Friday, September 3, 2010

Spring has Sprung

Oh My Goodness - The barren Manchurian Pear trees have very quickly gone from barreness to fullness with gorgeous white blossoms filling the air after the long winter- and look already the new green shoots are on their way. How excited the wrens will be to find new spots for nesting. You can see their nests still in the trees from the previous time. I can barely wait to start picking the roses once again!
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  1. Good morning Suzy!You're up early Blogging away! Love the Spring photo.The Manchurian Pear trees give a wonderful"show" twice a year.Little wrens nesting...we see them as visitors, but to have them flitting around must be lovely!!
    I love birds!

  2. Goodness,Gracious, your house is beautiful. We are headed for Fall weather now. I am waiting for the Fall colors to appear.

  3. Good Morning to you dear Judy! You and I have an affinity for Manchurian Pear Trees - they surround us both giving off their incrediblly beautiful blossoms in Spring and red leaves in Autumn - not to mention the beautiful shade through Summer! More vegi gardening today!!! Enjoy the sun where you live!

  4. Hello Judy - Yes it is truely beautiful here!
    I hope to have more garden pics up here as
    spring develops! You will, I am sure, appreciate the lovely Autumn temperatures after the very hot dry Summer where you live!

  5. Oh my goodness ... how very beautiful. It took me a minute to figure out "spring" as we are preparing for fall ... although I certainly know the difference.
    Your garden is so lovely ... I will miss mine in a month or so. We just had success with "sugar baby" watermelons this year and acorn squash. Very delicious.
    Very best wishes,

  6. Barbara yes a truely gorgeous garden here.
    Aren"t those "Sugar Baby" melons just so delicious - we also grew them here last Summer. What flavour! what a treat!
    Your garden will be just the same as before but with a different energy and colour!
    x Cheers Suzy

  7. They are beautiful! Thankyou for sharing your garden and those gorgeous wrens with me the other day. Very peaceful!

  8. OH (!) those pear blossoms are lovely! Your road is similar to my road through the forest
    to our home.

  9. Yes Patty - it is and it really drew me in to your place of creativity. I would love to see the same road in during Spring!

  10. Lovely home Suzy! Inspires creativity....


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