Thursday, January 22, 2015

More Hearts to Love and a GIVEAWAY coming up very soon!

Simply can't explain why hearts
are so joyful to create!


 especially when I get to create with all of these
gorgeous vintage laces

and an original cabinet card in this case!

 A hanging heart to hold your precious cards
or love notes


 These two finished items are now available in my
Etsy Shop
(Sorry but they are now sold!!!)

 I would just like to remind readers here that
 is happening again in a few days, in fact, 25th January
so pop over to Vicki's 2-bagfull blog to read about it
and join in.
Clicking on the link will take you there.
It is a chance to meet like minded people and to
increase your readership to your blog.
Now I will be having a surprise little GIVEAWAY for
the event (see below)
so don't forget to visit me again in just a couple of days
if you would like to enter. It will be open to
everybody whether you are a follower
or not!

Thank you so much for visiting today.  I appreciate
your visit and/or comments so very much!

xox Suzy


  1. Fantastic Suzy! I love your work and I need a little bit inspiration ;)
    Have a wonderful day
    Hugs Alexandra

  2. Ah, it's sooo sweet, this heart! It's like an inspiration! Thanks :)

  3. Suzy, again I see your post first thing this morning and am so happy to receive your email. Everything is beautiful and heart warming. Thank you for starting my day with joy. Love you, Nancy Carr

  4. Oh Suzy,

    You never fail to surprise me with your awesome work. You are so lucky to find laces and materials. So unique

  5. c'est magique et magnifique et le coeur est pour moi, je viens de le commander sur etsy ! merci !!!

  6. C'est magnifique, je viens de commander le coeur sur etsy, merci, merci !!!

  7. As always simply gorgeous, dear Suzy.Just love the heart with the cabinet card:)Have a wonderful weekend.
    Sending hugs and love,my friend.

  8. Your work is always so beautiful and this heart loves it!

  9. Beautiful work, as always. I love working with hearts, too. They make me happy!

    Crossing my fingers already as I wish for a WIN.


  10. Suzy, i adore the hanging heart--a perfect place to tuck away a few tiny treasures! Hearts and lace--Is there a better combination? i don't think so.

  11. Dearest Suzy... You always inspire and amaze me. Lately, I haven't been in my studio lately to create or communicate much... been taking an intensive training. The training insists that we practice 'Self-Care'... I want you to know, gazing at your fabulous creations, scanning your blog over a cup of Peet's Coffee, is one of my big 'Self-Care' acts!Bless you, sweet Suzy! xoxo

  12. I so admire the Heart! Your choice of lace & fabric & and bobbles make me drool! I will watch for your party! Thank you! xDebi

  13. Beautiful heart and cabinet card. I have been following your blog for quite a while now and love your creations. Have a great day.

  14. Gorgeous heart projects Suzy! I love creating with heart shapes too-just working on it evokes a happy feeling doesn't it?

  15. I love your lacy and feminine. And I have a painting of that last photo in my bedroom. Hugs!

  16. Stunning lovely hearts. Lace makes me swoon with delight. Your work is heART Dear...

  17. Hi Suzy, your hearts are amazing. I love your work and the romantic style of your creations. So pretty.
    Happy Creating.

  18. Your things are wonderful. I'm looking forward to GrowYour blog I hope to get new friends.

  19. It could be the sentiment or feeling that they have been associated with for so long or just the lovely curvy shape that makes them so easy to work with Susy, but whichever, you do them beautifully!

    Good luck and much fun with Grow Your Blog. ♥

  20. Everyone loves a party! Your Sweet Heart is beautiful!

  21. I always love to see what you have created. The heart bag is just gorgeous!

  22. Congratulations on selling those wonderful HEARTS! I went to look and they are sold! I actually dreamt of the wonderful lace and bobbles the other night! Very memorable and beautiful needle work!

  23. Can you imagine having to wear that dress - much less having to iron it. I can just imagine how much it must have rustled when she walked (and how much it must have wrinkled when she sat down!).


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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