Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Vintage photo albums and cabinet cards - Simply Neutrals Tuesday No. 19

Dear friends
as Simply Neutrals Tuesday has come around once again
- it is the 19th party hosted by Wen now
and as I have virtually no new creativity to share 
for this event today I am revisiting some
artwork nestled in amongst
a few vintage cabinet cards and albums
which some of you may have not seen before.














 I'm so looking forward to seeing these appear (including this
gorgeous image of my grand parents) in my
new studio space which hopefully will be
no more than a few weeks away from 


 Thank you Wen once again!


Thanks to everyone for leaving such lovely comments
on my last post talking about the transition.
There just hasn't been enough time for me to respond personally
but just know that I am really really appreciative!

Love and hugs,
Suzy xox


  1. Hello dear Suzy
    Hope your moving goes well. Package everything must be a such work!
    Thinking of you

  2. Hallo Suzy,
    I am happy to see you futurely once a week! I like these kind of retro! P.

  3. Dear Suzy, you have such a wonderful collection of beauties! Your own hand made gorgeous collages are breathtaking and oh my how many beautiful old pieces you have gathered! I hope you will be able to settle in your new creative space soon and make it again your own, so you will be able to enjoy creating again. Thank you for taking time to join the party again sweetie! Sending you hugs and love, xx

  4. So many wonderful pictures.
    I am impressed and would like also designed such wonderful things !
    Greetings from Germany,
    i came visiting you from " Simply Neutrals "

  5. Dearest Suzy,
    Your collection of old photos is amazing, I still remember some years ago, when you got that wonderful fat album filled with lovely photos.
    Your cards are always loved ,and so very beautifully done, with your fantastic sense for creating with layers of gorgeous materials.
    I love how you mixed it all, to wonderful displays and beauty in your soon to be former home.
    Sending love, from Dorthe

  6. Hello Suzy,
    How is your move going? Hopefully well!
    Your photos are lovely, and i especially love the statue of the three muses!
    hugs, Jackie xo

  7. Dear Suzy,
    gosh you have so many beautiful treasures! I hope you are well and everything is going well with your move. Can't wait to see your new studio.
    Many hugs,
    Karen B. ~ Todolwen

  8. I always love seeing your creations and the beautiful things you surround yourself with. Have a good week my friend and best of luck in all the changes ahead for you. Hugs, Diane

  9. Old. New. Doesn't matter ... it's all beautiful!

    Thank you so much, Suzy, once again for your magnificent work.

  10. Hi Suzi~
    I understand what you are going thru moving as I did so about 6 years ago. So many of my things were still in boxes. Now, I really need to move again to where I can be independent and walk small distances to stores etc. I am pretty house bound. Down sizing is difficult and I hope when you do get moved into your new place you set up your creative space first (after the kitchen)LOL!

  11. Oh My Word dear Suzie this was a beautiful post! I am thankful you included all this inspiration; as I am one who has not seen all these treasures! Thank you so very much for taking time to share; and post @ Wen's party this week! (I'm sure you must be quite busy.)

    I know we all 'keep moving' and can't help but look forward and to the future (and rightly so) -But I love the past! and all it has to offer us. Your vintage finds are beautifully displayed for us to enjoy and reflect upon. I appreciate you Suzie : ) Have a blessed week! Karen O

  12. As busy as you are with moving, this is a fabulous post, love all your beautiful neutrals! Hope the move is going smooth! xo

  13. Lovely neutrals and great to hear of your bitter sweet but exciting move. It will be full of opportunities x

  14. Hi Suzy! Beautiful and inspirational photos! I've enjoyed viewing your gorgeous treasures!

  15. Great old photos and fibers scrattered around. Sweet nest you found. Hope you are remembering to rest and destress a bit while you are packing. xox

  16. Amazing how you are able to post amidst all of your packing and transition. Your treasures are lovely dear. May your move go smoothly and your new studio space be a wonderful place for you and your creative muse.

  17. Hi Suzy..
    What a lovely collection of pieces. The old photos are so charming and love the little nest. Your photos are wonderful and your lace creations are always a delight to see. I hope you're getting settled in your new home! Thank you for sharing even though you're very busy~

    Best wishes and hugs,
    Tamara <3

  18. I remember when you found that amazing book of photos and it was nice to see it (and some of the contents) again. Hope all is going well with you.


  19. I like to see and admire the full dresses on the ladies from the early 1800's
    I wonder why they wore such huge dresses?
    I would think it would be a challenge to wear that all day long in the summer months and even getting through houses?

  20. Hi Suzy! I love all of your pretties. Lots of luck with your move, and I can't wait to see your new surroundings. I know that it must be hard to give up such a beautiful and tranquil place, but a new adventure is always a good thing. Hugs, Sue

  21. Hi Suzy,
    Your treasures are so beautifully displayed. Those old photos are so precious, especially the ones who are your family. You must be so organised to be able to write a blog post in the midst of packing up!

    I am so late posting this week as we have two band gigs - one tonight for St Paddy's Day and one tomorrow night for our school fete. The publicity takes so much time, doing posters and putting them up, Facebook posts and emails etc. Then we have our Easter concerts. I shall be glad to get back to normal for a while!

    Sending much love and best wishes for your move.


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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