Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Birds Nests and Bells

I really don't have to walk very far at all
from my back door
to find these amazing birds' nests!

There are so many different bird species on our property

but I particularly love to collect the nests made by
the Willy Wag Tails

 and the Red Browed Fire tails
(little finches)

because they are so tiny and delicately created.
The nest above also incorporates the fluff
from the puppy clippings
because it makes the
 perfectly soft lining
for a nest!

The bells have taken on a rusty patina
just by living out in the garden
room over the many
even still with a sweet ring to the ear.

Just wanted to share a few vintage images I have collected
along the way

and this Swallow's nest

along with this beautiful graphic

so appropriate for Easter
and from The Feathered Nest
 this poster

and these words of wisdom!

I'm linking today to Blissful Whites Wednesday

Wishing you all a Blessed Easter
along with my gratitude for your lovely comments
that you leave when you visit me here!

Love and hugs dear friends,
Suzy xxx


  1. I love so much nests too! I keep some I find in my garden!
    I love the picture from Graphic Fairy with swallows!
    Hugs and kisses

  2. I really love those graphics. We also have many birds in our back yard. We live next to a large cow pasture and our neighbors have many bird feeders. We see Eagles flying over from time to time; and have a particularly beautiful Painted Bunting. I even did a fiber wall art about him. "Out on a Limb." Nature is so wonderful for artists.

  3. Your finches are beautiful and even more so your displays. Lucky you to have so many gorgeous birds about. xox

  4. How could anyone resist a bird with the name willy wag tail!

  5. Dear Suzy - I just love the nests and the way you have organized them with the lovely bells and feathers.
    All the best - Bettina

  6. What a beautiful post! I wish you and yours a wonderful Easter too!

  7. SO pretty! This makes me want to go get out my nest. I kept it on the table under glass until one of my "friends" made a face and wrinkled her nose at it -- because she thought it was "dirty"!! (Weirdo!!)

  8. Loving your nests. Such a lovely way to display them in all their glory.

  9. LOVE this post! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful bird nest finds! I am just crazy about wild birds and love to watch them at our feeders. We don't have many varieties here where I live, so I was especially delighted to see the photos of the 2 beautiful birds on your post!

  10. Such pretty nests.
    We live on a "Wildlife Protected" property. We only have about 8 acres however every type of bird and animal seems to congregate
    We have tons of bird houses with little nests and for some reason they like to take up residence on top of the utility armoire on one of the carports :-)

    Happy Crafting


  11. A Blessed Easter to you too !!


  12. My dear Suzy-
    your decorated plate is a beautiful proove of natures fantastic creations- those nests are gorgeous,-especially the one so heavy built ,is that one from the Willy Wag Tail?
    I have never seen such a wonderfully nest here, mostly the ones I find are more scamped made--but I`m just happy to find any :-)
    The old bells are beautiful, too and what are those amazing dried thingies ?
    Thankyou sweetie for the beautiful images- I wish you both some wonderful Easter dayes, and hope you still have nice weather,to enjoy some hours outside.
    Love to you from me.

  13. Hi dear Suzy,
    what a beautiful post.Love your nests and the pitcher looks just like mine:)The old rusty bells are beautiful.Have a wonderful week and a Happy Easter my friend.
    Hugs and love,

  14. What a beautiful pictures, love the nests and the tiny birds. Happy easter.


  15. Your nests are just beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing these treasures with us, have a wonderful Easter :)
    - Jeanette

  16. Those bells are amazing and I love your photos and the nests are just so precious

  17. Suzy, was für herrliche Bilder...
    Die Dekoration ist wunderschön.
    Sehr geschmackvoll und edel.

    Umarmung und
    schöne Ostertage wünsche ich dir xx

  18. Such sweet Vignettes of tiny birds nests, their eggs and one or two lovely feathers left behind just for you Suzy!
    I have a collection of bells too... friends kept giving them to me and I love them!
    Wishing you and Mr ST a very "Happy Easter" dear friend.
    hugs and love
    Shane ♥

  19. Hello Suzi,
    Your post is so beautiful! The images show such natural beauty. I love the little birds nests so much. And puppy clippings? Is there anything softer? lol!
    Your collections are very dear.
    Thank you for sharing them with us.
    Happy Easter to you!

  20. What great graphic pictures you have, so lucky. You do an excellent job displaying your nests. Happy Easter.
    Reuzeit Emporium Blog
    Reuzeit Emporium

  21. WoW, those nests are really awesome! love the bells to, and the wisdom!

  22. Happy Easter to you, dear Suzy. Loved all thes lovely photos.

  23. Hello my dear Suzy, It's wonderful that you can find those lovely creations of nature in your backyard. The nests make such a beautiful decoration along with the eggs, feathers and the pretty bells. I also adore your pitchers and the canister with the text.
    Have a wonderful Easter, sweetie!
    Sending big hugs and love,

  24. oh what really darling nests Suzi!! How lucky for you to find such lovlies in your back yard. We tend to have lots of birds but alas not many nests-prob. because of our dog. BTW, love how you use your pup's clippings-it does remind you of the fluff of a shedding fledgling:) Hppy Easter to you too!

  25. I adore this post! I am momma bird feed in our yard, lol. The birds were singing so loud this past weekend, telling us their stories of winter.

    Happy Easter to you Suzy! xo Rhonda

  26. How amazing to have these birds nests just outside your door. You have made such a beautiful display with them, so perfect for Easter time. Happy Easter to you. Jayne x

  27. You have the most beautiful nests and bird visitors Suzi! Your displays are equally as gorgeous! I love birds so much myself, and the graphics you have are amazing! You might find it intersting to know that the last graphic you show, the Agricultural piece, is something I have! I bought it at a flea market, there were many issues, and mine is also very old. Lancaster is about 2 hours away from where I live!
    Happy Easter!

  28. Oh my such lovely little bird nests and how sweet that you are able to save them after they have served their purpose to the birds. I am glad you showed your patinated bells as I thought they might be little metal bee hive molds. Easter Blessings and Happy Hopping...

  29. Loving your nests, so so sweet they are. do have a lovely easter

  30. Your nests are so pretty Suzy - and your display too. To be able to find these beauties in your backyard - how cool is that

  31. Hi Suzy,
    What lovely inspiration for springtime and Easter. I love your gorgeous nests found right in your yard. That makes them so special.
    Love your wonderful patinaed bells too. They are the perfect accent in your display.

    Wishing you a special Easter weekend filled with many blessings.
    Hugs, CM

  32. Suzy- you have a wonderful collection of bird nests-/ how fun to be able to find so many different kinds closeby your home. Oh my-- the images of your vignettes are stunning--- and the bells-- absolute love there!!

    Wishing you a wonderful Easter dear Suzy--

  33. Suzy, what a beautiful vignette, looking at those sweet little nests, eggs and those amazing bells makes me feel all calm and peaceful.

  34. Happy Easter!!! Sending love and hugs your way,

  35. So pretty! Love the swallow graphic - I grew up on a farm and we had both tree swallows and barn swallows. Now we live in town and I don't see them very often.

  36. Love, love, love all your beautiful nests Suzy! It must be amazing to find so many nearby. Beautiful birds and graphics too! Hope you have a wonderful week!

  37. I so love bird nests and have several around my home. I love your vignette of nests and bells, lovely.
    Thanks for sharing.

  38. oh oh oh
    fantastic vignettes with those precious nests and eggs and lovely touches dear Suzy!!!

    your birds look and sound so exotic...what a treat to see them too!

  39. Suzy you nest, eggs and other easter decoration are wonderful! I love it and I love the little birds there are so cute.
    Have a nice weekend
    Hugs alexandra


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