Sunday, September 19, 2010

More Journal Pages and Early Spring

This is the latest page in the fabric journal. It has all the richness of some favourite fabrics, sari pieces, very old braids, velvet and linen that I could dig out from the bottom of my drawer. It reminds me of shades of the desert, clay, stone and dirt -rich ruby stones and coins.


And in complete contrast below is a display of the pastel shades at the very beginning of Spring in our Garden - Irises, pansies, hellibores, granny's bonnets and borage popping up in the vegi garden. How these shades just blend into each other.
A feast to enjoy!!!

Hope everyone has a great week ahead when I will be off visiting my not-so-well Dad (almost 90 years old) interstate!!
I will be catching up with you in a week's time!!!

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  1. what gorgeous colours. I hope your visit to your dad is of comfort to you both.

  2. A journal for kings and queens, so sumptuous. Happy Spring and happy visit with your dad. xox Corrine

  3. These pages are just so beautiful.

    Hope your visit goes well.

  4. Such rich and lush colors. Just beautiful. Treasure your time with your dad. These are the precious moments in our lives. Take care.

  5. Hi Dian, Corrine, Emma and Sharon
    Thanks for really lovely comments. As we get older we realize these precious times become ever more meaningful - I know my Dad can't wait til we arrive! x Suzy

  6. Hi Suzi!!Your pages are just gorgeous!!!You'll be flying to Adelaide by the time you read this!!It will be FANTASTIC to meet you, you Wonderful Creative Woman!!!!

  7. Hi Judy - Yes Flying over to Adelaide tomorrow 6.15pm from Canberra. Soooooooooo looking forward to meeting you too! Glad you like the pages - aren't the flowers just gorgeous?

  8. Jan's & your comment had me laughing out loud! Top stitching is when you define a seam (apparently, I'm new to this clothes making business!)it emphasises it. This seam I was stitching goes from the neck, down over the breast & tucks sexily into the waist. When I was sewing carefully, clos to the sem I went over the line just at the point (ha ha!) where the nipple would be. In class we called this a learning curve ;)! Well, you did ask for an explanation! (hope I'm not being too rude here!)

    I meant to say how wonderful your flowers are, i shall have a second spring by following you!

  9. Beautiful fabric journal pages. I love the laces. I collect laces! Your garden is gorgeous!
    hugs Karen

  10. Hi,
    What beautiful pages ... you have worked so hard on this and it is exceptionally lovely !!!
    Enjoy your visit ... it is a special time.
    Very best wishes,

  11. Your journals are simply MAGNIFICENT Suzy... I know I'll be coming back often to see what you are creating!!!

    Dawn... The Bohemian


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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