Sunday, May 31, 2015

New Collage Offerings

The past couple of weeks have kept me busy 
 trying to resolve internet
connectivity problems
but having received some excellent IT professional help
I feel reasonably confident that those issues
of programs running slowly and closing on me
have finally been resolved
as well and in between
I have been inspired to create some new artworks
these two collages.

They are large these pieces and this first one
I enlarged quite substantially from a beautiful cabinet card
which I had in my collection.

 The lace dress on this young woman
has several tiers of lace layers
and it is quite


 so I complemented her with layers and layers of lace
and other soft fabrics

 incorporating rich velvet and chiffon

 with bows and ribbons to match.
The flower in the corner is made from vintage hat netting.

 I added both of these to my Etsy shop
but this one called "Best Dressed"
sold within several minutes
(Reserved for Jude!)
this second and quite different collage
is still for sale there.

 This focal image is of a most elegant and poised woman
surrounded in the most gorgeous flowers
so I have tried to complement
the theme

 using soft pastel shades of fabrics like dyed scrim, chiffon,
and of course vintage laces from my collection.


 Both of these collages hang from a copper wire

 Just a touch of elegance!
(Reserved for Mary!)
Wishing you all a lovely Sunday as we head here to
our first day of Winter while many of my
friends are enjoying the height of
Summer days right now!
Sending love and hugs and thanks for always coming to visit
as I hope to be visiting you now also!
xox Suzy


  1. Hello dear Suzy
    The first poscardwith this lady is wonderful and you developped it very well with your work around!
    Hugs and kisses

  2. As usual your work is a joy and an inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing. Blessings

  3. Both are such beautiful,pieces. I'm so glad you are having a better time with your computer now! Happy winter. XO Sue

  4. Beautiful work, as always, Suzi, and I love the way the photos inspired the themes!

  5. Suzy,
    Both of your creations are exquisite. I really like the flower made from hat netting. All the special touches are beautiful. As always your work displays such rich colors and textures. I don't know my fabrics very well. I have never heard of scrim and am not sure that I would recognize chiffon. It's always such a delight to see what you've been working on. I'm glad your computer issues are resolved. That can sure be disruptive! And's beginning to warm up here finally in the mountains of AZ. It's been a very cool, cloudy spring which is always very welcome. Have a lovely day!

    Tamara <3

  6. Both collages are fantastic. Maybe after you create a online or DVD class of your style of bookmaking, you could do another class on how you create your style of fabric collages? My little fabric collages don't EVER, and I mean EVER, look anything like yours. Gads but I love your work. Thank you for posting these lovelies.

  7. Hi Suzy, just gorgeous as always. Your creations are dreamy and a joy to see. Love your work.
    Happy Sunday!
    Hugs, CM

  8. Suzy - quite beautiful, both of them. I can see why one has already sold and am shocked the other one isn't gone, too.

    Happy crafting!

  9. Winter Bliss in your gorgeous lace collages. Yes, we are in the lovely days of Summer and still dangerously dry here in Nor Cal. Computer issues are no fun and hopefully yours are now distant history. Blessings...

  10. I love the way the world becomes a little brighter when i see one of your beautiful fabric books .Please keep sending your wonderful ideas.

  11. Hello my dear Suzy, I`m so glad for you, that your computer is working normally again, so you are now able to post all your amazing creations, for us to see them, again!! They are both stunning, with the richness of fabrics, and laces, the beautiful colours, and the compositions ,that you master so well.
    A wonderful post of beauty, dear friend.
    Love to you, and hugs.Dorthe.

  12. these are both so incredibly beautiful and rich with layers! No surprise they immediately sold. That girl with her fabulous dress must have come from a privileged family by the looks of that elegant costume. And your second one has those added lovely colors. I hope you don't have a bad winter as I am thoroughly basking in a very warm, summer-like spring!

  13. Seeing all those rows of lace on that dress makes me wonder who was the lucky soul that had to iron them all. There would have been no perma-press or polyester in those days. Good thing I didn't live back then with my aversion to ironing!!

  14. Both collages are very beautiful, dearest Suzy. It's no wonder at all they were sold so fast.
    Computer problems can be so frustrating. I'm glad to hear that yours seem to be solved now.
    Hopefully your winter won't get too cold. It's pleasant here right now but soon it will be warmer than I like. Fortunately there's always some wind coming up in the afternoon.
    Hugs to you, sweetie,


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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