Monday, March 11, 2013

Vignette and Collages

Well seeing that I just received this beautiful cloche
for my recent birthday I decided to
assemble a vignette to 
display in it!

I so loved these amazing soldered charms
created by Marie

that I had to share them with you one more time
in this vignette!

The silver plated spoon in the background
came from my friend Liz.

A silver plated embossed lid is the top of this
button jar and sits next to 

a vintage photo of my mother dressed in the most
beautiful organza gown (just look at those sleeves!!!)
and that slim waist behind that huge bunch
of delicious flowers!

The roses I have dried from my garden.


 Just wanted to share this parcel which arrived
from the U.K. last week.

It is the beautiful work of Liz

Yes that's Liz from LuLuLizinLaLaLand
(To me - Liz is the Queen of Tag making!!!)

Now how kind is this woman to send me such a lovely
collage and Yes, with those words, as
we really do love to spend time
chatting over the internet
(U.K. is oceans away from Australia!)
along with these other items -

some genuine ceramic frozen charlottes!

She also knows about my love affair with textures, exotic

and roses!!!

Not to mention anything silver plated!!!!

How thoughtful and generous you are dear Liz
I thank you so much for your kindness in choosing and sending me
 these gorgeous gifts
but more importantly for your friendship!
It is simply amazing when your friends know exactly what you love!
She really knows how to keep me busy (haha!)


This collage was a recent commission for
Carol offers the most superb range of trims and embellishments,
ribbons, buttons, fabric, handmade paper, vintage laces, etc. for crazy patchworkers, stampers, crafters, scrap bookers etc.
Her range of materials is one of the most exciting
I have seen on the internet!
So go and check out her shop!

This is a very large multi-layered collage
using upholstery fabric, burlap, chiffon,
vintage laces, silks, buttons and baubles

all pieced together around the central theme

of a woman harvesting from a vintage book I own.
The pen and ink drawings are superb!

This is a smaller collage which went to live with Carol also

where I used an image of Maude Fealy 
(quite a favourite of mine!).

She is definitely like a "Summer Rose"!

 To all of you who drop in to say hello -
and leave me wonderful comments
 I just want to say
"A big Thank you" -
I appreciate you so very much!

Suzy xxx


  1. This last book is georgeous! I love it very much!!!
    Hugs and kisses

  2. What a wonderful array of photos you've posted today my friend. The cloche vignette is beautiful as are the contents. In fact, all of the treasures are lovely. I'm sure I'll see some of these turn up in future collages. The large collage is stunning.

  3. What a beautiful vignette you've created, filled with objects close to your heart! I've been drooling over the lovely laces in your wonderful creations. A delight to the eye.

  4. Hello dear Suzy, The cloche is just perfect to display gifts like our dear Maries's gorgeous soldered charms along with other lovely bits and pieces of your collection. That's a lovely picture of your mother. She wears such a sweet dress.
    Dear Liz has spoiled you with a very beautiful and thoughtful collage and all the other wonderful goodies. Enjoy!
    Your newest creations are breathtaking as always. The layers of lace are so dreamy.
    Have a wonderful week, my friend!
    Big hugs and love,

  5. So much eyecandy dear Suzy! Love your beautiful display with the precious gifts of friends and that gorgeous photo of your mom. The collage of Liz is beautiful too, love her style. And your own collages... wow, stunning pieces of art Suzy! Hugs and wonderful week, Wendy

  6. Oh Suzy, what a fun coffee break I had visiting your awesome post. The Cloche arrangement is just the perfect way to display the "little treasures" Thanks for sharing all the photos, they were all lovely. I'm off to the lovely blogs you suggested. Their work is so unique. Have a wonderful week. Have fun creating, I enjoy your posts so much.

  7. Lots of lovelies in today's post. Love the cloche and contents.

  8. I think that you could make art from almost anything, Suzy. It is just your special talent.

  9. Hi Suzy, The vignette you created is just beautiful. I love all the personal mementos that you placed inside ever so carefully. Your friend sent you such a wonderful gift package. it is so nice that she included all the things she knew that you loved. Your commission collage is another amazing piece. I am sure your client is going to be beyond thrilled with it.
    Thanks for the inspiration,
    Pieced Pastimes

  10. I have never seen a cloche so large and the vignette you created is simply stunning!

  11. Hi dear Suzy,
    no idea where to start:)Your vignette is simply gorgeous.Love the photos and I'm thrilled you used my soldered charms to create it.Adore the picture of your Mother and dear Liz really spoiled you.Your new creation just takes my breath away.Have a wonderful week.
    Hugs and love,

  12. What a beautiful post showing the most wonderful creations from near and far.
    Sweet Suzy you recieved such gorgeous pieces from dear Marie, -her charms are so very beautiful, I love what she made for you,- and dear Liz, also send you such lovely old pieces of embroidery,and trims, and on top of them her adorable ,beautiful collage, -and the spoon.
    Your own creations are amazing again, the big collage is a stunning piece with all the delicious layers and beautiful colours, just fantastic, my dear, and so are the smaller one in green spring tones and a "summer Rose" looking a bit like Ophelia!
    So much beauty for my eyes to experience sweet dear friend.
    I send you love and hope your day to come ,will be happy !
    Your Dorthe

  13. Gorgeous cloche vignette Suzy! I absolutely love that embossed silver lid and everything else you have displayed so beautifully. Your gifts from Liz are wonderful. And as always, your collages are simply stunning! Have a great week.


  14. So beautiful and your collage as always is just stunning! Your work is always like a little bit of sunshine on a rainy day.

  15. WOWEE
    what a gorgeous post of delights and creativity and generosity too!

    I like cloches very much too in all sizes ... yours invites one closer to take it all in ... perfectly lovely

    as are each of your creations

    Maude F is such a beauty I never tire of seeing her beautiful image

    really lovely to receive so many precious gifts from your UK friend
    ... she knows they are going to a very special home <3

  16. Love your glass cloche vignette and each treasure it displays. Wonderful gifts you have received. Your commissioned collage is stunning. Belated Happy Birthday...

  17. Wouww Suzy you really "the magic hands", you can touch everything gifts and hoopss become the gorgeous vignette and always can attrack many people eyes. Thats the greatest ideas.

  18. What a delightful vignette you have created and a wonderful way of displaying those precious gifts and memories.
    Your latest work is gorgeous and will delight the recipient I'm sure.
    Hugs and smiles,

  19. Mein Gott Suzi, ich komme immer ins Träumen, wenn ich auf deinem herrlichen Blog verweile.
    Und ich bin jedesmal so dankbar, dass ich deinen Blog gefunden habe.
    Er ist sehr wertvoll für mich, und du bist es auch.
    Ich liebe deine Art, deine Sensibilität mit schönen Dingen umzugehen.
    Liebe Grüße von Sophie aus dem eiskalten Deutschland

  20. Beautiful vignette, what a fantastic cloche for your birthday.
    The collage is so beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing.

  21. Dear Suzy, thanks so much for your visit.
    Looking through your blog today, you really make my mouth water with your gorgeous creations. I love lace and your work is just perfect.
    The things under your cloche look so perfect. How creative you are!2
    How lucky to receive such gorgeous gifts as well. Thank you so much for showing all your beautiful photos! xx

  22. Every time I come across your beautiful designs my heart just melt.

  23. what a gorgeous vignette...and so many beautiful, beautiful gifts and tags and trims and things! Your photos are stunning Suzy!! i can only imagine the delicacy of the gown your mother was wearing.

  24. Suzy, you have such an incredible eye for creating beauty. Whatever you do, you create something really stunning. Your vignette is so beautiful, filled with things which really matter to you on a very personal level. And your newest collages, well, what can I say, simply amazing. Much love, Liz xxx

  25. your blog is always filled with beautiful things! I love your display!

  26. Dear Suzy, I have not been able to keep my blog up to date for a long time. But I have always been visiting you. I simply adore your work! It is so unique in its splendor, the mixture of colours and materials! You are a very well like lady, too, seeing all those precious birthday presents! And then, by the way, "Happy Birthday" (even if it was some time ago...). Thank you so much for sharing all your beautiful work and giving me so much inspiration!
    Greets, Manu

  27. ohmygoodness much goodness in one post!!! Your vignettes and treasures are so divine, everything is just gorgeous!! Your gifts from Liz are beautiful and the pieces you created are divine ~ everything you do is a feast for the eyes!!!! Sending you hugs and love, Dawn

  28. Hi Suzy,
    You are once again inspiring me. Your work is beyond the moon gorgeous. I love the cloche you received for your birthday and the way your created the inside is divine. Special treasures and keepsakes make it perfect.
    Love your collage too. You are simply incredible. Marie's charms are precious. SO much talent here and you showcase it with your photos perfectly.
    Liz is a very talented artist and her tags are fabulous. She sure gifted you with an amazing treasure to cherish always.

    Thank you for sharing the inspiration!!
    Happy Creating, Hugs, Celestina Marie

  29. Dear Suzy
    Those treasures are most at home under the cloche and I adore that your Mother watches over those treasures. What a beautiful woman in that gorgeous gown.
    Marie and Liz created such special birthday treats for you knowing they will be treasured.
    Then the commission, oh my goodness the richness of those assembled textiles and imagery.
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful post.

  30. Oh my........ I have found a new place to visit and dwell. I will be here, with my nose a inch away from my computer screen enjoying every detail that you are sharing with so much love in each project.
    Gorgeous does not describe your works of art.
    ava g

  31. Oh my!! My eyes always are filled with such beauty when i visit here....everything is so gorgeous! I adore that cloche, I have always wanted one, and you have filled it beautifully, and the gifts from Liz are incredible, as well as your stunning creations! You have a lot to enjoy that will last a loong time!

  32. Dear Suzy
    more precious gifts from your dear friends...
    Oh your cloche is wonderful!!!
    I got one for my birthday last year and I have fun creating displays according to seasonal themes.
    At the moment mine has three tiny delicate Silvereyes nests.
    Liz makes such lovely tags with beautiful images, I've seen them on Dorthe's blog too.
    There are always such treasures to be found here Suzy, I love the little collage you made for Carol - I've always loved "little" things - tiny buttons and boxes and things!!!
    Shane ♥

  33. Beautiful post, Suzy, and so beautifully photographed and displayed. Congratulations also on your commmissioned work by Flights of Fancy. I love them. Such a great supplier of all the goodies we love.

  34. Your vignette is breath taking! I love every treasured piece! Gorgeous! Also congrats to you! Your working is always so beautiful!

  35. What an amazing array of fabulous gifts, you are a lucky lady, all that beautiful work, lovingly made. I've seen the book of collections at my arty buddy's & i just drool. A belated but meant well happy birthday!

  36. Suzy- your vignette is lovely. I can imagine you will be changing your cloch vignette for every beautiful season.
    Your newest collage book is exquisite- I can not even begin to imagine the hours you spend creating these treasures. They are absolutely stunning--

    And of course-- Liz is truly a genius at her creating! She has given you some stunning vintage treasures to use in your creations. She really is the most masterful Queen of beautiful tags--

  37. Wow! What more can I say except maybe that your whole post is one huge beauty spot!! :)
    I'm just about swooning over that vignette though. I've just had a birthday myself and I think I'd have fallen over if I'd received a cloche like that! and you've arranged it all so amazingly.
    How lucky you are to have received such beauty from your friends.
    Happy belated birthday to you Suzy. ♥

  38. It is all a feast for the eyes -- but that cloche (and everything under it!) -- swoon! I love the unusual graphic you chose for your wall hanging, too.

  39. I agree, Liz makes the most beautiful tags. I tried to channel her as inspiration last year when I created my Valentine tags, but they didn't come out near as cool as hers.


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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