Thursday, March 3, 2016

Simply Neutrals Tuesday #18 -Time of Transition

We all make plans in our lives for the future
and as we age we start to think about
direction, downsizing and
what things we learn we can manage
and not manage as the case may be!)
when we advertised our beautiful home and property
(to test the water so to speak)
we were not expecting our hearts would have to change so quickly
when it sold almost immediately!

How could we ever leave all of this -



 the trees we have planted, the plants, flowers and roses

 we have nurtured,

the birds we have watched,


the wildlife we have observed,


 and the precious pets we connect with daily




but life is always about compromise and the journey
is taking us in a new downsized direction
all of our beloved pets can stay with their
new owners thankfully 
we are happy for them for that! 

So consequently it is a time for sorting and packing up our
possessions as well as casting off which has its
own sense of freedom
after much searching we feel we have been very blessed
in taking the next step forward to
 a very small manageable property in our near by seaside town
which affords the most incredible beauty at our back door 
without all of the labour on our own shoulders!
Nature has provided us with this:


 Another gorgeous garden which is very simple
with the rest provided by nature on a lake
with vistas and magnificent aged tea trees
amazing bird life, kangaroos and ducks.
This is just a glimpse of what is to come!



(a glimpse of the lake to the left!)

So onward with the packing we go now in my studio


 in the boxes they go!




as they wait in line to arrive at their next 
stage of the my creative journey!






 Empty shelves now as I count the days before
I say goodbye to this morning kitchen view!!!

 All of this my dear friends is the reason I have been unable
to be at my table creating as well as visiting you all!!!
The task has been and is still huge!!!
I hope to be able to share
more with you in the coming weeks.

I am linking today to Simply Neutrals Tuesday No. 18
with Wendy Sylvestre.

  Thank you so much for your support and patience
as we make this transition!

With Love and Hugs,
Suzy xox


  1. My heart is with you Suzi in this big transition! In each home shift we have done, it was not leaving the house that saddened me but the garden. My sister-in-law only mentioned the other day that the garden was the 'glue' that binds my husband and I. (Your garden looks very like the one that we are nurturing at present). We have a morning ritual (when he is about) of cup of coffee in hand, we wander about the garden commenting on growth of plants, new birds in the garden or their nests, and what we would like to plant next. We feel this will be our last 'big garden' and in the next few years will also have to consider a downsizing. But all things in their own time! And with your home selling so quickly, the Universe is working with you to move towards the next big and much more wonderful thing. So your time is now Suzi. Good luck and lots of energy for the packing and we are looking forward to seeing 'that next big thing'. x Julie

  2. Hello dear Suzy
    What a surprise, and at the same time, it's not. We are in moving energy times, and many people change their life. Me too! I try to sell my home to another one, smaller and more practical for me.
    I imagine how it must be hard for you to leave this wonderful property, your dear garden, and your beautiful babies, it will be the same for me about the garden. I move many times in my life and I never regret my houses, but allways my gardens and plants because they are living being. But each time I moved, I put a lot of plant in containers before to take them with me, and I needed a van only for them! LOL
    A new life begins for you, a new home, and a new garden to create! Hopr it will be the same for me in some months!
    Hugs and kisses

  3. I am a bit teary eyed reading this.i am happy you have found a new place to downsize. I am feeling how hard it must be to leave the home you built. The pets got me. I wish you joy and happiness in your new life adventure. Looking forward to hearing about it and more of your beautiful photos.

  4. Good luck Suzie,a new adventure begins. Hopefully you will look back with fond memories of all you left behind as you journey through all the new ones you will be making. Will be eagerly watching out for you return to the blogosphere. Lx

  5. Oh, Suzy!!
    What an adventure full of mixed emotions.... Hugs and enjoy your process, I would have a few tears.... To say the least. You will love your new place and have such wonderful memories of this one!

  6. Loving your beautiful photos. I love the outdoors and animals. I'm thankful you have shared such beauty. Wishing you the very best in the transition, it's not easy. Tugs at the heart and excites the mind.
    When I remarried I downsized....somewhat 1/2 of it at least, don't miss "stuff" that much, but I do miss the livable space. Maybe I need to downsize more !~~~ . Best wishes on your new adventures.

  7. Wow Suzy ~ I can definitely see where it would be hard to leave such a beautiful space you two have created. I can see why the new owners scooped it up quickly too, and am glad they are keeping your critters.

    May your new place give you much joy, peace and an easier and simpler life style.

    Looking forward to pictures galore. Happy moving and setting up in your new home.

    Love, hugs & prayers ~ FlowerLady

  8. Good morning dear Suzy,
    Congratulations on the sale and purchase of hopefully a "new perfect home". It is sad when we leave behind the garden that we nurtured and the birds that became such a regular part of our lives,. I know, because we did the same 3 years this May. We moved into a much smaller home, a single wide trailer to be exact, the funny thing here is we picked up 13 more acres! So those plants I dug up and brought with us, have much room to grow. and you know what? Since putting about houses and many feeders, we have many new feathered friends that make our home theirs as well!
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos and beginning of your new story/adventure with us! I look forward to the next chapter with you!
    post more when time allows!

  9. Exciting, scary, stressful, wonderful and exhausting. Been there as you know in the last year and a half. Good luck with the move. Sounds like your new home will afford you opportunities to make it your own. I doubt you will not still have the hard work of the garden, but smaller and less is better as we (ahem-age), reluctantly. Wishes for a smooth transition. xox

  10. Please don't feel you need to respond to my comment. I know you are very busy right now and I appreciate the time you have taken to let us know about the changes in your life. I'm leaving my comment today in support of the changes you and your husband are making. I look forward to seeing photos of your new home and the lovely landscape surrounding it. Just looking at the beginning of your studio packing tells me that you have a big chore going on. Yes, looking forward to reading about the new home and your new studio.

    Hugs and best wishes from up North,

  11. oh my dear Suzy what an undertaking y'all are doing. I know it is exciting and you probably have mixed feelings but when all done you will say why didn't we do this sooner? Can't wait to see your new home and your creations. xoxoxo

  12. Oh my goodness - I didn't realize all this was happening! It's an emotional time I know with such a mixture of sadness over leaving your happy place and excitement over creating a new one. Here's hoping all will go smoothly.

  13. Hello Dear Suzy,
    What a beautiful garden and lovely views that you have.The loving care that you have put into your current home is very evident. How wonderful your new yard area looks and you will have more time for working on your art. But I can only imagine your mixed feelings. And those sweet little friends are gorgeous.
    Wishing you the best and keeping you in my prayers while you pack all of your lovely art and goods to be re-located.

    Hugs and blessings,

  14. Wishing you a safe and happy move. May you make many wonderful memories in your new home and create new adventures. Saying goodbye is hard, but the cherished moments travel with you in your hearts. Hugs

  15. Dearest friend,
    you have been so very lucky ,selling in a snap with your fingers, not having to wait and wait, as we here, are doing. Lets see tomorrow, but as time goes, I almost do not believe ,someone will say : "I take it " . That is tiresome and worrying , and I`m so happy for you, you was not to fight, the same we are here. I know how it hurts both your hearts, to leave this Paradise place, and its sweet animals ,and at the same time you are so exited to start a new life nearer town, but still in such beautiful surroundings Suzy. And such a major work to pack down your belongings, for them to "wake up" in a new place and in new context, I guess, maybe for some of the furniture. Your beloved studio, soon all empty ,and all resting in big boxes ,-the unpacking will be equal long, but much more fun I believe.
    Sweetie, I wish you a good and beautiful day, to arrive, when you wake up in some hours. Gere it is suddenly snowing ,not much spring around !!
    Much love from Dorthe, please cross your fingers for us, for our tomorrow .xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  16. OMG! I can only imagine what a huge task this is for you and a whole new journey. Best of luck!

  17. Oh dear dear Suzy~
    What a blessing you have found something so tranquil to head forward to, in this new journey of life. I know you are leaving behind many beautiful memories and a wonderful home; and that must be difficult; as you described. But your new place is so intriguing! I am excited for you! I feel you will truly come to love this place as well; creating many happy memories to come. Your photo's are beautiful! and I enjoyed the visit!
    You know what? I wish I was there : ) I do. Wish I was there to help you pack your studio! and hear all your stories about where these beautiful treasures came from! Blessings to you friend. And we shall all look forward to your future posts; sharing what lies ahead for you~
    Karen O

  18. It's sad to see you leave such a beautiful home that has been cared and nurtured by your own hands, but life must go on and change is good right!? Your new home is beautiful too and it's waiting to be filled with new and wonderful memories! Good luck to you Suzy and see you soon!

  19. Dear Suzy, I know it is bittersweet to move away from a beloved home and the packing can be overwhelming. I have moved many times with job transfers so I can relate, but downsizing is a bit different and brings it's own set of challenges. Prayers for you as you pack and move. May your new home be wonderful and a whole new adventure to enjoy.
    God Bless you. Have a nice weekend ahead. xo

  20. Suzy Dear you have told the story of your downsizing journey so well and shared so much of what you have built and loved. I am warmed by your truth as I know I am facing the very same task in my near future. You will keep your beloved memories as well as make new ones in your new home. I believe you will be busy creating your magical works of HeArt very soon when the time is right. Safe Packing and Moving Dear...

  21. All I can say is wow! For your beautiful home to sell so quickly sure was a sign from the universe that you have made the right decision despite how difficult it was. And you must be so happy to know the new owners will care for your beloved pets too. Your new home looks equally beautiful and I wish you much love and happiness there. Best of luck with all the packing!

  22. Ah, I know the feeling, we sold our house in one day, and it was so overwhelming, did not really have proper time to say goodbye, but maybe that was for the best. Your new place looks wonderful and will give you more studio time, without so much gardening responsibility, I am sure! Lovely neutrals post! xox

  23. Dear Suzy, What a lovely, heartfelt post you have written about all your changes. It must be so sad for you, letting go of such beauty, and all the work and emotion you have invested in it making it your special home. Your packing up pictures remind me of moving here after we sold our house in Canberra. It will be such fun as you unpack your treasures at the other end and I'm sure you will make new place artfully gorgeous, too. The glimpses of it look great.
    Sending love and hugs,

  24. Dear Suzy, wishing you every happiness as you move to this new stage in the journey of life.
    Chrissie x

  25. your new place looks wonderful Suzy - I'm sure you'll enjoy the time you get on hand. wishing you lots of happy years in that beautiful new place xx

  26. Liebe Suzy,

    das ist kein leichter Schritt. Es würde mir das Herz zerreißen so viel Schönheit zurück zu lassen. Alles dort, die Bäume, die Blumen erzählen auch Eure Geschichte. Unter ihren Blätterdächern habt ihr gelacht, getanzt, gefeiert, den Sonnenuntergang genossen, vielleicht auch geweint. Dieser Ort wird bleiben und wann immer ihr Sehnsucht habt, wir es Euch gestattet sein dorthin zurück zu kehren, Eure geliebten Tiere zu sehen. Dieser Ort ist nicht aus der Welt.
    Andererseits finde ich es auch sehr spannend und kreativ ein neues Nest zu gestalten. Ideen die man immer schon hatte dort dann umzusetzen. Es kann auch eine große, neue Chance sein. Ich bin sicher Ihr werdet diese Herausforderung meistern.
    Viel Kraft und Glück dafür wünscht von Herzen


  27. Thanks for helping me summon the courage to do the same in the coming years...Vickie

  28. Oh Suzy ... you will have your new abode all spiffed up, decorated and loved in no time at all. Enjoy the process!


  29. Oh my, sweet friend, such a big change in your life! It must have been quite a shock to see your property selling so quickly! But no wonder for it's such a gorgeous and stunning property, with the gorgeous garden you and your husband have planted with such care and love. What struck me most was that you have to say goodbye to your sweet furry friends... My dear Suzy, I think that's a very brave step you took which shows how much you care for the well being of these beautiful creatures. Are you able to visit them? I wish you and your husband a bright new future ahead in your new property with again gorgeous view, and hope your life will be blessed with peace and joy there. Take care sweetie and good luck with all the (un)packing! Sending you big hugs and sunny smiles, xxx

  30. I loved this post Suzy. Sorry I haven't been good at visiting lately, and I have no reason good enough other than just the way my life has been lately with our sweet Landon. He hasn't been in good health most of this spring, so I haven't been able to be at my computer very much. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to comment on blogs with my phone and to me, learning this new skill hasn't been a priority :)
    This post is just so beautiful, and to see all of these things stringed together showed me what a beautiful rich life you have live here. Isn't it wonderful you had your beautiful blog with all of these memories on it?
    I want to send you much love dear friend and tell you how much you mean to me.


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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