Wednesday, September 2, 2015

An Experiment with our Loganberries

Recently I thought I might try
using some of our Logan Berry juice from last Summer
(we still have some of our own stewed frozen berries that we grew
and picked about 5months ago)
to dye a few bits of lace and cotton that I was wanting to use
in a new book which is now almost finished.
So here is what they looked like boiling in a stainless steel
pot on top of our slow combustion stove.

 I poured off about 1/4 cup of the juice from the stewed berries,
then added this to a cup of water and boiled these
bits of cloth and lace pieces
for approx. 30 mins.

Because I was wanting to achieve a less bright and more muddy
colour I decided to add a few sprinkles of Dylon black
to the liquid.
I was quite happy with this colour

 but still playing I then popped the pieces into a pot
of diluted Parisian Essence.
My preference would have definitely been to use the
eco-dyeing method but time did not permit me
to experiment this time.

 I was quite happy with these results!

A potpourri of of altered shades of Loganberries and

this is how they are starting to look in combination with
other shades and colours in my new book.


 A blending of some favourite colour combinations
which I will share in my new journal soon!

 Yeah the sun is shining and the air is starting to warm up again
as Spring is waking up here.  I hope you are having some
lovely weather still where you are too!

 xox Suzy


  1. A definite success there Suzy! Loving those subtle colours but adore the bright pink, almost watermelon-y shade of the wet pieces as well. I sometimes think my tastes are waaay too eclectic! lol.
    Your new book will be divine with those colours in there.
    I keep meaning to try avocado and onion skins but never get around to it. Ha, there's that time problem again. ;)

    Has been a grey and cold morning so far up here but I can feel the change in the air. But of course it will be too hot before I know it! :) xx

  2. Oh, I adore that you tried the natural dye and love the results!

  3. Those are such beautiful colors. Congratulations on a very successful experiment! I'll be excited to see your next book.

  4. Pretty colours here Suzy.Avocado skins make a soft pink dye too.

  5. What a wonderful potpourri of different textures and shades of that beautiful colour, please hurry up with that book so that we can drool over it! xxx

  6. Delicious, yummy colours from the loganberry juice Suzy and the sprinkle of black dye did the trick. Those are my colours too - with taupe and grey undertones.
    Looking forward to seeing some pics of your new book.
    I looked for dyes in the supermarket yesterday but couldn't find any, I'll have to check the Spotlight store next.
    I'm so inspired!
    Shane x

  7. Hi Suzy, the results with the berries are stunning. Love the shading and the tones. Your book will be fabulous. Happy Spring for you. We are approaching fall and looking forward to cooler day.
    Blessings for a creative day! cm

  8. Hi my dear, well it looks like the logan berries did an excellent job and the colors are so rich. Anxious to see the new book and gonna be a winner as usual. Have fun and with all your new wool also. oxxo

  9. Hello
    I tried somme experiences like this too! LOL
    It's funny to see the different colors between wet fabric and dried farics.
    Don't you put salt in your water to fix the color?
    Hugs an kisses

  10. It is always amazing to see how the different fabrics, laces, etc. take the colour. I had a jar of beets awhile ago that was finished and just before I was going to throw the juice away I thought wait a minute and ran and got some ribbon and laces and threw them in the beet juice. Tuned out wonderful shades of pink.

    I will have to hurry and eat the new jar of beets so I can dye somefor your new class.

    I am glad to see Spring come for you. It is always so nice to see the garden start to awaken.


  11. So pretty! They would be beautiful with the avocado peeling dyed laces!!! Can't wait to as the book!

  12. That worked out just great, dear Suzy! You achieved such lovely soft shades. Have fun with your book!

  13. Well golly me ... you should be happy with the results. These pieces are absolutely beautiful!


  14. What fun! The subtle shades of pink are so pretty. I've died things using tea and coffee, but have never used any fruits or berries.

  15. Gorgeous shades. I have dyed using avocado skins with great success.

  16. The colors came out beautiful, dear Suzy.Thanks for sharing.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs and love,

  17. Oh Suzy, those finished colours are gorgeous. It must have taken courage to put some laces into that bright pot of colour! I like the antique look that overdying in parisian essence gave the berry colour, and putting in the black was a stroke of genius too.


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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