Monday, September 7, 2015

One More Giveaway and One More Winner!

As I promised I have one final 
 for you to enter before my on-line class begins in a week's time
as well as announcing the Winner of my last Giveaway -
one free on-line class to create your own Fabric and Lace Book / Journal
"Peaceful and Pondering"
at Creative Workshops with our wonderful Co-ordinator,
Gail Schmidt. Click the link:

 So firstly, the Winner for free admission to my on-line class is:
Lesley UK

Lesley doesn't have a blog but she has been following mine
now for a number of years to I'm thrilled to be able
to make this class happen for you Lesley.  
***Please Lesley email me now with your details.

And for those who would like yet another chance to be inspired
to join in the class I am offering this fabric collage 
wall hanging.

Layers of delicious laces, doilies, softest chiffons, flowers,
embroidered silk and sari ribbons
with some little added pearl 
buttons and chain.

  Once again just tell me that you are following my blog 
leave your name, blog and email details so
that I can contact you when
I draw a winner which will be 
Sunday, 13th Sept. (here in Australia)
approx. 1 week away when the class begins. Yeah! 
I know some of you have been waiting what seems forever
to begin but now it is just a matter of days!!!! 

Thank you so much for coming to visit and for showing
so much interest and enthusiasm in this coming venture.
Your comments and thoughts have been incredibly
supportive and appreciated!!!
♥♥♥  to all,


  1. Well Suzy there is no denying I would love to be a winner of your wonderful class and journal giveaway!! Always beautiful work my friend!
    Hugs Marilou xoxo

  2. Another gorgeous piece, Suzy! Congrats to the winner, and yeah me, I get another chance to win, too! Happy weekend.

  3. I would love to win this gorgeous piece. Count me in.


  4. I admire your work so much Suzy as it has an ethereal quality to it. Thank you for including me into your generous offer. sherry of createology email: blog:
    Congratulations to Lesley UK.

  5. Suzy, I follow your blog!)) fabric collage wall hanging is a pure beauty!
    Nataliya (SisterCraft) -

  6. Congratulations to Lesley, I know she is thrilled!!

  7. I know that Leslie will be absolutely delighted to have won your giveaway, congrats to her.
    As to the new giveaway, I can't help myself, I just have to enter, even though that seems a tad greedy as I have some of your beautiful creations already. But this collage is so very beautiful, and so soft and gentle and just what I need to cheer me up ( leaving the cottage for a while, sob sob ).

  8. Congratulations Lesley!
    Thanks Suzi for a chance to win an amazing fabric collage. It has long been a fan of your creativity and your blog.

  9. Suzy, I'm sure I'm dreaming. Thank you so much. It's the best thing that's happened to me for a very long time. I can't wait to get started, and I hope I can produce work that justifies this wonderful gift you've given me. I'm truly sorry for those of you that did not win. I know how disappointed you must be, but I'll try not to let you all down, by not doing a good job.Thank you again Suzy. blessings.
    PS I have sent you an e-mail with all my details.

  10. You are enjoying the journey and happiness is all around you....
    All the best and thank you for sharing the love of the art form.

  11. Firstly congrats to Lesley, I just emailed her, bet she is the one I know and said run run fast over there you have won my dear. Love it that she did. Now to the other drawing, yes I foloow you, you know that and just chunk my name in the pot to be drawn love love your work and again I am so happy Lesley won xooxoxxo

  12. Congratulations go out to Lesley in the UK for winning a spot in your first online class. I am so looking forward to starting the class next week. While I have a few of your beautifully handcrafted pieces of art, I would love to win this collage. As always, your work is gorgeous. Thank you for the opportunity to learn from you starting next week and for the chance to win another gorgeous collage by you.

  13. Suzy, love reading your blogger daily, You are so talented and I loved the pictures of your goats, how wonderful to have them, You are truly blessed. would love to win your wall hanging and to take you class. Thank you for giving me so much joy to start my day. Nancy Taber I do not have a blog/

  14. I am very much looking forward to your class. My Dad passed away last week and I know I will be thinking of him as I go through your process for creating a wonderful keep sake. Thanks.

  15. Well, I'm so excited that the class is almost here!

  16. Hi Suzy, I tried to leave a comment but it didn't show up and I wasn't sure what happened so hope this doesn't show up twice! I just discovered you recently whilst looking at the classes on Creative Workshops. I couldn't resist signing up for your Peaceful and Pondering Fabric and Lace Book class and am so excited to start. Very soon after I signed up for your class, I joined Rag Bag Gals on Facebook and there you were again. What a coincidence - like it was meant to be! Anyway, I'm now following your blog, too, and would love to have a chance to win your beautiful wall hanging, please. I am Hazel, my blog is and I can be contacted at Thanks and good luck to everyone! x

  17. Sweet Suzy,
    I love everything you make and am so happy to be a follower of you lovely blog.
    Many hugs,
    Karen B. ~ Todolwen

  18. I have been a long time fan of your gorgeous work, and to have the chance of winning a gorgeous creation of yours would be like all my Christmases coming at once. Good luck everyone, and congratulations Lesley. Looking forward to following your progress!

  19. I follow your blog and I would love an opportunity to win your beautiful collage.

  20. Oh dear Suzy

    This renaissance inspired collage really speaks to me of tenderness.
    The smiling image of the Madonna surrounded by such soft delicate fabrics, lace and fibres is music to my soul.
    It's simply divine!

    Congratulations to Lesley - she will be "over the moon" with excitement and I'm thrilled for her, she is a most worthwhile winner.
    I'm looking forward to meeting her in class!

    Only six more days now until the door opens to your magical world of creating with fabric and lace - I feel like a little child waiting for Christmas ha ha!

    Shane x

  21. Hi Suzy,
    Everything you create is magical. I wish you the best of luck with your new online workshop.
    hugs and JOY,

  22. How could I ever have missed this post?! Yes we are waiting very impatiently dear Suzy :) And you're such a generous sweetheart to be giving away your gorgeous collage. So many beautiful layers and with one of your favourite images! I love the soft, dreamy, muted tones. They go so well with the beautiful image. Wishing you a beautiful day and sending you many hugs xx

  23. Congratulations to the winner and thanks again Suzy for the opportunity to go into the draw to win this beautiful collage wall hanging.

  24. Suzy, I love your work and have been following your blog for a while now. I don't have a blog but so love to read them. It would be awesome to win this contest.But have a facebook page: Y's Piddlin' Creations

  25. Oh yes - you know I follow you. Wouldn't miss a thing - ever.

    I would be in hog heaven should I win something from you. Made with love with your own special hands.

    Happy day

  26. Beautiful collage! Thanks for the opportunity. I follow your blog, and hope to take your new class. Nancy

  27. Suzy,
    Of course I follow your blog! Your Art is Amazing, your collages are breathtaking, & your pulling together of fabrics is a talent. I would be honoured to win one of your giveaways.
    Kathleen Sundby

  28. Congratulations Leslie! I look forward to meeting her in class. And yes, it's getting close now and the excitement is building. (still no visit from our pesky mailman bearing treasures...I stalk him every day).

  29. Just gorgeous! I love reading about your creative doings. Working with vintage lace is something I very much enjoy.


  30. Lucky lucky Lesley! Huge congrats indeed.

    Once again you've picked just the right colours for your gorgeous piece for this giveaway! Stunning!

    Much luck with the start of your class in a couple of days! How exciting it must be for those participating! ♥


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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