please go and visit Wen's blog (link above)
for some exquisite artwork and


This Journal will be for sale so if there is any interest
just email me at

Enjoy dear friends,

Love, Suzy


  1. Really nice work...I like the touches of gray!

  2. It's another beauty.. I love the rose pink with the neutral colors. And that last image really caught my attention. Thank you..


  3. What beautiful mediums you are using in this project. I hope that we will get to see it again when it is completed. Hugs, Sue

  4. Suzy, your talent is just astounding!!

  5. Once again dear your work of HeArt is making me swoon with delight. Lovely in such soft neutrals. Creative Lace Bliss...

  6. Yet another beautiful piece of art Suzy. I think I've said before that I wish I could crawl inside your head to just possess some of your talent.

  7. Just one word, my dear Suzy. Gorgeous!
    Have a lovely day.
    Sending hugs and love,

  8. So many details. I especially like the tiny lace collar you gave to the photo. xox

  9. Hi Suzy, Beautiful work with neutrals. Everything is dreamy with special attention to the details making each work gorgeous.
    Blessings, cm

  10. JMC's work is such a perfect fit with your beautiful fiber art, I adore it and the neutrals of course, the rose flowers in white ribbon are so exquisite..

  11. Just beautiful ... and love the ribbon lace especially!

    Happy creating.

  12. My dear friend, Marie is right...Gorgeous!
    Your pages are so beautiful, and brings piece and comfort ,just looking at them. The materials are all to sigh for, and I can`t wait to really start my own ,after seing more of your brilliant work shop . Thank you for all the inspiration you are giving us, Suzy, so generous of you .
    Today I found "my story" I want to tell,a nd a lot of materials :-)
    Sending you big hugs, and kisses.

  13. Beautiful, beautiful work. I love how you incorporate the recycled clothing pieces into your work Suzy. The colours look wonderful and how soft and pretty is the mohair!
    Chrissie :)

  14. Hello
    Simply marvellous!
    Hugs and kisses

  15. Sweetie, your journal is stunning! And oh my, how I LOVE the rose fabric... I want to paint them!!! I love the wintery tones and soft feel of this journal. So yummy! Sending you big hugs xxx

  16. Oh my, Suzy, you have outdone yourself here! The roses are so gorgeous, especially the felted one on bamboo cotton. You have such a knack for putting it all together. This is to die for! What an inspiration you are!

    Jesse XXOO

  17. Your work is so Exquisite Suzy~
    I love to visit here and be inspired and
    This latest post is vintage loveliness~
    Always so much gorgeous texture and the
    neutrals are beautiful; refined~
    Thank you for sharing!
    Karen O

  18. Your layers of lace and fabrics are very beautiful, my dear Suzy! The colors are pretty and I like the grey and beige/brown rose fabric and the images.
    I guess you have pleasant spring weather now. Enjoy your lovely garden and have a wonderful weekend :)!


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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