Thursday, March 31, 2011

More Beautiful Gifts

Yet another most beautiful gift has arrived in the mail from
It came wrapped in this beautiful upholstery fabric with her beautiful promotional card advertising her brand new book.  See my sidebar for all the details about this.

And inside I found this most beautiful collage.  It was the one I won during the
One World One Heart Event.
This collage depicts Lovey's unique style of collage featuring Historical African American Women.  It is simply beautiful!
Thank you so much Lovey - it is so special!

And then there were these gorgeous gifts from
Judy of

Such beautiful crazy patchworked collage with lace and beads - I just love this!
along with more fabric and some dyed motifs by Judy which
I can incorporate into some of my own creations!
Thank you again Judy, my friend - so kind hearted that you are!!!

And the last one was a package for my birthday from a dear friend, Ros

So nicely wrapped in these pretty coloured glass and fabric beads

I found these:
Soft pastel coloured butttons, doilies and lace.

Just so many things to create with - All just gorgeous.

A very big "Thank you" to all three of you!
Love from me,
Suzy xxx


  1. You were magnificently spoiled, all these presents are magnificent, your friends are big artists!
    With delay I wish you a beautiful birthday! (I celebrated mine there is not very for a long time, we are both of Mars)

    Hugs to you Suzy

  2. Dearest Suzy- so beautifull gifts, to you beautifull lady.
    I think I most -them all :) they are gorgeus in colors, and style the two collages- and the goodies to play with, wonderfull.
    I know you deserves them all, you lucky friend.
    I will write you laer today, sweet.
    Lots of love and hugs, from

  3. Suzi, it is so wonderful to receive gifts in the mail from friends

  4. Spectacular gifts from your firends. Lush and lovely. xox Corrine

  5. Oooh, you lucky thing! A belated happy Birthday to you! xx

  6. My o My you have done special are all of those stunning gifts x

  7. I would have loved to win that amazing collage in the OWOH event as well, I did try, lol. Judy's gifts to you are so beautiful, that gorgeous collage and those wonderful dyed lace bits, droool. Wish I knew how people do that, what dye they use etc, would love to try that for myself.
    And those beautiful buttons, beads and doilies from Ros, so imaginatively wrapped, are great for crafting with.

  8. Glad you liked your gifts Suzy.My pleasure!!
    I just found a wonderful; doily at the Chemist shop locally.It has 8 motifs I can dye and cut off for use in my work.I'll take before and after pics to show you.

    Just a note for Lululiz..I used silk dyes.I still have loads from when we did silk dyeing years ago.RIT dye works well too. Very easy..Shall I put a tutorial on my blog do you think Suzy?Would people find it useful do you think?

  9. Beautiful gifts for a well deserving lady. I know two of the gift givers and know the spirit in which they were given. So much talent out there with big hearts. Enjoy your treasures, they are awesome.Hugs,Pat

  10. Hi Suzy,
    your gifts are wonderful and so are you:)
    Enjoy your treasures.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  11. Oh Suzy, I didn't know you were celebrating a birthday. Happy Happy belated Birthday!

    You are one lucky gal, these gifts are gorgeous!

    Have a wonderful upcoming weekend!

    Gaby xo

  12. Oh my goodness, Suzy, all this elegance! It makes me wish I didn't have so many other irons in the fire right now! You're tempting me to pick up my needles and threads. *sigh* Maybe a 48 hour day?
    Hugs, Diane

  13. Happy Birthday, dear Suzy! I hope you had a wonderful day. Enjoy all the beautiful gifts.
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Hugs to you,

  14. Happy Birthday Suzi. Your gifts are really wonderful. You are so fortunate to have such friends. I believe artists only get better with age.

  15. Suzi ~ Those are the most treasured gifts ~ how wonderfully delightful for you! Thanks for sharing. Have a blessed day sweet gal! ~ Katie

  16. Sending love and hugs, warmth and are undoubtedly my sweet and dear Suzy...not by chance but by favor...our paths have met and you will forever be in my Suzy Q! Heart You!

  17. Such beautiful Gifts and treasures!!! Happy happy Birthday!!!

  18. Beautiful gifts. I love Lovey's blog as well ♥


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