Saturday, January 24, 2015

Grow Your Blog Party for 2015 with a GIVEAWAY

Hello and Welcome Bloggers
to the third 2015 "Grow Your Blog Party"event
hosted so generously by 

My name is Suzy Quaife, from Australia, where I live on the far south east coast - not far from the sea but on a beautiful property
 I am here to support this amazing event organized by Vicki.  I am a great fan of Vicki, her blog, her wonderful creativity in her knitted items and her unique
wool and fibre nests, her travel adventures
and her extraordinary endeavours in fundraising for those
much less fortunate and disadvantaged souls than we
in so many ways.
I have been blogging now for almost 5 years and
my world has changed and grown dramatically in so many
positive ways since the beginning.
As well as providing an opportunity to make new friends and increasing your readership
through this party it provides an opportunity for you
to showcase your blog and to share your talents with each other.

There is much to learn in having a successful blog
and there are many wonderful bloggers
willing to help and assist
where they can.
All you need to do is ask!!!

This is my special place where I come to create
and let my spirit run free to express
myself as a person and an artist!

 My main mediums, as a Mixed Media Textile Artist, that I work with include fabrics (recycled, silks, satins, brocades), paper, textiles,
braids, vintage findings, stamps, inks, paints, fibres, vintage laces and doilies.
Now I know that bloggers just love pictures so be prepared for
a long post because there are heaps of images.
Bloggers love to see where you create, what you create with
and the finished items to feed their inspiration.

I began creating fabric books about three or more years ago
and here are just a few that you might enjoy.




 You certainly can tell that I really enjoy working
with nature themes!


as well as Vintage themes


and art images


 These images are more like snippets from just some of the
fabric and lace books/journals that I have made -
you can see them in their entirety
here on my blog under journals and lace books.
There have been created in the past year a few notebooks and 
needle books like these ones too.


also some brooches to wear or adorn a cushion or jacket,
 some Christmas Cards and Christmas Angels 

 and other cards incorporating French themes and.. many of
beautiful women images.

More and more I seem to be turning to my collection
of recycled fabrics, jewellery, buttons and laces.

Other projects have included bags and clutches



 Hearts of many kinds



These two hearts are my most recent heart creations.

 and Collages.





There is another passion which is close to my heart
and which I blog about from time to time
is my garden so I will share a few 
photos of where I spend
some of my time
when not
creating in my studio!


Our shabby little garden room - the verandah on which
we spend many a sunny Winter's morning
sipping coffee and 
viewing the gorgeous outlook

to these amazing Chinese Elm trees.

 Cecile Brunner rose climber and Crepiscule!

Dahlias in front of a Ornamental Grapevine.

Places to sit in the shade!


And, of course, our gorgeous pet Angora goats
which provide us with immense love
and beautiful mohair
for me to 
create  with!

 Thank you so very much for coming to visit my blog today
and for your patience in trolling through all of these
pictures I am going to enter you into 
which is this little collage. Remember that you don't need
to be a follower but you do need to leave me
your name, blog and email address
by 15th February
so that I can put you in the draw to win.


I believe there are over 400 bloggers who have entered
this event and no one needs to stress about visiting
all the blogs immediately
Vicki will have all of these blogs listed on her sidebar on
her blog for the next 12 months.

 I hope you enjoy the tour of visiting as many new
blogs that you can in an attempt to meet
new like minded souls, to increase your readership and
 to gain heaps of new inspiration.

Thank you so very much Vicki♥. You are a very special person
and we appreciate everything you have done to make
this party a huge success once again.

Love and hugs, Suzy♥


  1. "Beauty Lies Within" your blog!!! What a wonderful visit, full of inspiration!

  2. Hey Suzi, I love visiting your blog and these days I follow it via bloglovin' I have not blogged in at least 18 months actually I should go and see how long it has been, I didnt blog as I havent sewn a stitch and its not been fun but am about ready to pick up my needle thread and ribbons so thank you Suzi because I adore you blog so much that I am ready to play againI adore those agora goats of yours and to see them eating but,also weari g your beautiful pink rose reminded me of a few goats getting in and decimating my meagre garden I had when I was younger what a mess thanks Suzi
    Love n hugs Belinda S. Xxoo

  3. Good Saturday morning! Mr. Goat is my favorite! I am having my morning coffe, daydreaming of your magical garden and cabin! Dahlia's , luscious beauties.
    All your lace and bobbles create the memories of a more elegant time. Simpler time, of grace and consideration!
    I visited your fabulous blog frind , Vicki , OH MY! one of each please! Now I would be glamour indeed up here at the North Pole with just one of the amazing slouchy caps!
    Thank you for sharing more fantastic creative hearts to visit! xoDebi

    I have two, to satisfy my Gemini spirit! ⭐️⭐️

  4. Hi sweet Suzy,
    your post is amazing. I love everything you do and I saw you shared the beautiful card you made for me ~ I love it so much! Your giveaway gift is stunning as always.
    Many hugs,
    Karen B. ~ Todolwen

  5. Hello dear Suzy. Your presentation here is beautiful. I enjoyed revisiting some of your lovelies, including that charming goat. I hope you're having a great weekend. Hugs, Sue

  6. Hi, dear Suzy. Yours in the first blog I'm visiting this year for the GYB party. I didn't participate this year because of the broken ankle. I'm thinking you will have many new followers who want to be inspired by your beautiful artwork.

    Hugs, Marrianna

  7. I am a very happy follower of your as you create THE most gorgeous vintage inspired piece -and the photos and vignettes are just as beautiful. This has to be the most beautiful post of all!Thank you for a chance to win one of your exquisite creations!

  8. Your work is so beautiful Suzy. I want to learn to create with fiber. Thank you for having so many pictures, there are never too many of your beautiful works. Thanks for the chance to win one of them!

  9. As a new follower I thoroughly enjoyed this post and seeing where you create and all of the beautiful work you do! I would be honored to receive one of your beautiful pieces. Gigi Harlan
    Thank you!

  10. OMGosh Suzy!! Your art is wonderful...even your studio is a work of art!! This was a lovely post about you and what you love.

  11. Love your blog! Always enjoy your posts.

  12. Suzy thank you for taking your time to share photos and works of heART you have created. Your spaces are lovely and go so well with your pieces of lacelicious delights. Creative Bliss Dear...

  13. Hi Suzy your work is always so lovely and very inspiring. Your gardens are gorgeous. I love visiting your beautiful blog

  14. Oh Suzy, I adored reading this recap of your gorgeous creation, your garden and I don't think I ever knew about the goats before. Thank you for sharing!!

  15. Happy Blog Party Day! Your blog is still a constant inspiration and a joy to visit. YOur work astounds me - like ambrosia for the eyes! Never ever stop making the world more beautiful with your creations. Best wishes - Shroo:)xx

  16. as always Suzy enjoy all your beautiful creations. Vicki hasn't posted the listing yet, but getting a head start. so good to have a "live" visit with you day before yesterday. you have a fab giveaway... clock me in. visit again soon. at (Alaska blue moose)

  17. Your work is so lovely. I would love to see it up close! Please add me to the give away.

  18. Suzy, I love opening your email and seeing all the beautiful creations. Now I feel I know you better that I see where you live and create. You are so organized. I hope when I get moved that I can create a craft area and get all my stash organized, too. I also love the little round foot stool shown in the photo of your crafting area. Your goat reminds me of a sheep. I did not know goats had hair like that. What a joy to see your beautiful flowers and buildings, too. It is Sunday morning here in Puerto Rico and I am having my coffee as I closely look at all the beauty in your email. Love and Blessings, Nancy Carr

  19. Love this gorgeous blogpost. I sometimes look at your blog because i try to make fabric cards and get inspired by your beautiful cards. With such eye candy shown i now feel i have to say how much i love your creations.

  20. hello
    je suis montée à bord d'un bateau qui s'appelle : Suzy
    j'ai aperçu des ouvrages magnifiques
    qui m'ont fait faire le tour
    du monde
    toutes ces créations embélissent
    ma vie
    edith (iris ) France

  21. Suzy, it was so much fun to revisit all these lovely creations again! Hope you have a wonderful Blog Party.

  22. Hello Suzi, Welcome to the Grow Your blog party:D
    I love your lace collection and the nature that's surrounding you.. Is really beautiful and these truly are inspiration to your work.
    Hope you'll have many new friends and followers this coming week. Huge hugs from Singapore

  23. Oh wow your books are cards are just fabulous and your workspace and garden are both divine so I have just had to follow you! I am visiting here via the Grow Your Blog hop and look forward to popping back again soon. Have a great day. Sunshine Girl - Grow Your Blog Section 24.

  24. Your blog is so beautiful, as well as what you do. Love it all.

    Have a great day! Jo

  25. Nice presentation..I enjoyed the tour and envy your talents..I'm creative but it's varied and on a small, I am probably not a candidate for the party but I will check in for sure..

  26. I loved visiting your blog! I am new to the world of blogging, have so much to learn. Your friendliness and creativity are inspiring. Thank you for participating in this party and being generous and caring.

  27. Your creativity is inspiring, and your garden is just stunning! Visiting from GYB. Will be following on Bloglovin.

  28. Thanks for sharing your blog with us, your followers! There can never be too many pictures of your lovely work. You've really inspired me to add more fabric embellishments to my cards and to stop hoarding all of my pretty laces! Thanks for a chance to win the lovely collage.

  29. Wow, your work takes my breath away. Absolutely gorgeous. So very talented.

  30. Hi sweetie, your work and blog are so inspiring and gorgeous. Every time I visit I come away refreshed and inspired. Most of the pieces of art here I already knew, but some are new to me. Your recently made hearts are stunning, so gorgeous! And ohhh your garden, sigh, such a peaceful and beautiful place. Your sweet goats adding to the romantic atmosphere. Sending you big hugs, happy smiles and much party fun.

  31. I was SO glad I found your blog. Your fabric and lace books made me so happy, as I am working on one right now. I simply adore your studio, too. It looks like it belongs in a magazine. Just stunning, including your garden.

    I got a late start, but I'll definitely be back, because I really LOVE what you make.

  32. Oh won't you send me one of those beautiful goats dear Suzy!:)))) They are such beauties. I loved every gorgeous creation in this post! I wonder if you are like me and never tire of seeing beautiful fabrics, trims and laces. It seems I am always on the lookout for more amazing textiles that others have tossed away. DO they not know all the beautiful things an artist like you cam make with them? Your studio is full of treasures. It is such a lovely place and I think a day spent in there going through all your things would be 'my perfect day'. The I would go out in the garden and smell every rose out there. I promise I would leave the shears in the garden house and only look :)
    I'm hoping that you never ever tire of sharing your life with us all.
    much love from me...

  33. I would love a chance to win your lovely creation. I love your work and beautiful spaces. This is di@cottage-wishes. At didifinds

  34. Hello Suzi! I am happy to say I found your lovely blog via the Grow Your Blog event. When I saw the lace and beauty on your site I instantly fell in love :) You truly create with passion and unique creativity.

    I am a happy new follower and I am very eager to visit again. Take care! Hugs - Stephanie from The Enchanting Rose

  35. How creative you are. Beautiful!

  36. I have to admit that whenever I need a little pick-me-up or inspiration, I come here and peruse your fabric books...I can't get enough of them.
    Everything you create is beautiful and so full of love for your craft.

  37. Love all your creations! Glad to meet you here on "Grow Your Blog Party"! Such a lovely tour of your place too! Please include me in your drawing: (

  38. Hi Suzy - you know I LOVE your blog! You're one of Vicki's helper's, aren't you? Anyway, so am I so to be official...I'm Sandra, one of Vicki's helpers...thanks for being a GYBP 2015 blogger; enjoy the party!

  39. Suzy,
    I love all of your work specially your nature journals.
    Thanks for sharing with us yourself and your craft.

  40. What stunning work! I'm grateful to see all your beautiful photographs.

    t_ktl at

  41. Hi Suzy!
    What a delicious introduction to you , your work and the place where you live!
    I love it! It represents very well the way I imagine you in your world!
    Thanks for all the beauty you bring to our world!
    Hugs and kisses

  42. Oh Suzy
    I'm in heaven!
    I've spent ten gorgeous minutes reading this post, oohing and aahing over your exquisite creations.
    Every piece of fabric and every piece of lace are chosen so thoughtfully, to create your beautiful works of art.
    You are so fortunate to have such a treasure chest of lace and fine fabrics - the best starting point!

    I'm so inspired (if only I wasn't working) time is my enemy sadly.
    It won't be forever I know... my day will come!

    I'm off to bed soon and I will dream of beautiful angels surrounded by clouds of lace – that’s heaven for sure!

    Love and hugs
    Shane xox

  43. Wonderful blog post as always, full of beauty and creativity. A delight to see where you live and work.

  44. You are very creative! Outstanding work!

  45. Just so you know, Suzy ... I've become a Follower (again! it seems that every time I click on that button my name appears but the next time I visit you, my name is gone!) ...

    I've gone against my plan of hitting each blog in Vicki's order but decided to pop in to attend YOUR party. And what a party - you do know how to host a bash, girl.

    As always, your touch is magical and everything you create is out of this world. Looking forward to seeing more.

    Thanks for coming to my party and checking out my blog, too!

    Happy crafting!

  46. Dearest Suzy,- yes beauty surely lies in your blog, your studio ,your garden and in you, my sweet friend.
    What a picturetrail of stunning art pieces from your creative heart and hands . I so admire your ability to turn every single little piece of fabric and lace, into some amazing stories ,which I soo love" reading" . Your journals are stunning pieces, and so are your collages, cards ,and all things coming from your hands.
    On top of that you are a most beautiful, and dear friend, so my visits here are also always filled with a special joy of sharing your precious friendship.
    With loving hugs and warm thoughts from Dorthe.
    I will write you later tonight ,dear !!!

  47. Wow! What an amazing tour of your studio, your work and garden. All of it is so lovely!

  48. Hi Suzy--I've long been a follower of your blog and your beautiful creations. I would LOVE to rummage through your stash of must be incredible!!

    And the GOAT it!!

  49. Now I want/need to win the lottery just so I can come and sit in the middle of your creative space and look at all the lovelies. I promise not to touch anything....

  50. Hi Suzy, dropping by on the GYB party, waving Hello form snowy cold eastern Canada. Loved seeing all your sweet creations. I hope you'll drop by to visit me too at Stitch Lines. Have fun on GYB.

  51. You have a very special creative ideas. Do you ever have classes on line?
    Your yard is so wonderful.
    I will be back

  52. Hi dear Suzy,
    late as always,lol. Thanks for sharing all the gourgesness. Have fun at the party.
    Hugs and love,

  53. Hi Suzy..
    I've been a follower of your blog for a while now. I stand in awe of your beautiful handmade creations. Your blog is one of my favorites. You are so inspiring.
    I'm so glad that you share your wonderful talents. Thank you so much! Have a wonderful day.


  54. Some time ago I discovered your blog and always visit because I really like your work. I must tell you that you're a great artist.
    But I have to ask: I love cloth books, but what is it used for? because sometimes you do things and then not know what to do with them. I know you sell, you have an Etsy shop, but I mean the practicality of them.
    I hope you take away my curiosity.
    I join the contest, despite not being in USA.
    Greetings and affection
    Maru - Chile

  55. I cannot say which I enjoyed more, the pictures of your work or of the lovely garden and home. What a wonderful place to create. I see it on your work. Lovely. (P.S. do you teach or have classes online?)

    Thanks for the chance to be inspired and perhaps win (fingers crossed) a bit of your work.


  56. Hi Suzy,

    What a wonderful post. Your works of art are breathtaking.
    Thank you for sharing so much of your kind self and your creations.
    I love to visit your lovely and inspirational blog.

    Hugs and blessings to you, dear friend !

    Wilma, Shabby Royale

  57. What a fantastic post and gorgeous creations! I'm so happy I discovered your blog.

  58. I have no words.. such beauty in layers and layers of fun textures.. my eyes so inspired.. every one a piece of true craftsmanship and art.. so glad I didn't miss it..
    Love your work..

  59. Your work is beautiful but the bird ones really speak to my heart. Thanks for sharing.


  60. I enjoyed scrolling through all the beautiful picture and love those cards
    I would love to win Anything you gave a way


  61. Beautiful!! I love everything Suzy! Definitely one of the prettiest blogs! Hugs, Jan

  62. Dear Suzy ~ Your creations are not only exquisite, they are gentle and feminine. They are created with love and from your heart.

    Thank you for sharing so much here in blog land.


  63. Oh my! That certainly was a feast for the eyes Suzy! So fantastic to see some beautiful older and newer(to me) pieces all together! and to revisit that amazing garden of yours. Gorgeous!
    Very partial to all your nature themed work I confess! ♥

  64. Hi, Suzy. Never miss your blog because it is on my list that I check daily. Yours is one of my favorites. Eye candy it is.
    Thanks for the opportunity at the giveaway, too.

  65. Well, I will most likely trip on my lips when I get up to go to bed because my mouth fell open while I looked through your photos! Your artwork is magnificent! ALL of it! There is no way anyone could choose a favorite!

    and your property!! no wonder you have such a creative soul! I wish I could just come visit for a day... but then, I might not want to leave!

  66. Hello, Dear Heart! I felt as if I were on a cloud as I visited your peaceful creations. Thank you for taking me away from dealing with chemo, scans, doctor appointments and pain. I felt such loveliness radiating as I gazed at the hearts and the wearables. I do have a blog which I haven't kept up but perhaps I will post again soon - Gypsy Threads. Thank you for your gift you share with us.

  67. Dearest Suzy, What a lovely post! You already know how passionate I am about your art. Many thanks for the continued inspiration. xo

  68. Hello Suzy, from a bright and cold UK. I am returning your visit to my blog in the GYB party and have been blown away by your beautiful creations. Your stunning fabric books really caught my eye. I am envious of your craft room too. Your style is very different from anything I do so I will be adding you on Bloglovin to provide inspiration for me.

  69. Since recently I read your blog. I love your work and admire the beauty of your garden !!!! Greetings from Russia, my blog: and my mail: irinar-scrap @

  70. It is my dream to have one of your beautiful works of art! Enjoy your weekend my friend! Sweet hugs, Diane

  71. Visiting from the UK - I've been following you for a while!

  72. Hi Suzy,
    Thank you for the tour of your studio, gardens and, of course, your stunning artwork. It is always a pleasure to visit your blog!
    Take care, Karen

  73. Oh! Dear, sweet Suzy,
    I don't know how you do it to find the time to create all of these wonderfully, beautiful heirloom style, femininely created pieces. I almost swoon every time you post another piece. You are definitely Heaven inspired.
    And the flowers in your garden are equally exquisite. You have a paradise there where you live.
    Here is my name:
    Teresa Swanson
    my blog:
    my email:

  74. What, I haven't commented on this post before? Tut, tut. Now, what can I say that I haven't said many times before? You are such an inspiration to so many people, your creations are so beautiful and I am honoured to know you.
    I am so lucky to own some of your exquisite collages etc, and they are amongst my most treasured possessions. Already owning some doesn't stop me from coveting more though, lol, so of course I would love to win your gorgeous giveaway. xxx

  75. Awesome artwork. I would love to win one of your creations. You are such an inspiration on the creations you create. Lovely. I am a new blogger and haven't done much with my blog yet. You certainly have a wonderful one. Here is mine - not quite where it needs to be yet.

  76. Hi Suzy!

    Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog! I really do appreciate that. Your art work is stunning. I am particularly partial to anything heart shaped, and I love your heart shaped art work! I would love to know more about your angora goats. What is the process to get the angora to create with? What do you create?

    So nice meeting you!

  77. I am in awe! Your pictures are so pretty and your work is simply amazing. I am in love with your textile work and am now your newest follower. Thanks for sharing your work and for visiting my blog. Jennifer

  78. Suzy,

    Love your pieces. Your work is so warm and inviting. Have been following you for some time now and truly enjoy each "share". Thank you for this chance.


  79. Hi: I would love to be a part of your giveaway. Your things are stunning. I have been a follower for a while. Thanks, Martha

  80. Your blog is so beautiful Suzy and I absolutely love coming here to be inspired. All your works are so gorgeous and full of love. I really like your studio pics as well, such a beautiful place to sit and be creative. Have a blessed and wonderful day.

  81. Wow...I love your studio! Such gorgeous creations you make there! Thank you for sharing them with the world. God bless!

    ILuvTheEucharist @

  82. Love your work and all the beautiful fabrics and lace. I share a passion for the garden.


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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